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Mar. 14th, 2018


open 🌸 morning

[On this White Day morning, Miracle Country residents will find that once again, something unusual is happening— nothing like the strange events that happened recently, but just as noticeable.

By the plaza where the Usyagi fountain is, you can now find a large structure: a sculpture perhaps, something resembling a monument, or a shrine perhaps. You might recognize the very large black Mokona standing to one side of this structure with handfuls and handfuls of black roses by its feet. Mokona seems uncharacteristically sad, though. There is an open space by the Mokona's side, as if something else was meant to be there. It's not tough to figure it out, should you remotely be familiar with these creatures. Mokona is missing the other Mokona! And how can they be reunited?

Well, that's where our residents come in. The Usyagi will gift everyone either a blue or red pendant to help with this task. How does it work? When blue and red pendants come together, they will guide you through the islands, creating a small beam of light to follow, shining brighter the closer they get to its goal: a smaller shrine to match the one at the plaza. The location of this new shrine changes— it might be in the mountains, by the underground tunnels, inside a cabin by the beach, in a barn by the farms, and so on. There is no Mokona here at this new shrine, but rather an inscription on a stone tablet.

"Show me love!", it reads, and once read, you'll encounter some sort of event. Perhaps music will play, so you can dance with the person you brought along. Maybe you'll feel a strong urge to compliment them, to express how much they mean to you. Or want to embrace them right there. Perhaps you'll just want to ramble about someone who's stuck back home. Once some "love" has been expressed, white roses will bloom by the smaller shrine, and matching ones will appear by the larger one back at the plaza!

Gather enough white roses, and a white Mokona statue will show up to be by the black one's side, both looking happy now, and by the roses in the smaller shrines, you'll be able to find luxurious chocolates and candy, teddy bears, and other romantic-themed presents for you to take home.

There's no punishment for leaving them alone or failing the task, but really, who can let a Mokona be sad? So team up and help them reunite!]]


Feb. 26th, 2018


open 🌸 evening

[As people's powers and the world state recover, there's one last thing that lingers - shooting stars, persistent during the day and night for the last couple of days, the final remains of instability until it all clicks into place.

But during the last night, once everybody's recovered (and it's no longer likely to wander outside and have the bridge behind you collapse, ending up stuck in quicksand, under falling chandeliers, or surrounded by walking fish) the shooting stars still fall, creating a beautiful scenario for everybody to enjoy despite the cold outside.

Perhaps some people have been enjoying the renewed normalcy a little too much, however - it'd be difficult to miss out on the grand sale the bakery's been having, with even more over-the-top elaborate and complicated goods to offer to everybody around than usual. And while Miracle Country is happy to offer accomodations for special occasions, the way the park and its surroundings find themselves covered in star-themed decorations and hosting small, private tents with plenty of cushions, blankets, and samples from the bakery for people to enjoy in company seem a little too much of a coincidence...

Well, at least nothing is randomly sprouting feet, nor collapsing in itself. It's already a good thing, isn't it?]


Feb. 13th, 2018


open 🌸 all week

[As the days pass, the chaotic atmosphere remains - the world seems unsure as to where it stands, plants dying and regrowing, rain falling out of place, snow covering the beach now and then, the trains lead to odd places, the lights go on and off... But slowly, surely, people's efforts are working.

Some bridges start to seem more stable - a good chance to cross to other areas and try to help there, especially those who work at locations outside the main island. Night and day start to happen at almost the right hours, although they might overextend or switch around too quickly. The sudden weather changes become less extreme.

And you, who hold skills you've never had, or have lost your own, maybe you're feeling more sure yourself. After days to become used to this change, you might have started to manage better. Even gained a new understanding of abilities you never would have otherwise, maybe a nw understanding of other people as well.

In a few more days, the chaos fades. The world returns to normal. Your jars will glow, a reward you didn't expect adding itself to them. A note appearing out of nowhere, once more.

Good job.]


