June 30th, 2008

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Tag to Hermione, then Mafalda, then Adrian

Who: Sally Anne, Hermione, Mafalda and Adrian (ORGY FUN)
Where: A bit down the street from St. Mungos, I should think
When: Like 8am-ish
What: Sally Anne is now getting kidnapped

Sally Anne left their modest but clean home with her husband. She mentioned meeting an old friend from Hogwarts for a bit of window-shopping. In reality she was to meet Hermione Granger for a visit to St. Mungos. Like many other witches, Sally Anne was losing her magic and she was afraid to Floo by herself. But Merlin forbid Chris found out (not that he would hurt her, but wasn't it better to be safe than sorry about these sort of delicate matters?), or worse yet, his dreadful family.

She bid him farewell just inside the Ministry and then returned to the busy street outside, intent on a fairly long and laborious trek to St. Mungos. Not really certain if she could floo or portkey by herself, she resigned herself to Muggle transportation, and began walking.

She felt strange and vulnerable without her magic, although she was still carried her wand. It was like walking naked for all the world to see. She hurried her pace a bit near the less-crowded areas. She had her own suspicions about Hannah's kidnapping but was fairly certain her connection to the Warringtons would keep her safe. Unless someone had found out about Plan Equal.

A figure just in front of her seemed vaugly familiar. "Hermione?" she called out tentatively.