August 31st, 2008

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Who: Parvati Malfoy and Severus Snape
Where: Hogwarts School/Potions Dungeons
When: Sept 2nd 2003
What: Parvati doesn't appreciate when someone doesn't fully adore her so she pays everyone's favourite potions master a visit.

The position of school governor had, upon Lucius' death, passed unto Draco. As it was a family affair, Parvati and Draco often took turns attending meetings, though both kept a low profile due to being much younger than the rest of the council. That said, Parvati did not refrain from using the benefits of the position, hence her flooing to Hogwarts Grounds to see her little cousin off on her first day of classes (Little Yasmin was in Ravenclaw and very excited).

Taking advantage of her visit, Parvati decided to give a short visit to Professor Snape. Their last meeting had ended fairly badly and for the sake of her husband and her own obsession with being everyone's best friend, she had decided to give the dark bat of a man a quick hello.

Knocking on the door of his office, having already found out from Dumbledore that Snape was not teaching at the moment, Parvati waited for the door to swing open before she chirped out a cheerful, "Hello!"

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Bella's Pockets - open tag

Who Lee Jordan, open for tags
Where Bella's Pockets
When 9:08AM
What Getting breakfast- uh, dinner... brinner. Yeah.

Despite the grim weather of the night before, a line still formed outside of Stellar Lounge with most of the waiting bundled underneath umbrellas and shielding charms, and Lee had spent most of it hiding in his office to nurse a migraine, unsuccessfully paper-pushing.

It was a little after nine when Lee finally locked up the backdoor, tripped over the uneven cobblestones on the sidewalk, and stumbled out into the lit magical London streets, and leaving the dance club in the hands of the day manager and her crew. Migraine gone, freshly peppy with more than three coffees in him, Lee figured that he had enough time to get dinner- well, breakfast- and go home for a quick power nap before he had to be back at Stellar for another round. He does not anticipate a big crowd tonight, being Monday, and hopefully with the setting being quiet, he can get some paperwork done and harass the accountant long enough to produce some sort of workable financial statement.

At that moment, his stomach decided that it'd be time for Lee to know about its hunger, and loudly reminding him that all it had to eat for the last two days were suspicious, left-over Chinese (Lee hadn't keeled over dead yet, so he figured that must have been alright to consume) and caffeine. Surveying the street and its shops before him, Lee weighed his options; he could go to the cafe and spend an unreasonable amount of money eating nothing or he could go to that nice, family-friendly restaurant called Bella's Pockets. Make that pretentious cafe, Lee thought and decidedly pass on that choice and entered the family restaurant instead. He hoped that they have pancakes.

The waitress who greeted him was perky, had a mouthful of metal, and spoke like she had two straws up her nose, but Lee liked her because she called him 'sir' and seated him by the window.