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October 19th, 2011

October 19th, 2011

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By the Seven I think I miss having the Northern Bastard around. It was at least interesting discussion, he'd tell me why I was an example of all that was wrong in Westeros. I'd point out we weren't IN Westeros, he'd threaten me with his pet wolf and call me Kingslayer. And round went the cycle. Might not have their blood but he was a Stark.

Anyway, getting on with things. Joffery, how are you settling back in. Or are we still stuck on what you believe you discovered back home?


I've decided there's little point in hiding my past, not when its so easily available. It's somewhat refreshing

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Isn't there a slightly better way to deal with wrangling wild animals than what these people did? I understand that the animals were wild and are potentially dangerous, but to just shoot them down instead of sedating them somehow? That's insane. Here I thought tigers were on the brink of extinction. One would think people would try to preserve as many of them as possible.

And for the record, this wasn't me this time. Believe me, I learned my lesson the last time. I'm staying away from zoos.

delivery time!

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We need to go to Zanesville, Ohio right now. I have to convince some cops that I'm an animal control officer and rescue a monkey and a wolf. No questions just hurrying!

So, I know how Dad you get all mad when I break the law, but this time it's for a good cause! I'm going here with Kon and then I'm going to impersonate an animal control officer and bring the surviving animals somewhere safe.

So...if I'm grounded I'll be home at 9.

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shdaa tod me.

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I'm still here! I think Kat was right, I think my contract is void! ...which means I'll never get my voice back...but I get to stay above the surface and that's AWESOME!

So...that means I have more time and that means I can see everything, so...I will need someone to show me, because I don't know where to begin. Would anyone be interested? Abby, please please please?!

Oh. Also...do you have education here? I don't know what you would call it but it's where you learn things from an elder, um...like...language and numbers and things...or is that just where I come from? I wasn't finished with my education, because I'm 16 and I still had a few months to go, but...if you have that sort of thing up here, I'd like to go, if I could...

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I don't even want to know.

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So, I've never actually had to do this before. Well, except for that time that I got a fake ID when I was seventeen so I could vote. Anyway, is anyone specialized in...editing official documents?
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