War Is Coming Communications.

April 2nd, 2014

War Is Coming Communications.


April 2nd, 2014

House of Lust + Elijah + Friends

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Just wanted to let you know, a more definitive plan concerning Sam is happening and I'm helping. So don't worry if I disappear for a day or so.

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[Texts to Cas]
» Hey. This a bad time?
» Don't want to distract you. I was just wondering how it's going.
» You're okay, right?


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Do we ever get to have a break? Ever?

Drinks. They should happen. Because my demon is busy helping his slightly insane friend get her currently soulless husband back and my solution is drink until it's over.

....I haven't actually told you about Crowley yet, have I?

Filtered to Death

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They are close to finding Sam. Is there anything we can say to those of this world at this point?

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So, that really wasn't a good sound.  But, how did a Freeze Ray malfunction end up teleporting me to another city?

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Has anyone seen Richard lately?  Much?  He's not answering my calls.

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Hey. Hey you. Know what you can do now? Hug me.

And I could kinda use one.


Jsyk, until the day you need it for like, Nursery #8, I'm claiming that room on the first floor waaaay down on the right hand side. I like the view of the yard!


You never did say what you wished for.

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It seems this is not Storybrooke as I had first anticipated. It also seems I cannot leave which is decidedly unhelpful.

I am the Red Queen of Wonderland and frankly I have no idea why I've been brought to this Lawrence.

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So I'm totes just going to throw out all of my thoughts and questions all at once because why the hell not, Lawrence:

  1. Why did I get dropped in a graveyard? This is obviously the most important, hence first status. Because ew creepy and headstones, what?
  2. Loki, are you still here? And Thor? Ginger? Hell, anybody who remembers me? Please say yes? Bueller?
  3. How long have I been gone? Has it been years? It could have been years?
  4. I'm totes not insane, right? This is Lawrence, Kansas, and I've been here before? Please tell me I'm not just hallucinating or making stuff up.
  5. Who has the poptarts because near death experiences with aliens and then getting dropped in Lawrence always makes me hungry.


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Are you feeling up for some company, dear?


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I can sense you, you know.

I rather thought, under the circumstances, this would bring you a bit more joy.

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I now feel incredibly humble and just stunned. Mostly because of this.

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I did say I wanted to see new worlds. But this isn't quite what I had in mind.

House Warehouse

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Hatter, Claudia and Tink will find these gifts in their current rooms )

It isn't Leena's or Helena's but our house is ready for us all to move in.

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Can somebody help me? I don't know how I got here and I really should get back to New Orleans...

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You know, saddling a kid with a name for the rest of their lives is way too much pressure. You should be allowed to wait until they're like...three. And then they can help. What if you give them a dumb name because you like it but all their friends hate it? Or what if you accidentally give them weird initials? Evangeline Elizabeth Watson would spell EEW and that's awful! ...not that I was considering that for a name for long but still. I was supposed to have help with He wanted to do this

I surrender. I'm pulling up a random name generator. Whatever comes out wins.


So thanks to the magical wish doodads, I can actually make a nursery happen. Were you still interested in looking around for baby things? Do you know yet what you're having? That'll help, most likely.
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