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War Is Coming Communications.



March 9th, 2013

Filtered to Maleficent

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Cursed anymore birds lately.

You really do seem to be running out.

Been sleeping well?

March 8th, 2013

ETA: Filtered against Much and Andy

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I do think she makes a wonderful pet. Though Lydia simply does not work well as a name any longer. I'm certain I can think of something far better.

I did quite enjoy the dogs of hell coming for me. I do so hope they don't tear poor little Grace and Emily apart. Perhaps they have a guardian angel looking out for them? Oh. I'm sorry. The former angel has issues with the child so maybe he doesn't care if she is ripped to shreds.

Filtered to Maleficent

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They know I'm the spy. Emma Swan figured it out and hacked into my computer and found the posts. She, Loki, Amy, Jane, Castiel, Ginger, and Andrew are trying to tell me its not my fault. Castiel is blaming himself for Emily being taken. Ginger is blaming herself for me getting cursed.

The people from Mystic Falls are seeing Klaus and Kol. They called them Originals and seem very afraid of them. Elena's been hurt by a stake in the shoulder.

Mick says there's a dangerous vampire around the medbay.

They found Jaina's stone body.

Epiphany is trying to figure out a potion to help Elle.

Lois and Booth are helping Ruby gather supplies for the spells she's going to do to take you out.

Lydia Bennet's missing. Jane Bennet, Scorpius Malfoy, Much, Kevin Masterson, Amy Peterson, and Robin Hood are out looking for her.

No evil

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Big mistake, lady. Now I was willing to just let you do your thing. Even thought some of the curses were inventive and entertaining. But going after the baby. Now that has just made me pissed off.

The hounds have your scent now. Enjoy that.

[ooc: Hear some lovely howls around Lawrence! Oh hell hounds, always fun!]

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I want her back.

I've done nothing to you. Give her back.

March 7th, 2013

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You’re all fools.

I am not a dinosaur and simply because you fought one dragon or did so in a game hardly means you’ll be able to accomplish such an endeavor with fire breathing down your neck.

Axes, guns, enchanted swords of Gryffindor, lightsabers. Arm yourselves as much as you wish but first things first you’ll have to find me and who is to say another won’t have laid waste to your city with his arrogance and temper before that ever happens.

And Castiel. You little lying angel you. Be sure to check in on all that you supposedly don’t hold dear.

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Filtered to Maleficent )

March 6th, 2013

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I suggest someone put a muzzle on that man before I stop playing nice.

March 5th, 2013

MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW [Edit by Simon: Filtered against evil and Maleficent]

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Meow meow mew meew meoooooooooooooow


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[Filtered to Family and Tahiri (who basically is also this filter]

Are you all well?  

If not, tell me, don't hide it. Its better that I know now.


I don't know what exactly you want but at some point we will likely cross paths if you target anyone I care for.

I was going to say don't but you will anyway, your sort always do. When you do though, be ready.

By the way, all the little 'Fun with senses'. Inventive. I'm actually impressed.

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[Filtered to Maleficent]

So, seriously. I get that you can. And that you think it's fun. But why? I mean, what's your story that you want to make other people miserable? You've got some serious amounts of power, why not use it for good and not evil?

[Filtered to Jane]

I think I can help. But you can't freak out on me. And I know you, you'll freak out so just

[Filtered to Mitchell]

I need a smile.

So here you go. )

Filtered to Maleficent

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Leave and never come back

[OOC: Yes. This is Andy's attempt to use his power to compel Maleficent to leave. It won't work but nice try]

March 4th, 2013

Filtered to Maleficent

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Andy is going to try his thing. He said he can't explain it, only do it.

Hal is telling anyone who will listen that you are beyond saving and they should just kill you.

March 3rd, 2013


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You did this to Marian didn't you?

[Added filter to Cas]
I need a book. Or maybe does it have a movie?

Filtered to Peter Vincent

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I believe now would be a decent time for you and I to have a talk, don't you think?

Filtered from simpletons named Much

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I hear there was a party and I wasn’t invited.

March 1st, 2013

no evil, maleficent, or vampires except lexi

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so how many of you think ive lost i
im not c
why wont he fucking leave me alon
goddammit things were getting better and then she fuckin
i dont want to hurt an
i should stay aw
fuck my life

my head hurts

your dreamless sleep potions aren't worki

[cas and mal]
thanks. for last night. sorry about... yeah.

you cocksucking shit-eating whoreborn bitch.


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What made you aware of this path you wished to tread?

February 28th, 2013

No evil. No Maleficent.

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I've been avoiding this
I'm going to regret

Other than being a nuisance at the present moment do we have any idea what Maleficent is looking to do?

Interesting tactic using apples.

Keeping out of trouble, dear?

[House of Lust]
There isn't a need to keep me contained to the house anymore. I won't lie and say I don't still have moments but nowhere near like what it was before.

How's the roommate situation, dear? Everyone settling in well?

I never wanted to
It hurts to know
I made you a promise


[ETA: Rumple]
Thought I'd let you know that Belle asked about our Maleficent today. I told her what I could and told her to ask you for more. Speaking of Maleficent, what are your thoughts on her. I'm going to regret this act of civility later

February 27th, 2013

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