Jan. 13th, 2011


Who: Molly & Terry
What Molly once more is smoking in the mansion. She can't help that it's sodding cold outside. Awkwardness ensues when Molly realizes she knows of Terry - through Black Tom.
Where Blatant mansion smoking is blatant in the kitchen!
When 1/13/11, 5PM


Jan. 7th, 2011


Who: Kitty, Bobby, Paige, Jubilee, Terry, whoever else decides to show up.
What: Bowling and hijinks!
When: Jan. 7, 8pm
Where: Bob's Bowling and Karaoke!

Feeling a little weird, Kitty decided to poke Terry on AIM since she wasn't in the room )

Jan. 5th, 2011


Who: Jamie OTA at Xavier's
What: Reaching out for help
When: Jan. 5, 5pm
Where: N/A
Status: TBD

It was lucky for him he had enough money stashed in his backpack for a room for the night. he needed to get off the streets, needed to figure out what the hell he was supposed to do with himself now. Nearly everything was making him pop out a dupe and it was really starting to get to him. He was tired, exhausted really. And every dupe he couldn't reabsorb quick enough before they ran away was linked to him both emotionally and telepathically. To say he had a headache would have been a gross understatement at this point )

Dec. 27th, 2010


Who: Everyone at the mansion
What: A masqued New Year's Eve party.
When: Forward dated to New Year's Eve, obv.
Where: The gym
Rating: Not sure yet

When Kitty contacted Jean-Paul about doing a New Year's masquerade party, she hadn't been expecting her idea would balloon into what she was now witnessing. The gymnasium had been turned into a sort of winter wonderland. The tree had been brought in and was all lit up. Streamers in jeweled tones hung from the ceiling where disco balls spun and threw shards of rainbows everywhere. To one side of the room a sort of buffet table had been set up with every kind of finger food imaginable, as well as some more sensible eating options. There was punch, desserts, fruit, hot water for tea and hot chocolate, and all the paper and plastic good that could be needed. Several circular tables had been set up with chairs surrounding them, all matching the elegant color scheme of the room. The rest of the gym was reserved for the hired DJ and a nice open dance floor. Kitty was already excited, and no one else was even there yet. )

Dec. 25th, 2010


Midnight Mass in NYC

Who: Lorna and OTA, but also stands alone
What: Midnight Mass
When: Midnight, well, slightly after, 12/25
Where: St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC
Rating: TBD, but this IS a church

Lorna was still adjusting... )

Dec. 20th, 2010


Oh Tannenbaum...

Who: Terry, Kitty, Piotr and Wade?
What: Time to get a Christmas tree!
When: 12/14 - Christmas is getting near!
Where: A nearby tree farm (located behind the mansion grounds?)
Rating: PG-13 (R if Wade gets involved.)

"Aah..." Terry's entire body clenched up, and her back arched as she caught her breath. She brought her mouth to her face, trying to cover her mouth before letting out a breathless outburst.

Dec. 17th, 2010


Who: Sam and Paige and OTA who wants to join them in the kitchen
What: Sibling bonding plus snackage
When: Friday evening, after Paige gets back from NY for the weekend
Where: Kitchen
Rating: Probably PG

Sam pulled a sauce pot out of the cabinet and set it on the stovetop before going to the fridge for the milk. He was nothing if not his Momma's son, and since it was too late for feeding he'd just pour some cocoa into Paige after the drive home. Or, well, to home away from home...away from home.

"So how'd the first of the finals go, an' are we even gonna see you this weekend or are you gonna spend it all holed up studying?" he asked as he poured the milk into the pot and started the heat under it. He was even good and didn't gloat about the fact that his finals were already over for the semester.

Dec. 14th, 2010


Banshee Arrives!

Who: Sean and Theresa Cassidy - Father and Daughter Yaaay!
What: Meeting Sean at the Airport
When: Monday - late afternoon, around dusk
Where: JFK Airport, and a little cafe near the Institute
Rating: G/PG

The plane fight from Dublin to New York City was unpleasant in the best of circumstances. Flying coach, it was a fairly close approximation to Hell. But here he was, too many hours later, touching down on American soil. His Interpol credentials got him through Customs without too much hassle and as soon as he cleared security he kept a sharp eye and ear out for a red-haired lass of his acquaintance.

Hopefully, she did actually remember that he was coming in to see her. They had a fair bit to discuss. And even thinking that much about it spiked his blood pressure.

Terry couldn’t remember a time during which one would greet new arrivals just outside the gate. It was probably for the better, since she didn’t have a circumstance to compare it to. She stood, shifted her weight, found a place to sit, wandered the hall, bought a bottled tea, sat some more...she was told to arrive early, in case there were crowds. But in her experience, planes were always late to touch down, and this case was no exception.

She wasn't given any indication of what she was to look for. Not that she had forgotten what her father looked like, but she'd overlooked more obvious things before, and she had a lot on her mind. It was making her anxious. Hadn't she just years ago eagerly anticipated visits from her father. Had things changed really that much?

But, she supposed, when someone says 'we have things to discuss,' it was rarely a cordial visit. She took a hefty swig of her tea, and twisted the cap back on to place into her purse. Her father should be emerging from the sea of travelers any moment. She needed to have a free hand to help with his bags.

Family Bonding? Bickering? Let's hope there's not a screaming match. )


The Facebook: Social Networking Is Not for Logan...Is It?

Who: Theresa and Logan. Fr srsly.
What: Logan wants a Facebook. I know, right?
When: Tuesday, late afternoon.
Where: Institute housing.
Rating: PG-13, since Logan likes colorful language.

Theresa wasn't sure what to make of Logan just yet. He was both threatening and friendly - and most certainly unpredictable. She wondered why someone like him wasn't mentioned before over the past few years. If he was such a noteable mainstay at the Mansion, then surely there were things to be said.

Dec. 8th, 2010


Back to the basics

Who: Logan OTA!
What: Arriving at the school
When: 12/8 Very early morning
Where: The mansion. First the garage, then kitchen.
Rating: Um.. I'll try for PG-13 but with him it might not pan out

After he'd gotten off the phone with the Cassidy girl he'd pushed it. Not that he was that far from WestChester to begin with. It was just a bitch to drive through the weather. Logan had left the mansion about a month or so after the whole thing on Alcatraz. He caught the looks he got from various people when they found out he was the one that killed Jean, like his guilt wasn't enough.

The whole place just got a little more broody )

Dec. 7th, 2010


Unassuming...that's always how it starts.

Who: Terry (Siryn) OTA
What: It's already the 2nd week of December - where are the decorations?
When: December 7, 2010
Where: Open Sitting Room (S on the map)
Rating: PG (possibly PG-13 if there's language)

After finishing the journal entry on her laptop, Terry pulled her eyes away from the computer screen and looked outside the window. To say it was bright and sunny would probably be an exaggeration, as there were clouds scattered about if one took a moment to search. Though for such a dull and dreary day, the sky was anything but.

Dec. 3rd, 2010


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