[[Second power swap log! More info here]]

Jan. 28th, 2018


open 🌸 all week

[Like so many things in this world, it happens quickly— just one moment you are yourself and the next, everything is different. You are someone with magic, and suddenly you are not— those powers you’ve always felt seem to have just disappeared in a flash, leaving only an emptiness behind. Or, you are someone who has never held any sort of power, and now suddenly that’s all you can feel— that strange, overwhelming flood of magic inside you, threatening to overwhelm you.

That isn’t the only thing, though. This sudden upset, this sudden lack of balance— the world is responding, thrown into disarray along with you. While you struggle to maintain the power you now hold, or the absence that spreads inside yourself, the world around you is destabilizing due to this switch in fortune. The konpeito doesn’t seem to be helping— your jars full of too much good, or too much bad, or not enough of either.

Things aren’t staying in one place: trees bloom only for the flowers to die immediately, fruit rotting on the vine. The snow on top of the mountain melts while the beach is hit with snow flurries. The lake seems to drain and the underground tunnels seem to flood, but without any direction from the tides. Night falls in the middle of the day and the stars are never in the right place. Is the moon upside down? Is the sun rising in the north? It’s hard to say— everything is too strange, too unsettling.

And the barriers in the forests, holding back all the monsters? Those are weakening, too, threatening to tear open and unleash unspeakable horrors onto your small collection of residents.

The world is flaking apart right before your eyes— so what are you going to do about it? Perhaps the Usyagi approaching you quietly and leaving you with one simple message will make it clear:

Work together & restore balance.


[[ooc: power-swap event begins! For information and the list of who received what powers, go here.]]

Jan. 8th, 2018


open 🌸 evening

[Another year has gone by, and you're all still stuck in-- wait, no, you're all here to enjoy yourselves and celebrate, that's it. Miracle Country sure seems to be in a festive mood - while mistletoe has mostly disappeared, the winter days are more clear and make it easier to get around. The Usyagi are hard at work, creating ice sculptures here and there - you might spot a snowy Mokona by the Welcome Center, or various youkai-like creations by the forest's entrance, and so on.

By the afternoon, their efforts concentrate by the pavillion at the park, where a typical party setting is being put up. Food, drinks, lanterns hanging around to create a welcoming environment. More ice sculptures decorating, and once you find yourselves there by night (by your own accord, or because you found yourselves there via magic), you'll see you've been given beautiful outfits for the evening, and everything seems to be going well. There's even a piano nearby, for certain snobs who think their own music is the best. So what's the catch, one might be wondering?

Well, there aren't only ice sculptures. All around, in corners and in less decorated spots, there are what might look like slabs of ice at first, but really are large shards of crystal. When you get close to them, they'll show glimpses of memories and thoughts - nothing too elaborate, not this time. It's just little flashes, of things that might've made you upset recently, of things that make you nostalgic, that might've been weighing on your mind. Should you touch these crystals, they'll shatter into snowflakes... a good way to symbolically get rid of those unresolved issues, hopefully. It's the New Year's Eve, afterall. It's a time to renew yourselves and start over.

And if that's not enough, well, there's always the party. Enjoy the drinks, the food, the company, the fireworks at midnight. And happy New Year!]

[[Obviously backdated to the appropriate date.]]


Dec. 3rd, 2017



[It takes some time, but eventually all the positive energy generated by the children is spent. Enough for things to go back to normal, at least. People soon go back to their normal ages (or bodies, depending on what happened to them) and the inflatables and the slides disappear from one moment to another as if nothing happened.

As soon as the last bit of childish playground goes away, it begins to snow. It’s light but constant, so it doesn’t take too long for Miracle Country to be mostly covered in white. Despite that it shouldn’t complicate things too much- it’s far from being one of the bad blizzards from previous years, at least for now. The light gets through the clouds enough to leave room for the park to look as if it’s shinning . But since things can never remain normal for too long, soon there’s a… bit of a change with the trees.

It appears someone, probably the world itself, didn’t want the trees to be cold. Some of them even have scarves on them that anyone can grab if the cold caught them unprepared. Clearly a nice day to stay inside drinking some hot chocolate or outside, enjoying the change in scenery.]

