May. 3rd, 2011


A Meeting of the Minds

Who: All Active and past X-Men team members, staff, and X-23
What: Meeting
When: FORWARD DATED to May sixth, 8pm
Where: Conference Room, sub-basement
Rating: Probably end up an R with who's involved

You're straddling a very thin line. )

Apr. 6th, 2011


Who: X-23 OT Cyclops
What: Happening to see each other at a gas station.
When: 10 pm
Where: I just said a gas station, didn't I?
Rating: R - I can't control this girl's mouth or violent streak.

A month later, and she was finally heading back to the mansion. Upon leaving she was Laura, the girl who had a better sense of who she was and an anticipation of what being at Xavier's could actually mean for her. She had a sense of purpose, a drive, and a will to return at some point with the hope that something close to a normal life could be hers. A month later and Laura was once again replaced with X-23. She wasn't a girl anymore, but an experiment, a weapon, a seasoned killer. It was what she knew, what was comfortable, what was familiar. And being in the situations she'd faced in the past month, the familiar was easier than facing the uncertainties.
She knew it, she just didn't care. )

Mar. 14th, 2011


Who: X-23 OT Banshee, Scorpion, and Deadpool
What: Club mayhem
When: FORWARD DATED to 3/18
Where: Orchid Lounge in Manhattan
Rating: It'll probably end up somewhere around an R

I got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night )

Mar. 2nd, 2011


The enemy of my enemy...

Who: X-23
What: Delivering a message.
When: Wednesday night
Where: A nondescript "shop" in center Westchester.
Rating: R for violence and gore

Notes:This will make the news by tomorrow (Thursday) morning and will definitely cause tension among the muties and the meat sacks.

Flash wasn't something she usually went for, but a point needed to be made )
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Feb. 13th, 2011


Who: Logan and OTA
What: Returning after going MIA
When: Afternoon
Where: The garage
Rating: TBD

In truth, he had no idea what the hell had happened. It had been weeks since he had been at the school and other than the last two days he spent getting back he didn't remember anything. The last thing he did remember was talking to Kyla and then heading out for the night to clear his head. After that it was just hazy black.

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Jan. 28th, 2011


Just tonight

Who: X-23 OTA
What: Digging around the mansion
When: Friday night
Where: First floor
Rating: PG-13

Here I am and I can’t seem to see straight. I’m too numb to feel right now )

Jan. 17th, 2011


First Floor/Outside

The text is the same but the numbers will change )
Take note of the powerful mutants outside because if you step one foot out there, they will mess you up.

Humans: Undetermined
Mutants: 1. Psi-link with physical contact (M, Looks like a walking cornstalk)
2. Obese and rubbery (M, Pink hued skin)
3. Psychic link to nightmares (M, huge head)
4. Empathetic Absorber (M, Clawed fingers)
5. Spirit Magic (M, NPM)
6. Superheating touch (F, NPM)
7. Turns into mist (M, Cloaked)
8. Mind-Clouder (M, NPM)

Jan. 3rd, 2011


Who: Lorna, OT Sinister and X-23
What: Most young girls sneak into movie theaters... Lorna sneaks into opera houses. Go fig.
When: Backdated 1/3/11, 9:00PM
Where: New York's Metropolitan Opera House

The Phantom of the Opera )

Dec. 28th, 2010


Hello, is it me you're looking for?

Who: X-23 OTA
What: Defiling a church.
When: Dec. 28 early morning hours
Where: Westchester, not too far from downtown
Rating: R for violence and language. And people getting dead. And self-injury.

She'd been waiting for hours, sitting up in the belfry of the old abandoned church. Did they ever leave? These rich families, stuffing their pockets with money and filling their houses with things that only took up space and no one ever really needed. Well, X-23 figured it was her job to help these poor rich families reorganize their priorities. Good thing she could wait and watch as long as she needed to. Fucking holidays and family time. How could they stand being in the same house as one another for so long, staring at the same faces, having the same conversations day after day? The girl could sit in one position for hours but patience was something she'd always lacked. Cool and calm on the outside, even close to stoic at a glance, but a raging storm of anger and impatience on the inside )

Dec. 7th, 2010


Tiny Heart

Who: X-23 OTA
What: Scoping out the downtown area of Westchester
When: December 7, 2010
Where: Downtown
Rating: PG-13 to be safe. Laura has a potty mouth.

It was cold out and getting dark too damn early. Fifteen after four in the afternoon and already the sky was the color of cotton candy from a setting sun. It pissed Laura off, as was evident by her expression as she looked up through the trees in the park. The wind blew strands of her long dark hair across her face. Laughter caught her ears and as she raised a delicate hand to sweep the hair from her vision, she saw three teenage boys walking up the path and in her direction. She moved away from the path, hands shoved into her pockets, and made her way to the swings.

Stuck inside yourself. )

Dec. 3rd, 2010


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