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April 1st, 2014

April 1st, 2014

Filtered to Those Who Knew About the Whole Death Plan

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Sorry, are we still not telling people about that?

Because there's a scared and angry wife who wants her husband back and I'm willing to help but if I can't explain that we have Death just sitting here, ready to do his Death thing, I'm not sure what to do from there.

I can contain him so he can't escape. But someone's going to need to get Death on board and ready to go once I do because my magic hardly lasts forever.


You know, I could die during all this. I think you should probably give me a proper goodbye. Now that you can and all.



Filtered to those that offered to help with Sam capture, not SPN people

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Alright, questions waste time. But I'm out, free. And looking for Sam. This has gone on way too long already.

I let you all know cause you said you'd help. If you're still willing to do that, lets go. 

I can track him. I pretty much stalked him one way or another through most of his life, I can find him

[Bobby, Crowley, Dean Cas Jo]

I'm not sorry. You were being too damn precious with me, keeping me locked up, and I have to find him.

Keep her safe till we're back.

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Okay. A heads up. Ruby's out of the trap she's been in for the past month. She says she's going after Sam, which is possibly a mistake of giant proportions and could get her killed, but watch your backs anyway.

And no, I haven't filtered in the other Mikaelson brothers. Because the tiny one is way too tiny to understand this and the other two are prone to overreactions. And I don't want anyone overreacting, or trying to attack her or doing anything stupid. Just wanted people to be aware of what was happening.


How's those Grace powers settling in, Princess?

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I've been way out of it. What did I miss?

Anything we need to do super quick?

[Loki and Becker]

I'd been taking potions.

Things to hide my empathy. Only it meant I couldn't care. Not really. But I wished for control over the WIld Power, wished to be able to work in harmony with it and it sort of fixed me. It's badass like that

So I'm sorry. But everyone was just so...out there after. And I thought I was hurting people. 

Text to Ruby

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ยป Found him.

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Connor's not answering my phone calls. Or my texts. I can't

..It's April Fools. Hahah very funny Connor?

Filtered to Stefan Salvatore

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Nope, too crazy, not risking it

I was randomly browsing the internet.

Pick One. And we'll go. Any of them you want, you and me, a week, maybe longer. As long as we're back for Caroline's ball.

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Either I've gone totally insane now or those wish thingies really worked. I'm hoping for the latter cause if so...

Filtered to Team - Find Sam

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Dean found him, we go. Now.
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