August 20th, 2012

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Not even Draco Malfoy's terror could save the gang from a significant wrench in their three week vacation plans: a villa with no house elves.

For weeks, the four had planned on spending an extended holiday on the small, wizarding island of Sealand, located on an isle invisible to the Muggle world south of Italy.

The villa was expansive, fresh and vibrant, and the grounds were peppered with the quaintest little flowers. Positioned next to the sea, there wasn't a better or more private to stay. Except, upon arrival, they weren't greeted with small cups of local red wine like Draco had expected. No plates of sliced tomatoes with sprinkles of Sealand's famous salt flakes. No endearing four piece band to wish them a lovely stay. Instead, their excited entrance was met with a lone, flower scented gust of wind.

"I guess there's been a mix up?" Dina offered, lifting her sunglasses onto her forehead and squinting at the pastel colored structure. "It is beautiful, Draco. I'm sure we'll sort something out..." she trailed off, glancing to see how her husband and best friend were taking it.

"I have sent seventeen howlers," Draco thought out loud to himself. "And they're still insisting that no house elves can be procured for our stay. All I've managed to get out of them is a free stay, free access to the villa for life, and half a vineyard." Draco looked very stricken indeed. "Do they not know who I am? What my name means?!"