June 14th, 2008

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Trendy coffee shop #8928451 - Tag to Spencer

Who Christopher Warrington and Spencer Capper
When Afternoon
Where Coffee shop
What Iuno.

Christopher left the office around 2 in the afternoon, having worked through lunch over the Department of Care of Magical Creature's financial statements because those guys can never seem to make the figures work. He wanted to get come coffee, but the nearest cafe was closed due to some sort of "biological contamination," which made Christopher vaguely uncomfortably. So, woe is him, Christopher had to walk one extra block in order to get his daily grind(s).

The cafe was busy and lively, there was some sort of jazz music going on in the background. Christopher makes his way to the cashier, a bored looking girl looked at him from underneath a gob of mascara. "Uh, can I get a grande triple shot, extra hot, half-milk latte, please," he said, digging into his pants pocket for change to pay her. She gave him a look as she palm the money, like the drink was entirely unbecoming of him, and it made Christopher feel slightly guilty. Although he wasn't quite sure why. "Next please," she said, sounding nasally and he quickly move away to the side, accidentally bumping shoulder with another bloke who had been standing in front of him before.

"Sorry," Christopher said hastily, wishing he had more caffein in his system.

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Hole in the wall - Tag to Snape

Who Seth Moon and Severus Snape
When Late
Where Bar
What Seth's crazy and Snape's snapey.

His agent, Marley, had told Seth a couple of nights ago that he needed to lay low for a while, or at least be on his best behaviour, since that unfortunate freak-out at the Emerald Lounge. Although the only witness had been Seth himself, his agent and the owner of the night club, who had promised to keep his mouth shut for a hefty price, Marley was feeling the pressure from the press. Tabloids magazines apparently had been phoning her more than usual lately asking about Seth. They think that he is an addict, user of illegal substances, abusing his own rights and making scenes in bars and clubs. They were saying that Seth is insane. Of course, being the extremely well-paid agent she was, Marley brushed off all of these questions.

She said staying home would be Seth's best option, and keeping sober would be his next goal, but that was not happening.

To Seth's credit, he had tried to stay home, his public image, after all, was his biggest selling point. He had made a point to sit quietly in his lounge, and that lasted for a total of five minutes before he and his wife began a yelling match (screeching on her part, throwing things too) about something incredibly trivial that ended with Seth storming out of his own home. And that is how he ended up at the bar. It was a quiet bar, nobody really talked, and nobody really cared that Seth Moon, the insane, alcoholic celebrity, was in their midst. Although Seth usually soaked up the attention like an attention-soaking sponge, he sometimes also wanted that smoked filled nonchalant attitude.

He refilled his glass with black whisky for the third time, and knocked it back, liking the way that his brain stopped working as soon as the alcoholic haze settled in, and everything goes quiet. He never gets quiet time, not when he is inside his head.