Mar. 14th, 2011


Who: X-23 OT Banshee, Scorpion, and Deadpool
What: Club mayhem
When: FORWARD DATED to 3/18
Where: Orchid Lounge in Manhattan
Rating: It'll probably end up somewhere around an R

I got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night )

Feb. 3rd, 2011


Email to Fitzgerald, Molly

From: Sean
To: Molly
Subject: You OK?


Picked a helluva week to be in the city getting my status straightened out. Heard you had a rough time of it. Everything OK with you? That couldn't have been fun and by the sound of it was just like the Bad Old Days.

Lemme know if you want to get away, go have a pint.


Jan. 10th, 2011



Back now. Going to bed. Nevermind the lass in the guest room. She had a really rough weekend.

Also, BUGGER the WHO. In the EAR.

Jan. 6th, 2011


Email to Munroe, Ororo

From: Cassidy, Sean
To: Munroe, Ororo
Subject: Trip back to Eire


I'm heading back to Eire for a few days. Doing a favor for an old acquaintance of mine. Her name's Molly and she's ... a medium, I guess you could call it. She can see and talk to spirits. On her bad days, she can reach across to the Other Side. She was involved in a bad bit of business a long time ago, a bit of business that I investigated and helped resolve.

Now she's reached out to me to say that she's bein' held against her will. Long story short, I'm meeting up with another old acquaintance of mine and we're gonna bust her out. Might need a guest room for a time.

Don't worry too much about it. This won't splash back on us or the school.



Away for a few days

Just to let everyone know, I'll be leaving tonight on an oh-my-God-o'clock flight back to Dublin. Something's come up that needs my personal attention.

If all goes well, I should be back on Monday.

Ororo, I'll send more of the details your way.


Dec. 29th, 2010


Who: Mercury et Banshee
What: Danger Room time!
When: Dec 29th evening
Where: DR
Rating: TBD can't imagine very high.

Agreeing to meet a strange teacher in the danger room for a workout didn't really seem all that peculiar to her. There was no other way to get access and she wanted to test herself against what the school could throw at her. She'd been practicing making swords and maces from her arms in her room, but that wasn't really all that taxing or helpful.

She glanced at the clock, time to head down. )

Dec. 27th, 2010


Who: Everyone at the mansion
What: A masqued New Year's Eve party.
When: Forward dated to New Year's Eve, obv.
Where: The gym
Rating: Not sure yet

When Kitty contacted Jean-Paul about doing a New Year's masquerade party, she hadn't been expecting her idea would balloon into what she was now witnessing. The gymnasium had been turned into a sort of winter wonderland. The tree had been brought in and was all lit up. Streamers in jeweled tones hung from the ceiling where disco balls spun and threw shards of rainbows everywhere. To one side of the room a sort of buffet table had been set up with every kind of finger food imaginable, as well as some more sensible eating options. There was punch, desserts, fruit, hot water for tea and hot chocolate, and all the paper and plastic good that could be needed. Several circular tables had been set up with chairs surrounding them, all matching the elegant color scheme of the room. The rest of the gym was reserved for the hired DJ and a nice open dance floor. Kitty was already excited, and no one else was even there yet. )

Dec. 26th, 2010


Who: Sean & Molly
What: Reaching out through her connection with the realm of the dead, Molly finally makes contact. Again. The question is will Sean remember in the morning?
When: 12/26/09, early morning in EST, aprox 5AM where Molly is
Where: Dublin, New York, somewhere in between
Rating: PG13is for dream-imagery

It was like shedding a large, heavy, useless piece of baggage. )

Dec. 25th, 2010


Midnight Mass in NYC

Who: Lorna and OTA, but also stands alone
What: Midnight Mass
When: Midnight, well, slightly after, 12/25
Where: St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC
Rating: TBD, but this IS a church

Lorna was still adjusting... )


Blowing the Rust Off

Who: Sean Cassidy, Logan
What: Sparring in the Danger Room
When: 12/26
Where: Danger Room, later Harry's Hideaway
Rating: PG-13 to R for violence, language

Shake, rattle, and roll! )

Dec. 14th, 2010


Banshee Arrives!

Who: Sean and Theresa Cassidy - Father and Daughter Yaaay!
What: Meeting Sean at the Airport
When: Monday - late afternoon, around dusk
Where: JFK Airport, and a little cafe near the Institute
Rating: G/PG

The plane fight from Dublin to New York City was unpleasant in the best of circumstances. Flying coach, it was a fairly close approximation to Hell. But here he was, too many hours later, touching down on American soil. His Interpol credentials got him through Customs without too much hassle and as soon as he cleared security he kept a sharp eye and ear out for a red-haired lass of his acquaintance.

Hopefully, she did actually remember that he was coming in to see her. They had a fair bit to discuss. And even thinking that much about it spiked his blood pressure.

Terry couldn’t remember a time during which one would greet new arrivals just outside the gate. It was probably for the better, since she didn’t have a circumstance to compare it to. She stood, shifted her weight, found a place to sit, wandered the hall, bought a bottled tea, sat some more...she was told to arrive early, in case there were crowds. But in her experience, planes were always late to touch down, and this case was no exception.

She wasn't given any indication of what she was to look for. Not that she had forgotten what her father looked like, but she'd overlooked more obvious things before, and she had a lot on her mind. It was making her anxious. Hadn't she just years ago eagerly anticipated visits from her father. Had things changed really that much?

But, she supposed, when someone says 'we have things to discuss,' it was rarely a cordial visit. She took a hefty swig of her tea, and twisted the cap back on to place into her purse. Her father should be emerging from the sea of travelers any moment. She needed to have a free hand to help with his bags.

Family Bonding? Bickering? Let's hope there's not a screaming match. )