((A little post to celebrate the winter season!))

Nov. 23rd, 2017


action 🌸 open

[Had enough of connecting with your inner child already? Because these days, the energy from the children around is going to be shifting some things around. While there was a playground available by the old school building, it seems to be expanding, sneaking into all sorts of locations.

It won't be difficult to notice this, as one may walk outside to find their dome is now behind a giant inflatable slide. Or see that the pavillion by the park now hosts an evergrowing maze of monkey bars, nevermind the many ballpits and bounce houses across the islands. There are water guns and other similar toys by the fountain at the bazaar, more toys, childish books and coloring kits to be found in the underground common rooms, and even sweets and candy by the cafeteria... Well, you can't entirely blame Miracle Country for this one. Afterall, not only are there temporary children running around, the magic that's making them young is clearly lingering.

Perhaps someone has returned back to normal only to find their best friend or partner is now a kid. Or maybe they were still their usual age and are now joining the ranks of the kids around. Maybe nothing has changed, but you might appreciate the help with entertaining younger people when you're not used to them being around normally. In any case, the more the kids get to be themselves, the more their positive energy will be spent, and the sooner the magic can start to wear out.]


[[The deage event continues!]]

Nov. 15th, 2017


open 🌸 all week

[It’s been a few days since the negative week is over – hopefully you all made it through and were able to get the things you needed. And if not, hey, things are relatively back to normal now – good konpeito enough to buy what you need and pay your rent. The days are steadily getting cooler, well into fall now.

As always, the sakura tree in the center of the park is flowering, with little quests hanging from its branches. Perhaps you’ve noticed it the last few days – the call to keep things safe, to clear away monsters, to protect people. A simple enough task, and perhaps for many easy to dismiss – things seem relatively peaceful right now. But for those who know to expect something from Miracle Country, perhaps you know that something is on the horizon…

And sure enough, over the next days, the magic will weave into place. You’ll turn around and suddenly your best friend is a child – with all those memories of only ever having been that age. All around you, people are getting younger. Or, perhaps, they’re made younger but retain their mental capacities, realizing this is another trick with magic. Or even, perhaps, the magic manipulates – creates a child who believes they have always been there, a child. It happens suddenly and, once must assume, it will end just as suddenly. Eventually.

Regardless, it’s time for some quick thinking for those who remain adults – suddenly, there are younger people to take care of, children or teenagers, or whatever it might be. It’s going to take some adjustment, certainly. Luckily you cleared away all those monsters, right?]


[ooc: The de-age event begins! Go here for questions/details.]

Oct. 28th, 2017


open 🌸 all week

[As October's days go by, people will notice the atmosphere changing to accomodate the soon-to-arrive Halloween. This is nothing out of the ordinary - Miracle Country has dressed up for holidays before, right? Except this year, it's not just the buildings and various locations that are looking a little spookier - although several of them start to get new decorations added up, and one might catch an Usyagi here or there hanging little paper bats from trees and other such things, or notice pumpkins growing on the farmlands, and so on.

No, but this time it's more personal. The tops of the jars everyone carries are looking darkened, as though smoke had been trapped inside. The reason for it will be clear once people try to do anything with them - suddenly the exchanges of colorful konpeito aren't accepted any longer, and instead it's the dark ones that are needed for any transaction. Of course, many people probably carry a few of these, it shouldn't be much of an issue... except the days go by, and they're still required to obtain anything, even to pay the usual rental fees for housing. Since this will go on and on until the first days of November, perhaps it's time to make sure you stock up on a few dark konpeito. And, well, looks like the Usyagi want to collaborate with this, too. There'll be a new quest set out, to scare people in order to earn some dark candy. Seems pretty in tune with Halloween, doesn't it?

