May. 8th, 2011


Who: June, OT Cadence, Kurami, Georgie, and anyone from the mansion
What: June brings home some new friends
When: BACKDATED to May 7, 7pm
Where: Xavier's
Rating: TBD

June spent all day in a quiet kind of excitement. She'd gotten home much quicker than anyone was expecting and spent much of the time in her room playing on the computer or doing her homework. She knew she couldn't be around other people without blabbing her big secret so she kept herself away from others. Dinner was rushed through and finished before anyone else, and she slipped away while no one was really paying attention. She thought about asking for permission to go back out but, what with everyone on high alert lately, she decided it would be best if she just didn't tell anyone. It was 5:30, and she left Xavier's at a run without even thinking about the security monitoring systems, or who might be watching them to see her hasty departure.

She ran all the way back to her meeting place with Xavier without sopping to rest once. )

Apr. 12th, 2011


Who: Cadence OT Kurami, Georgianna
What: Discussing Xavier's
When: 9pm
Where: Walking around downtown
Rating: TBD

Cadence felt like a woman newly freed every time she took a walk in the city at night. It had been almost six months since she and Winter escaped from that cursed amusement park, but it made every lungful of fresh air mean something. She'd been beaten there, violated, tortured, brought to the very brink of death. Most days she wished she died there, underground in those rotting, stinking alleys and pathways. That was until she had a plan. It wasn't something she'd come up with on her own. No, Cadence wasn't smart enough for plotting anymore. They'd beaten most of the common sense out of her. She was still crazy intelligent with an eidetic memory, but common sense was a thing of the past. )