August 30th, 2008

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Tag to Rodolphus

Who The Lestrange brothers
When Disgustingly early in the morning
Where The cottage in which the Lestrange brother are sharing.
What Brothers having breakfast

Shitty weather all around. )

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Tag to Hermione Granger

Who: Hermione Granger & Aidan Chambers.
Where: Starts out at Flourish & Blotts, then Muggle London.
When: 5 o'clock.
What: Planning to revive 'Dumbledore's Army' (and quite possibly questioning their sanity while they're at it).

The last time they had been children, incapable of influencing much. This time, however, they were adults and it fell to them to do something to keep things from getting worse.  )

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Who: Mafalda Hopkirk and Narcissa Malfoy
Where: Wherever it is that Narcissa resides.
When: Evening, around seven or eight.
What: Mafalda comes to gal pal around with Narcissa, see where she stands with the Renegades, and maybe have tea.

Mafalda paused on the stoop in front of Narcissa Malfoy's home, straightening out her coat and giving herself a once-over. She hadn't seen Narcissa in a long time but from what she remembered she was beautiful, and Mafalda didn't like that. She had to make sure she at least looked equally as good. Deciding that she was, in fact, ravishing, she raised her hand and knocked sharply on the door in front of her. She did hope this visit didn't turn out to be a waste of time.

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Who: Ron Weasley and YOU.
What: Ron has a sweet tooth. That's a problem.
When: Late afternoon.
Where: The Ministry!
Rating: TBD.

He'd eat a birthday cake for breakfast if someone offered it to him. )

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Who: Seamus Finnigan and YOU.
What: What else? Seamus is having a drink. Or seven.
When: Evening.
Where: The Leaky.
Rating: TBD.

Christ, he'd worked enough for a lifetime. )

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Who: Ernie MacMillan and YOU.
What: Getting out of the house for a while.
When: Afternoon.
Where: London. Shopping area.
Rating: TBD.

Go out and get some fresh air, kid. )