Dec. 24th, 2010


Who: Vic and Mr. Beaubier
What: Hanging out with Chinese and a movie
When: day before the day before Xmas
Where: rec room
Rating: PG, most likely

There were still a good few people around, really. People who had no family to travel to, or whose family lived too far away...or whose family didn't want them. Vic actually was going home for a bit, he just wasn't leaving until tomorrow since the day didn't really matter to him. He'd finished his packing, had a snowball war with some of the younger kids, eaten way too many Christmas cookies - the best side effect of being surrounded by other peoples' holiday celebrations ever - and generally bummed around. He might not care about Christmas one way or the other as a holiday, but he definitely liked the cookie baking frenzy it inspired in a lot of the people who did.

Now it was dinner time, though, which meant Chinese food and the best holiday movie ever. Fortunately there were few enough others around the place - and most of them currently eating dinner in the dining hall - that confiscating the rec room television wasn't really a problem. Vic popped the case open and slipped Zombieland into the dvd player before grabbing the remote - not with his tongue, since people got all irrationally skeeved by that - and flopping down on the sofa with his Dr. Pepper to wait for Mr. Beaubier and the food to show.

Dec. 3rd, 2010


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