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August 11th, 2015

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I don't understand. Is this a test?

March 16th, 2014

no evil

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So, I've done a really poor job of publicizing this party, but given that one half of my party planning team had regressed to childhood during the process I really think you should cut me a break.

Tomorrow, from 4PM 'til 10PM, there will be a St. Patrick's Day party at [address]. Andy helped with the venue, so thank you very much, Andy. There will be beer for those of age and green fruit punch for those who aren't old enough for beer. It would be great if you could bring food with you. Even cookies! I didn't get a chance to really flesh out the dining part of the party.

[Jessica Hamby]
Want to help me decorate tomorrow before the party?

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So. What the hell just happened? And why are a third of my explosive arrows gone? Are others missing a week or is just me? Tasha, what's going on?

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Why haven't they come ye Must we remain in this city?

March 13th, 2014


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You doing okay?

Filtered TO adults.

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I love a good Disney movie as much as the next kid, but you grown-ups running around talking about magic and asking me if I'm actually a kid and not a grown-up too makes you sound like CRAZY PEOPLE.

No offense, Mister Dyson. But it's true!

Are you guys ok? If you don't feel comfy or safe with the people that you're with, talk to me. We'll find a way for you to get away and you guys can come with me and Martha.

Are you still in New York with that Bekah lady?

March 10th, 2014

Filtered to kids

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Okay so there's a park not far from the city hall.

Be there at 2 and I will prove I'm what I say I am.

You especially Lois and Kenzi

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There are other things I've written here. The older me.

I want to re
Will it break time if

Can I read them?

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children everywhere. it's like neverland all over again.

March 10th, 2014

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I dont know why youre all worried about being kidnapped. They arent keeping you anywhere. Why is everyone acting like we are helpless children?


We dont all need looking after. I do things myself.

March 9th, 2014

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I'm bored. Who wants to do something fun with me?

Filtered TO Kids

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Okay all of you are being way too trusting.

I get kidnapped wayyy too much so here's some stuff I learned.

1. They will say they know your parents. They probably know of them, probably know all their names and stuff because hey THEY KIDNAPPED YOU
2. They will be super nice and offer you cake and whatever you like to eat cause they wanna keep you happy while THEY KIDNAP YOU.
3. Basically unless you actually know them, cause okay grown up Tahiri happened and I can sense in the Force its her even if there's some weird stuff I don't know what it means, its her.
4. Make them tell you something only your Mom or Dad would know. Unless they're mindreaders. That's a thing that can happen.
5. I can totally help and so can Tahiri cause we're Jedi Knights. Well Padawan, and she's suuper pregnant with some kriffing sleemos kids and not Anakins but whatever

March 8th, 2014

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Где я? Где моя мама?

[ooc: Where am I? Where is my mother?]

May 14th, 2013

Filtered from 'Evil'

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Right, call it an idle curiousity. But how many of you have been warned that my siblings and I are going to try and kill you all. Or well, mostly me if I know those from back home.

Thousand years and I generally don't go in for pointless massacre. I'm not stupid, I never have been. And it seems none of you are responsible for my being brought here.  So why would I slaughter this city when I have no real issue with any of you?

Those I have issue with are well aware of it.

Now. Lucifer. What precicely is his plan to end the world. Because unsurprisingly perhaps I'm rather fond of the world and my existance within it. 

May 13th, 2013

No evil, no evil switched out vampires or evil Superman

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I think this is why I think Tony is cooler than this Batman guy. Keep being awesome Tony.

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Look, this is very simple.

My name is Klaus. If you haven't heard of me that mostly just confuses things further. I need to be in Virginia, as it turns out I'm in Kansas. Along with my sister. This was not something I planned and if someone would be so gracious as to fill in the blanks including why I can't find Mystic Falls on any map then this situation does not need to escalate to me loosing my temper.

May 12th, 2013

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What is this? How did I get here?

[ooc: Tasha was switched out after James' post for a different AU. She is now a Russian mobstress and assassin. She went that way in her world after the Red Room program was destroyed by SHIELD and instead of Clint sparing her, she killed him and moved on]
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