August 19th, 2008

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Headline from August 18th 2003

Ministry Raid Saves Remaining Kidnapped Witches!

In a wild raid last night, consisting of an entire team of aurors, the two remaining kidnapped girls were rescued. This comes only days after public demonstrations over what many felt was Ministry incompetence towards the threat of the Renegades. Yesterday, polls showed that favour toward Minister Burke had dropped 25%.

“It is a great day for us and for the families hurt by these events.” said Minister Burke earlier today, “Many did not believe in my Ministry and I’m glad to have proven them wrong. Yes, perhaps there is the existence of organized Deatheaters, but just like today, we will surely handle it.”

Many have noted Minister Burke’s reclusive behaviour following his family’s visit to Northern England late May, but the Minister was back in full health, seemingly livened by the positive events. Rightfully so, reports note that it was the Minister’s intelligence that pieced together the location of the girls.

No news on whether any Deatheaters were captured, but both girls were retrieved fairly unharmed, and have been brought to - {Con’t on Page A1}

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It's not over tonight, just give me one more chance to make it right....

Who: Parvati Patil, Draco Malfoy, Jacob Brandon (npc)
Where: Dragonpox Summer Charity Ball
When: July 25th 2001 (Two years ago)
What: The story of the Malfoys and a proposal? If you want INTENSE, read this!
Background Music: CLICK HERE

Jacob coughed and before her very eyes dropped to one knee, opening a small velvet box containing a beautiful diamond ring, 'Parvati, will you marry me?' )

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Who: Megan Jones and Roger Davies
What: Megan is preparing to stress bake
When: Early evening
Where: Grocery store
Rating: PG-13?

I have been replaced in your life; the turning of the tides has washed away your heartache, opened mine up wide. )