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May. 8th, 2011


Who: June, OT Cadence, Kurami, Georgie, and anyone from the mansion
What: June brings home some new friends
When: BACKDATED to May 7, 7pm
Where: Xavier's
Rating: TBD

June spent all day in a quiet kind of excitement. She'd gotten home much quicker than anyone was expecting and spent much of the time in her room playing on the computer or doing her homework. She knew she couldn't be around other people without blabbing her big secret so she kept herself away from others. Dinner was rushed through and finished before anyone else, and she slipped away while no one was really paying attention. She thought about asking for permission to go back out but, what with everyone on high alert lately, she decided it would be best if she just didn't tell anyone. It was 5:30, and she left Xavier's at a run without even thinking about the security monitoring systems, or who might be watching them to see her hasty departure.

She ran all the way back to her meeting place with Xavier without sopping to rest once. )

May. 3rd, 2011


A Meeting of the Minds

Who: All Active and past X-Men team members, staff, and X-23
What: Meeting
When: FORWARD DATED to May sixth, 8pm
Where: Conference Room, sub-basement
Rating: Probably end up an R with who's involved

You're straddling a very thin line. )

Apr. 28th, 2011


Lookin' for Food...

Who: Blake Tyrie and Emma Frost
What: Blake runs into his Ethics teacher while trying to find something to eat
When: Thursday Evening
Where: Kitchen,in the X-Mansion
Rating: PG-13 because of Blake's mouth and attitude


I know who you are, I know what you did...

Who: Scott and Logan
What: Questions about the past.
When: Late night a week after Scott's return
Where: Seedy Bar close to Marie/Logan's residence.
Rating: PG-13, R.

I just want to know why. )

Apr. 26th, 2011


Who: Kitty OT Warren (open)
What: A meeting...of sorts
When: Tuesday afternoon
Where: Open Sitting room, First Floor
Rating: Pretty sure it'll stay G

The first thing Kitty saw when she opened her eyes that morning was her phone vibrating on the nightstand beside her bed. It wasn't even five-thirty and Warren was awake, sending her a text. "Be at this address by 1. Dress for an interview." Well that snapped her awake. She quickly sat up and texted him back, demanding a few more answers, but all he would give her was a smiley face in return. She loved Warren like the older brother she'd never had and always wanted, but sometimes he could be downright infuriating. What kind of message was that? And why send it so early? Now she'd be thinking about it through her morning classes and lunch.

Speaking of lunch )

Apr. 25th, 2011


Who: Willow Xavier OT June (open to others as well)
What: Meeting in town
When: FORWARD DATED to May 7 around lunchtime
Where: "My Coffee Shop" bistro downtown
Rating: G?

It was a brisk day out in Salem, chilly enough to need a jacket but sunny enough to make a person want to sit outside while they enjoyed their lunch. There was almost no breeze and the general attitude around town was that it was time to celebrate winter being over. Officially. There was a sense of optimism in the the air as there often is this time of year. Grass is sprouting, birds are chirping, new life is beginning all around. It is a time most people see as a time of new beginnings. Cadence was one of those people. This Spring would be her new beginning. )


Who: Warren OT Tabby, JP, Dante, and some NPC kids
What: Testing some new security features.
When: Monday morning, 10 am
Where: First floor, foyer
Rating: We'll start at PG. Could change.

It had been decided on Friday around four in the afternoon, Warren would meet several people downstairs to begin some tests, real tests, on the security systems he was working on upgrading. And just as he'd been getting ready to finish out a fifth scan of the new codes, he came across a glitch. It was something so small but a thing that had to be fixed before anything could proceed. So he'd contacted everyone who'd volunteered to help, and went back to work. Now it was Monday morning, and he was ready.

Down to the foyer he went )

Apr. 19th, 2011


Who: Jean-Paul, Dante, OTA
What: Failing at food (OR WINNING?)
When: Some time after JP's return
Where: Kitchen
Rating: PG-13? JP can have a (bad) mouth.

Grilled cheese done difficult )

Apr. 13th, 2011


|[ WHO ]| Paige Guthrie
|[ WHAT ]| Cleaning
|[ WHEN ]| 2:00 AM
|[ WHERE ]| Kitchen

It was never really a strange sight to see one particular blond up and about around these hours of the night. )

Apr. 12th, 2011


Who: Cadence OT Kurami, Georgianna
What: Discussing Xavier's
When: 9pm
Where: Walking around downtown
Rating: TBD

Cadence felt like a woman newly freed every time she took a walk in the city at night. It had been almost six months since she and Winter escaped from that cursed amusement park, but it made every lungful of fresh air mean something. She'd been beaten there, violated, tortured, brought to the very brink of death. Most days she wished she died there, underground in those rotting, stinking alleys and pathways. That was until she had a plan. It wasn't something she'd come up with on her own. No, Cadence wasn't smart enough for plotting anymore. They'd beaten most of the common sense out of her. She was still crazy intelligent with an eidetic memory, but common sense was a thing of the past. )

Apr. 5th, 2011


Who: Warren OTA
What: Chillaxing
When: Mid-morning
Where: Library
Rating: Can't imagine it'll go over PG.

