August 17th, 2008

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Corner of Hillborn Way and Threehorn Lane - tag to Adrian

Who Christopher, Sally-Anne, Adrian
Where In your face
When Holy backdated Batman. @2am
What The return of Sally-Anne, badassery, and more.

Christopher looked like an alley-way drug dealer. Nobody had told him as such, but he suspected it nevertheless, having already two twitchy blokes come up to him and ask if he was carrying. Although they could not really be blamed; Christopher, at this point, was not presented at his best since he got no sleep last night and spent the entire morning pacing around his flat. Actually, he slept very little since Sally-Anne's kidnapping, for obvious reasons, but also because, as Christopher discovered, sleep just came easier with the comforting body heat of other than his in the bed. But mostly, Christopher had been a cranky bastard for the past days, knowing that there was somebody out there with a superiority complex going out of his or her way to make life harder for him.

The night was slightly warm. The street was quiet, there were not that many residents in his area, mostly abandoned, run-down looking buildings that are in dire need of a good fixing. Christopher leaned against one of the walls, and watched as nothing went by.

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Who: Megan and Hannah
What: Megan visits her friend
Where: Mungo's
When: During visiting hours
Rating: PG?

Megan was trying not to think about everything Hannah must have been through. )

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who: Padma Patil & Rodolphus Lestrange
when: Early evening.
where: Just outside of Padma's flat.
what: An uncomfortable meeting where Padma is alternately charmed and creeped out.

It had been another long day. )

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Who: Spencer Capper and Megan Jones
Where: Meg's Flat
When: Aug 17th 03 and Aug 1st 03
What: Meg and Spencer have issues. As well, their encounter a few weeks back as told through flashbacks.

Knock-Knock-Knock. Spencer's fist hit the thick wood of Megan's door as he rested his forehead against the cool surface for a moment before moving a respectable distance away from it. He wasn't looking forward to this talk though the rational side of him knew it had to be done. Not only was there the unpleasantness of their encounter a few weeks prior and the awkwardness which had ensued, but also his new relationship with Bredina which Meg had yet to be informed about.

It was not going to be a fun night.