Apr. 7th, 2019


🌸 all day

It’s been a few days since the quiet atmosphere of Miracle Country was left shattered. First, there was the rain of mysterious sand, slowly mounting into a storm. The longer that storm bellowed, the more the ground seemed to rumble. And the more the ground rumbled, the more dangerous everything became.

Soon, it was clear it was an earthquake, shaking the island to the ground in the midst of a sandstorm. The underground areas are no longer safe and, finally, at the peak of its seismic waves, the earthquake levels everything— housing, trees, buildings, everything all around.

You must face the inevitable: the earthquake happened. Now, it’s a matter of how to survive.

Enough days have passed now, the storm sweeping away into the distant horizon, and Miracle Country looks to be only a desert full of ruins. The sakura tree, at least, still stands strong, but nothing much more.

And then the acid rain starts falling. Burning on contact, it’s impossible to stay out in the open for long without burns spreading over your entire body. But there’s so little shelter available.

It might be foolish to venture out... but there might be new people arriving. Surely you won't leave them out there all by themselves.

What will you do?

The Ocean
It might be a simple enough assumption— it’s a desert now, so go to the ocean in order to find food. It’ll be a disappointment, then, to reach the shoreline only to discover that the ocean, too, is acidic, poisoned enough that even trying to touch the water can cause unspeakable pain.

What’s worse, once you’re close enough, you might not realize that the monsters loom out of the water, poisoned by their own environment and frenzied. Perhaps you might be able to fell one of the monsters and use its meat for food and supplies. Or, perhaps, it’ll just be another poisoned thing among the wasteland.

The Forests
It’s true that the forests have seen better days. So many of the trees have been ripped away by the storm and earthquake, and debris scatters everywhere, making it difficult terrain to hunt. However, there are enough trees to offer rudimentary shelter from the acid rain.

The downside, of course, is that there are also animals and monsters here. Animals to hunt, certainly. But also monsters that are hunting you. And they’re so hungry.

The Shrine
Deep in the forests, if you’re lucky enough to find it now with all the devastation and ruin, there was once a shrine, the old bones of an ancient dragon, and the little dragons that live there, guarding a place of peace and calm.

If you actually manage to find your way here, you’ll find that, miraculously, there’s some clean water. Where does it come from? Trying to find a source proves impossible, but perhaps you can figure out a way to carry some of this water back to everyone else.

The Underground
The earthquake has left the area utterly devastated. It isn’t safe to be down in the tunnels, but perhaps desperation drives you here. Where else are you going to find shelter, after all?

This is where the injured have gathered. There’s little first aid to be found, houses swept away with the storm and, with it, most basic supplies. But perhaps those with healing abilities make time to be here, and perhaps the injured are doing their best to grin and bear it.

The Desert
Perhaps you’re foolish enough to brave the open expanse of the desert. Perhaps you’re hoping that there can be something gained from the ruins, some sort of supplies— food, blankets, medicine. Anything. Anything at all.

Be careful. The rain is falling more and more consistently. What good are you if you get hurt? What do you have to show for your efforts?


Sep. 14th, 2017


open 🌸 all day

[The day has finally arrived. Those of you visiting have likely noticed the steady change of color in your mokona pins – and it’s clear to see that only a few hours remain before you’ll be returning to your home.

But don’t worry, Miracle Country is letting you go in style! There’s a party set up on the beach – many tables with a small feast set out, with different types of delicious food and drinks. The sea is sparkling, looking inviting and the perfect temperature for a swim. There are cushions set out along the beach and in the bungalows, inviting everyone to sit out and relax, to chat and spend the remaining hours together.

That good energy still lingers in the air – the remnants of clearing out the shrine. You’ve all done well, and now it’s time to celebrate.

At the same time, it’s undeniable – time is running out and soon your new friends, old friends, and loved ones will be returning home. Don’t forget to say goodbye to them. And don’t worry – it’s alright to be sad. After all, happiness and sadness exist in a balance, and this world is all about balance.

But don’t despair too much. Yes, there’s a bittersweet feeling with partings, but you’ve spent all this time together and you’ve helped all the worlds.

So sit back, relax, and spend the evening with the people you love – who knows when you’ll see them again next?]


[[And with that, our fourth wall event comes to an end! Thank you everyone for playing with us and remember that all info regarding potential apps & good/bad energy can be found HERE. Go here for a list of visitors, too!]]

Sep. 3rd, 2017


open 🌸 afternoon

[The last few days have been trying. With that dark energy permeating from the shrine, at times it must have felt hard to breathe, hard to see anything beyond that negativity. But you did it – you found that balance again, the abundance of good energy pouring into the shrine enough to tip those scales.