He could have just done all of this in his room but then what would have been the point of being at the mansion? )


Hello Goodbye

Who: Kitty OTA
What: Kitty discovers Lorna is gone and tries not to assume the worst.
When: After her first class in the morning.
Where: Second floor, will travel.
Rating: I assume no higher than PGish.

It came as no surprise to Kitty when she found herself lacking in the sleep department in the days following Theresa's return to Ireland. The girls had shared a room for so long that she'd gotten used to having a roommate again. Not having someone right there to talk to or just chill and watch something silly on tv before sleep took over was lonely. It was one of those things that made her realize the old adage about not appreciating what you had until it was gone was true. At least in this case. She kept waking up and realized it was the lack of noise that was doing it. Terry always had a fan on, or the computer at least. And she was a soft snorer. She was going to have to get used to sleeping in quiet once again.

Her class that morning was more personal work with Kitty walking around and offering help when it was needed. One student was missing, and while it wouldn't have been a matter of concern in a normal school, a missing student at Xavier's meant they needed to be checked on. Especially when that missing student was one Lorna Dane )

Mar. 23rd, 2011


Who: Warren OT Kitty
What: A date meeting
When: Wednesday evening
Where: John-Michael's Restaurant

It had been quite awhile since Warren had been at the mansion. He'd been there briefly on New Year's for Kitty's party but his stay was not a long one. Most of his time had been spent with Jean-Paul simply because he needed another guy to talk to for awhile. Warren had a lot of people in his life, almost all of them he was very well acquainted with on a professional level. Anyone outside of that expansive relationship level was almost always female and that night Warren had been tired of females. It was good to have a conversation with JP without having to worry too much about anything. There had been the quip about flirting, but it was just fun between friends )

Mar. 20th, 2011


Who: June OTA
What: June has gone off campus by herself. Without telling anyone.
When: Sunday afternoon
Where: Not too far from campus, but not technically on campus.
Rating: With June? PG at best.

It was officially Spring )

Mar. 14th, 2011


Who: X-23 OT Banshee, Scorpion, and Deadpool
What: Club mayhem
When: FORWARD DATED to 3/18
Where: Orchid Lounge in Manhattan
Rating: It'll probably end up somewhere around an R

I got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night )

Mar. 4th, 2011


Coming back to say goodbye

Who: Rogue OT Erik and anyone else
What: Erik wanted to talk. So they'll talk.
When: Friday, noonish
Where: Somewhere in the school? TBD
Rating: PG to start

It wasn't like Rogue was wishing for something terrible to happen so she could say "I told you so" to Ororo, but she was certainly waiting for it to happen. She was confident it would happen. With the way things were beginning to heat up in the man versus mutant area, it would only be a matter of time before Magneto reminded everyone exactly who he was, and Ro would be forced to recognize what a terrible choice she'd made. The man had been powerful before; with a return of power to the umpteenth degree, there was honestly no telling what he could do and what he was hiding.

And she refused to stay there to find out )


Lunch Time~.

Who: Lorna, Cypher and possibly Open (ask me first? I don't bite.)
What: A conversation during lunch
When: Friday Afternoon, forward dated slightly
Where: Cafeteria/Room where lunch is eaten (me spek good)
Rating: PGish

And when things went downhill, so did her appetite. )

Mar. 3rd, 2011


Who: Lorna and Forge
What: Turn off, it's giving me a headache!
When: Thursday evening
Where: Forge's Room
Rating: PGish, unless something change or F-bombs start getting dropped...

She swore she could feel someone microwave popcorn halfway across the mansion. )


Burn it to the ground

Who: Kitty OT Paige and anyone else who wants to join.
What: Shopping and discussion
When: Thursday, noonish
Where: Rec room to start, then beyond!
Rating: PG to be safe

Kitty couldn't stop watching the footage on the news of the fire in downtown Westchester. It had been playing on different channels since the morning news, and each station had a different angle and theory to go with it. It was determined to be an electrical fire and not arson, but what was found in the building that burned down was a shock to everyone. A secret organization using the store that was once there as a front. There was no word yet on what the group stood for or their purpose, but hard drives had been taken away and were going to be examined for further answers. They'd found a metal bar twisted through the handles of one of the doors as well. That spoke of someone with unusual strength. Then there was the case of the man found murdered in his home with words cut into his chest.

Why did she have a sinking feeling that this was going to point accusations in the direction of mutant-kind? )

Mar. 2nd, 2011


Who: June OTA
What: Playing with water and pretending she's in Narnia.
When: Wednesday afternoon
Where: Outside
Rating: G

Are you a daughter of Eve? )

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