June 13th, 2008

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Who: Harry Potter and OPEN!
What: Making small talk!
When: Early, Friday morning.
Where: The streets of Diagon Alley.
Why: For the heck of it?

The morning light was warm and buttery, and as Harry took one last fleeting look at the giant clock behind him, the hour hand turned to read 5:00, exactly. Now well more than three-quarters done with his run, he rounded the corner of Duffelpud and Frostlings Pastry Shop; waving to the steady bakery employees that were retrieving out fresh sheets of browned croissants from their over-sized ovens. Being that it was so horribly early, Harry and Bologna (who chased and nipped happily at Harry’s heels) very nearly had free range of the Diagon Alley walkways – there would be, perhaps, three of four others, who did little more than tip their hats and go on their merry way. It was, frankly, fantastic for a quiet run, and since he took a hearty sprint at least twice a day, one could easily set their watch by Harry, as he passed.

Slowing considerably, the sound of Harry’s trainers against the black, slick cobblestones began to leisurely dwindle into nothing, as Harry’s six-mile lope had, apparently, come full-circle. Putting both his hands behind his head, he gracelessly plopped into an old wooden bench, and caught his breath, tickling Bologna’s ears as the poor mutt yanked restlessly at his leash. “Alright, alright!” Harry finally agreed, remerging to his feet with renewed stamina.

Then catching a quick glimpse of a familiar face, Harry beamed and called out a polite “Hello!”

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Who: Snape+Parvati
What: Snape gets pinned into a conversation with Draco's wife.
When: June 13th
Where: Malfoy Manor
Why: B'cause?</br> All-magic communities always seemed to possess an air of dense silence after Snape had stayed in his house at Spinner's End. Muggle towns seethed and shuddered with noise, silent only in the hours before dawn, but wizarding villages retained the stillness of twilight through the entire day. The Malfoy Manor was no exception.
Snape, always twitchier than usual after a night without sleep, found this stillness particularly unnerving today. Something yelped just above his right ear, successfully shattering the quiet and eliciting a sort of minor spasm from Snape. A snowy white peacock glared down at him from a branch, feathers puffed up proudly. Without looking back, Snape fired a round of sparks over his shoulder, pocketing his wand only after he was satisfied with the volume of the frantic squawking behind him.
By the time he'd crossed the garden and struck the serpent-shaped door knocker against the heavy wooden doors, the screeching had subsided, leaving him in silence to wonder why Draco had summoned him.