Where it was once all gloom and darkness, now the world bursts into sunshine and color. It seems that the world itself is responding to your efforts – joyful that you were successful, happy that you’ve helped. The islands clear out and the forest entrance looks beautiful – full of blooming flowers, the water from the river and the ponds and lakes sparkling and inviting.

You can feel that positive energy all around. Vines and flowers climb and bloom across all the buildings, not engulfing, only accenting. There are hammocks weaving between the trees all around the islands, inviting you to relax. There are flowers everywhere, each tree blooming into a burst of pink flowers. Even the grass beneath your feet feels fluffier, bursting with flowers and an inviting softness – go on and relax, roll around in the grass or nap the day away. The worst seems to have passed.

Even you’re affected by the positive energy, it seems. All day, you feel a little lighter. Whenever you experience a positive feeling towards someone else (things like love, care, amusement, pride, pleased, etc) you’ll feel inclined to touch them – hand-holding, hugging, cuddling, simple touches, anything like that. It's an uncontrollable, magic-fueled urge so you'll find yourself responding even if you wouldn't normally initiate touch.

The intensity of said feelings would determine for how long this lasts, too; if what your character felt wasn't that strong, it should be a lot easier to stop the effect and quit the physical contact. Same if they try to focus, or if they got distracted.

But why would you want to stop it? Today is a beautiful day and you’ve done something good. The world around you is responding and so are you.]


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Aug. 25th, 2017


open 🌸 evening

[The black-outs have been coming and going over the last few days. What at first could easily be dismissed as a simple fluke is quickly becoming a pattern. For those who are sensitive to such things, the fluctuating of power and magic is clear: the black-outs are caused by some sort of imbalance. Can you sense where this power is radiating from? Where are the negative energies in the air concentrating?

The Shrine in the forests for example – a pure, beautiful place – is now flooded with that negativity in its attempt to counterbalance the negative energy. The darkness is shifting ever closer towards it, corrupting it. Covered in shadows and looking more and more sinister by the moment, the forest is slowly transforming into something dark and cruel. The shrine is the epicenter, and if you’re not careful, the entire forest – and possibly the entire island – will be engulfed. There are still stray monsters escaping, taking advantage of the weakened barriers. All around, it’s dangerous. The dragons that stay near the shrine are particularly agitated. They won’t attack – but they’re influenced by the darkness, too, seeming weaker and pained.

What will you do? Will you stand by and do nothing? Or will you help? Anyone with positive konpeito in their jar, upon coming closer to the shrine, will notice that the konpeito is absorbing this bad energy. It seems the shrine, and the world itself, is desperate to return to its balanced state – clinging and grasping at any hope it might be able to find. Of course, one person’s konpeito alone won’t be enough to tip the scales – you’ll need a massive force of good energy. Will you team up to combat this power imbalance? Thankfully, there are still people appearing in this world... You’ll need as many people as you can.]


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Aug. 19th, 2017


open 🌸 all day

[It's been a few days since visitors have started to arrive. It's been a social few days, hasn't it? Perhaps you came here the first day, perhaps a few days later, or perhaps today is the first day you're appearing in Miracle Country and receiving your jar. Aside from the new influx of people, it's been relatively quiet and peaceful - letting you relax, get to know one another, and explore this new world. Have you been doing the good (or bad!) deeds in order to earn that konpeito?

The multiverse, after all, is relying on you. It's a heavy burden.

And housing all of you is a heavy burden for Miracle Country, as well. With so much magic and energy, the world seems to be struggling to sustain itself. The creatures that lurk in the forest are getting restless, and the magic of this world seems to be fluctuating.

It'll be clear that there's a strain once the blackouts start happening. During the day, certain things will cease to function - the trains, the underground lanterns, lights, just to name a few. It's only temporary, sometimes just a flicker of energy, sometimes for longer periods of time.

More unsettling, perhaps, is the magical barriers that hold the creatures back within the forest, mountains, and underground tunnels are starting to waver. Creatures and monsters can sneak past this magical barrier, and creep towards this new population of people. Are you prepared to fight them back, to defend your new friends? Don't fool yourself - they will attack, and some of these fiends are nastier than others. So it's best to stay on your guard.]


[[4TH WALL EVENT CONTINUES!! All info & the place to report good and bad actions HERE. Go here for a list of visitors!]]

