Daily Scans - April 25th, 2009

April 25th, 2009

April 25th, 2009
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Does it still count as "mystery meat" if you wish you DIDN'T know what it was?
In keeping with the theme of reposting high-quality comics from the old s_d...

I'm not terribly fond of Dan Slott, but I consider his "Arkham Asylum: Living Hell" miniseries to be a must-read for any Batman fan. It ranges from darkly humorous to outright horrifying -- sometimes both at once.

Lunchtime at Arkham: One of the few places on Earth that can make you nostalgic for your high school cafeteria. )

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The art of video game covers
Kids, back when we old timers were your age and Pacman was all we could think about, there were great up video game covers created by talented artists. MightyGodViking has reached back, taken that great art, and done his own thing. I honestly was going to ramble on, but I have no words to describe how awesome this stuff is. The language fail! 's me.

Now while I LOVE BlackCat with all my heart, MightyGodViking's work with Photoshop makes me cry and ROTLF.
I found these at Mighty God Viking's blog.

There are some GEMS in here SO WORTHY of being part of scans_daily, even though they are not comic book related.
Follow the link above and bring extra underwear. You will p@@ your pants laughing.

For legality, the actual Superman video game cover from the games mentioned. Before MightyGodViking got his hands on it.

I am still crying from laughter.
Big pics, not kind for modem users.

*edit* So I am not hearing the chuckles. Read the modified wording to get the joke.
(Mr. J was right).

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Huntress Powergirl action !

"bounces" ! God, yes bounces !

Read more... )

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"Behind the Mask!"

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The Seeds Of Galactic Scourges Of The Future Lie In Tony Stark's Relative Past
so, it's the 31st century in a divergent Marvel Universe, and there's yet another galactic scourge coming into play.

They're matriarchal world hopping conquerors, you see, who seek out resource-rich worlds using deadly cyborg scouts. When an acceptable world is found, they descend in waves of power armor clad soldiers and highly advanced weaponry, defeating their declared foes and claiming their resources to power their techno-religious highly advanced society.

They are...  )

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Unsure if it's still Bruce/Selina week or not
But either way I offer you 'Tec #850

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Poor Deadpool...
I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

--LBD "Nytetrayn"

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Mary Marvel leads the parade

I have always had a fondness for WW II morale-builder covers, especially the ones which show Americans of different types uniting to work together, Reminds me of the last election. This WOW COMICS cover is a favorite, although I would prefer it without the comic-relief goofball. The art is probably Mark Swayze. Something about Mary's costume just works so well, and it was always funny to see this demure little girl casually rip car doors off or slap giant monsters senseless.. the contrast between her appearance and her actions was great.

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Cobweb in the Castle of Tears, by Moore and Gebbie
The first few pages of "Cobweb in the Castle of Tears." With this story, Alan Moore delivered what can only be described as a comic book story unlike any other.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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