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November 1st, 2009
01:37 am


A little more Scarecrow horror for Halloween...
From Detective 571, from the marvellously retro run of Mike W Barr and Alan Davis...

As with all good stories this has been a BEAR to trim down and keep the best moments. It has everything I look for in a story like this, a great Batman and Robin dynamic (This was one of the last issues to feature Jason Todd 1.0 (or it might be early Jason Todd 2.0 depending on which side of the cusp you look on this as being), nice simple sinister plot from the villain, and the rest you'll see for yourself as this continues...

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October 31st, 2009
08:31 pm


Remember Robin, you owe you life, and possible imminent demise, to good dental hygiene!
A little nightmare fuel for Halloween!

Perhaps best listened to with this by our own [info]filkertom

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October 28th, 2009
08:13 pm


Blackest Night #4 Bat Member Appearance

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October 1st, 2009
07:18 pm


New Black Cat!
This is a nice timing since I was considering making a Scarecrow post anyway...

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July 30th, 2009
03:43 pm


Harley, Ivy and Scarecrow's new look in the Arkham Asylum game.
cut )

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April 25th, 2009
06:01 am


Does it still count as "mystery meat" if you wish you DIDN'T know what it was?
In keeping with the theme of reposting high-quality comics from the old s_d...

I'm not terribly fond of Dan Slott, but I consider his "Arkham Asylum: Living Hell" miniseries to be a must-read for any Batman fan. It ranges from darkly humorous to outright horrifying -- sometimes both at once.

Lunchtime at Arkham: One of the few places on Earth that can make you nostalgic for your high school cafeteria. )

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March 1st, 2009
04:46 pm


Batman Family "Dollar comic" back covers
IJ account created, check. Joined S_D 2.0, check. Userpic, can't find the damn thing, heck with it I'll get one later. Here we go...

The relentless stagflation of the 70's was not kind to comics. 50 cents for a 100 page super-spectacular became 60 cents, then became 60 cents for a 64 page giant, and finally 60 cents for a 48 page "giant." (back then, comic companies were actually reluctant to raise cover prices, you see). Then came the "Dollar Comic," at 80 pages for a dollar, with all-new content. But 80 pages was just too much paper to be affordable, so after only a few months of 80 page dollar comics, the page count was cut back to 64 pages.

But again, this was an era when comic publishers felt a responsibility to deliver value for your dollar, so DC eliminated all advertising from the 64 page dollar comics. 64 pages with no ads was nearly the same number of story pages as 80 pages with ads, so they could tell readers that nothing had changed except a lower printing bill for DC. And it gave the artists the opportunity to create pinups for the back cover.Read more... )

Dial-uppers may want to visit my flikr stream instead of clicking that link:

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