Daily Scans - July 31st, 2009

July 31st, 2009

July 31st, 2009
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A day in the Life of McGargan (Spoilers for Sinister Spider-Man #2)
Sooo, I picked up Sinister Spider-Man on a whim today and you guys, it is insane.
Really, words fail me.

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My pulls for this week weren't all bad, at least

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Another Wondy #34 post
In the other thread I've been mouthing off about the levels of fail I felt this issue contained. Having read the issue in full I stand by my dissatisfaction with its content -- and I'm truly saddened if not at all surprised over Gail's antithical attiude in and out of the book about everything concerning Diana's costume -- but I freely admit there is some good stuff there as well.

I like the jist of the sequence with Morrow, if not the wording. The idea that someone like Clark or even Bruce would regard Morrow as inhuman is stated clumbsily; rather I think it seems that he's trying to say that Diana sees him as something other than just his crimes or as a villain. Superman is the ideal you aspire to, Batman is what happens when you fail to meet the ideal, Wonder Woman is the one who will be there to help you meet it if you ask it of her. Not exactly elegantly put either but there you go.

I'm glad the gorillas survived -- even if they've really been drawn more like yeti than actual gorillas. I like that she has non-human supporting cast members.

I like the way Diana reacts to how Psycho is abusing Steel.

I like that at least the Amazons aren't completely sheep-like in accepting the Gargarean rule, even though it should never have happened in the first place.

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"Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader" page
In my random wanderings of the Mighty and Massive Internets, this scan popped up

no number, no titles... nothing!!
But I must know what this is from, if the issue is worth reading??

problem solved, title found!
Scan is still cool tho

a possible Joker moment, but not really )

Thank you internets!

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More Wonder Woman Fanart

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Streets of Gotham #5 cover (and some Dustin Nguyen art)

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Golden Age Wonder Woman
Today's offering is from "The Blue Spirit Mystery", Sensation Comics #30, 1944. It's a surprisingly complex (though nonetheless cracked out) story about a racket in the form of a cult that swindles people out of their money.

Really, a lot of Golden Age comics had plots much more complex than most Silver and Bronze Age ones, and dealt with comparatively mature subjects - not mature in the sense of sex and violence, but how many 7-year-olds would one expect to be interested in cult religion scams? I think they gave kids more credit then. Though of course, the stories were still whacked out.

For dial-uppers:
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The greatest crossover of this or any other time!
Prepare to have your minds blown away by sheer awesome. Truly this is the crossover that will affect all of our worlds and leave nothing unchanged!

Note I'm not sure how to tag this since I'm not familiar with some of the characters or what comics they are from. So I'm going to do my best and hope the tag wrangles don't forsake me.

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Captain America: Reborn #2 preview

The preview for next week's issue (along with many others) posted at CBR.

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The *other* time Mon-El inspired a supervillain
okay, so this one's Valor, but still.

Basically, the Great Darkness Saga isn't the only time he inadvertently gave a mind-dominating dark fellow an idea...  )

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07:10 pm


Amazing Spider-Man vol. 2 #39
Amazing Spider-Man's "'Nuff Said!" issue (a month of silent issues that used only pictures to tell their stories, though some of them--including this one--cheated a bit). By J. Michael Straczynski and John Romita Jr.

Backstory: Peter and MJ are separated, with MJ working in L.A. May has just discovered that Peter is Spider-Man and confronted him about it.

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on with the show )

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07:38 pm


Smokey Stover's Spooky

This was a back-up strip that ran along SMOKEY STOVER back when newspapers were much larger and Sunday comics had room to breathe and experiment. Bill Holman drew an odd strip, that's for sure. The adventures of a fireman and his chief, as well as their wives and cronies, were just a vehicle for a mass of sight gags, horrendous puns and disturbing art. People and objects tended to wander out of the panels, there were these enigmatic and vaguely ominious phrases scattered all over ("Foo," "Notary Sojac" and "1506 nix-nix," were most common)and the reaction shots involved dentures flying out of mouths and ears whirling away. There was also the habit Smokey and Chief Nutt had of addressing each other as "girlie," "cutie," and "sweetie." SMOKEY STOVER ran from 1935 to 1973, and remains a gem of the screwball outlook.

Anyway, Spooky was a typical cartoon cat, concerned with her own comfort and meals no matter how much distress she caused getting them. I've often wondered about the red bandage tied to her tail... it was there year after year.


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08:15 pm


Secret Warriors #6

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10:38 pm


Let's bust some heads for peace !
Brave and the bold makes the big return with OMAC (and the Global Peace Agency)

Stan Burkowitz gets it done !
Read more... )

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