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August 19th, 2009
02:55 pm


The Mysterious Case Of Jane Doe
[info]xdoop posted some scans from Batman: Streets of Gotham's Manhunter stories a few hours ago. They featured Jane Doe, who was... quite different from the last time I'd seen her in comics. The first time I'd seen her was in Arkham Asylum: Living Hell, where she was one of the three or four parallel stories featured in the six issue miniseries. This post contains a summary and several spoilers for the book.

All books were written by Dan Slott, illustrated by Ryan Sook, and colored by Lee Loughridge. The artwork has a very Hellboy, Mike Mignola vibe to it which works well in this context.


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April 25th, 2009
06:01 am


Does it still count as "mystery meat" if you wish you DIDN'T know what it was?
In keeping with the theme of reposting high-quality comics from the old s_d...

I'm not terribly fond of Dan Slott, but I consider his "Arkham Asylum: Living Hell" miniseries to be a must-read for any Batman fan. It ranges from darkly humorous to outright horrifying -- sometimes both at once.

Lunchtime at Arkham: One of the few places on Earth that can make you nostalgic for your high school cafeteria. )

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