September 12th, 2008

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WHO: Justin Finch-Fletchley and Ernie Macmillan
WHAT: Justin goes to Ernie's uncle's house to drag him out.
WHEN: Evening.
WHERE: Ernie's uncle's place, then off to a pub.

Justin couldn't stand it anymore. He hadn't seen his best friend in weeks and he was beginning to wonder if he was even alive, which he knew was silly but Justin figured Ernie's uncle would have informed him by now if Ernie had gone off the deep end. In a sense he already had which was why Justin decided to drop by unannounced. The way Ernie was going wasn't healthy and he refused to just sit back and watch anymore. Something had to be done.

Knocking on the door, he smiled as Ernie's uncle let him in, guessing the man was relieved there was someone else willing to deal with Ernie at the moment.

"Is he upstairs?" He nodded and Justin muttered a thanks as he walked past him and headed up the stairs to Ernie's room. Justin stopped at the door, pondering whether or not he should knock before deciding that was entirely pointless. He swung open the door and rolled his eyes as he saw his friend still in bed.

"Aye! What are you doing still in bed? Get up and get dressed."

[info]justinrff in [info]veritaserum_rp

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