September 11th, 2008

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Tag to Aidan!

Who: Tracey and Aidan
When: Morning, Sept 10
Where: Aidan's flat
What: Aidan and Tracey finally put strings on their relationship.

Tracey Davis woke up not knowing where she was. This wasn't unusual: given all the travelling that she did and the men she slept with, she tended to lose track of where she was sleeping. At least this time she didn't have a hangover, which was always a bonus. As consciousness slowly returned to her, so did memories of how she ended up here: dancing with Terry; seeing Aidan Chamber snog some blond slag...Aidan Chambers. Whose arms she was currently wrapped up in, and who was still sleeping, his tousled curls falling over his face and giving him a peaceful, boyish look. Aidan Chambers, who actually wanted some sort of relationship with her, which she'd apparently agreed to, somewhere between fevered whispers and breathless moans. She must have gone and lost her mind. That wasn't the scary thing, though. The scary thing was that she didn't really seem to want it back.

With a sigh, she carefully disentangled herself from his arms and slid out of bed. Her lovely indigo dress, the one she'd gone dancing in, was in a heap on the floor, and she didn't even know where her knickers were. She wasn't going to be able to put herself back into the dress, so she went hunting around his closet for a shirt she could borrow. It provided a good opportunity for her to learn more about this annoying yet addicting man.

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Who: Daphne and Tracey
What: Catching up... and a bit of questioning
When: Thursday
Where: Greengrass manor

Turning back she just laughs, the boulevard is not that bad )

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Who: Megan and Aidan
What: Dinner
Where: Meg's (and Seamus') flat.
When: Friday evening

Megan wasn't entirely sure what she was doing. Although she had always thought Aidan was quite fit, and terribly nice, not to mentino the fact that she found it amazing he wanted to be a healer, she had never given an awful lot of thought to what it would be like to date him. He had, however, been on the top of George's list, and George had to have some bizarre form of intuition, right?

So Megan had gone about to preparing a meal for Aidan. This gesture wasn't as over the top for a first date as some might have thought, what with Megan loving to cook and bake. She had a salad waiting on the table, and was in the process of finishing up her chicken pasta. Cookies were in the oven: white chocolate macadamia nut to spite Roger even further. In her skirt and sweater ensemble, Megan brushed a lock of wavy hair behind her ear just in time to hear someone at the door. Grinning, she made her way over to pull open the door. "Aidan!"

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Who: Tracey Davis & Aidan Chambers.
Where: Some smoky, intimate little pub in the magical part of London.
When: About an hour after Terry takes Tracey dancing.
What: Aidan tries the whole 'no strings attached' concept and finds out that it works. Only very differently from what he expected.
Rating/Warnings: R for Swearing (the "f-word"). A lot of that. And one instance of violence, though not against each other.

Tracey didn't stop to think. She simply marched over, grabbed the slag by her potion-dyed hair, and *yanked* )