Aug. 14th, 2017


open 🌸 all day

[The world has changed. And with these changes, the magic that runs across the whole land is still unstable - it needs help, and here is where you come into play. You have left your own world, and now find yourself in these new islands, a mysterious location under the name of Miracle Country. Peaceful looking enough, quiet and with the cozy atmosphere of an old fashioned, small town, you might find it quite unremarkable aside from the large WELCOME paper signs now hanging from many buildings and even some trees around... if it weren't for the bunnies.

The winged, silent messengers of this place will meet up with every new visitor and hand over a small, empty jar, which has a letter attached to it. The letter contains a short message explaining your visit - you are here to help this world, and your own, with the actions you take during your stay.

On the back of the note, there's another thing written down - you might've noticed the small, black Mokona-shaped brooch now attached to your clothes (or fur, perhaps?). This brooch will slowly change colors, and once it's fully white, you will go back home. That's right - your arrival is a short-lived one, and you're only here for a brief visit. Better make the best out of it.

You might want to look around for other residents for help - you'll find the ones who live here on a more permanent basis, and those who have just arrived just like you. You'll find that plenty will be busy, as the Usyagi have set out several tasks for people to complete, but perhaps you can manage a chat with someone while they take a break, or simply join in and help. You are here to aid the world, afterall.

Initially, the tasks are quite simple; there are tents to put up for those who haven't found a place to stay, or wish for a more private location: the dome houses and cabins are rather limited, but the old school building has been prepared to be used as a makeshift hotel for the time being, with several beds set up on its various classrooms. You might wish to simply grab a tent and get yourself settled in a more secluded spot, or join in with others at the school, or bug someone to allow you to be their roommate for a while.

Later in the day, there will be large tables set by the lake, as well as several grills and even one very large pot, all ready to be used for meals throughout the day. And what to prepare? You can head to Wooltar Island for crops, eggs, milk and others, or hit up the forest to hunt some game, fish by the lake or even go all the way down to the beach for it. Or pester others to get you ingredients, if that's more your style.

Later in the evening, the grills will magically be replaced by small bonfires, so even if you've been off exploring the place, you might want to come back by the lake and relax for a while, enjoy the sight of fireflies fluttering around and start getting ready for the night - if you didn't bother with any of the preparations earlier, you might want to take this opportunity. It's another good chance for collaboration, another chance to earn some good candy for your jar; unless of course you didn't take the message too seriously, or aren't keen on believing strange flying bunnies about anything.

The jar, at least, does work as it was said - you'll notice candy start to add up if you help others and collaborate. You might want to test it further - the bazaar is open during these days, so you can purchase certain things, maybe get a change of clothes, try and obtain a new weapon if yours is lost - should you wander off too deep into the forest or the sea, or even underground, you'll realize you might need it with you. The different shops and facilities across the land also take the strange magical candy in these jars. You could try and do good deeds on purpose to see its effect... or do bad ones, perhaps. The message never said you had to be good, right?]


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Aug. 5th, 2017


open 🌸 all day

[First, all you see is light – blinding and consuming, all around you. For a moment, all you have for company are your thoughts – a fear of where you’ll go, what you’ll forget, who you’ll never see again, all those things you never got the chance to do or say or accomplish.

And then a moment later, that light starts to fade away. You blink a few times, perhaps, and suddenly you can see.

You’re in Miracle Country again. But it is not the Miracle Country you know. It looks similar – but things are changed. There’s a different feeling in the air. Things around you seem different.

When you look up, there’s an Usyagi floating down holding its customary flower. You didn’t think they’d disappear, too, did you? It gives you that same eerie look it always has and delivers you a message for where you’ll be staying from now on, now that the large housing area is gone.

You’re holding a jar in your hands. In it, there are little sugar candies, konpeito of different colors. Attached to that jar is a little note—

The worlds aren’t just one.

You have been brought here for a reason, for a purpose. All our actions, all our thoughts have consequences good and bad, and the things we do and the things we accomplish are not coincidence, but destiny. You have been brought here for a reason.

The worlds are connected and the worlds are crumbling. In order to protect the world you love, and the other worlds you’ve never seen, we need to find a balance in the world again. This will fill up as you influence the world and other people, will feed its energy into this world and all worlds, and provide a way for us to save what’s always been so fragile.

Will you help us?

It’s a lot to take in. The world you knew has changed, and now you have to protect the world you’re missing. As you explore this new Miracle Country, there are things to do, things to see. Where did everyone go? Who’s still here?

As you walk, the Usyagi appear again, with another message – there are preparations that need to be done. Preparations for what? It isn’t clear just yet.

This all confirms for you what you’ve known since coming here – the worlds are not just one. Now, you know the reason why you’re here.]