Perhaps even under these circumstances, people won't want to do anything bad to others. Maybe they're even the type to start helping out when they see others are struggling with their earnings and usual things. Well, they're free to - but the world will focus its energy in them, to try and persuade them... You might come home to find your dome is now a large pumpkin, for example. Or find your cozy forest cabin full of bats, or get the feeling that some sort of shadow is following you. The resulting distress will only help gather more negative energy, enough to balance out those good heroic types.]


[[Our first negative week! & Halloween shenanigans for all.]]

Oct. 15th, 2017


open 🌸 all day

[It’s been relatively quiet here in Miracle Country since the visitors have gone away. Perhaps a few hiccups here and there, but for the most part, there’s been a surplus of good, positive energy and the world has been peaceful. The comings and goings of people here have lessened, with everyone settling in. It should make for a pleasant October, right?

Or perhaps not. The last few days, there’s been a gathering of negative energy, the jars filling with the good and bad – and that culmination of dark energy has been gathering in the world itself. Now, it’s reached its breaking point.

All around you, bonds are being severed. Not from the cause of an argument or disagreement, but just instantaneous. One moment you remember the most important person in your life, or your dearest friends, or your family, or your love of a pet and the next – it’s as if that bond never existed to you. No memories, no feelings, nothing. With that relationship severed, those memories disappear – and all your growth as a person along with them. You are no longer the same person.

Is there a way to fix this? Of course. You just have to be reminded. Those around you need to help you reforge those bonds by appealing to your memories. It might be the smell of your family’s favorite meal, or the sound of your favorite lullaby, or the stories of you and your friends together. It can be the smallest thing

After all, while the mind may forget, the body will always remember. What is lost is not always lost forever.]


[ooc: details on the event can be found here!]

Oct. 2nd, 2017


open 🌸 all weekend

[Don't you hate it when stores put up decorations way ahead of time? Well, Miracle Country never misses a chance to be hated a little more, so during the weekend you've probably noticed the bazaar has been more lively than ever. Booths with a variety of decorations for halloween have popped up, others carrying thematic candy, and more importantly, there are costumes. Silly accesories or full outfits for people to wear once the end of the month arrives...

Or before that, as the Usyagi seem very determined to make people try these out at the very least. So even if you're not inclined to take the chance and purchase one, you might end up with a new look. Not only that, as these aren't simply costumes. Those fluffy wolf ears might have you howling out loud for a little while. A fairy costume might give you temporary powers to wave your wand at things and make them float a few inches. Someone with a vampire cape might feel like biting other people, and so on. It's simply a matter of luck, then, whether these are fun, silly experiences, or terrifying ones.

Well, at least that way you'll know which outfit not to get.]


Sep. 23rd, 2017



[The visitors have come and gone, whether there were goodbyes said or not. The absence is noted, Miracle Country seems a lot quieter than usual. The world is back to a moment of calmness it hasn’t had since the sudden change. And, speaking of changes, it’s clear there’s another one coming up.

Slowly but surely the weather begins to get a little chillier. The leaves begin to change colors, signaling the start of Fall. There’s always many things to do with the change of seasons. Maybe it’s time to start getting ready for the colder winter weather that’s approaching, go back to the crops and animals that might've been neglected during the hectic past weeks…

If you don't feel particularly generous, there's always the quests that the Usyagi will set out now that the visitors have left, so you can quickly add some positive konpeito to your jars, if you emptied yours during the earlier events. Although if you accept the quest to return the lost animals to the mountains, there's the worsening weather to take into consideration, since the area will be less welcoming than it was during the summer.

But of course, taking the time to enjoy the calm and the shift in scenery is not bad, either. After all, there’s no telling when something else, something new, is going to happen.]

Sep. 3rd, 2017


open 🌸 afternoon

[The last few days have been trying. With that dark energy permeating from the shrine, at times it must have felt hard to breathe, hard to see anything beyond that negativity. But you did it – you found that balance again, the abundance of good energy pouring into the shrine enough to tip those scales.

Where it was once all gloom and darkness, now the world bursts into sunshine and color. It seems that the world itself is responding to your efforts – joyful that you were successful, happy that you’ve helped. The islands clear out and the forest entrance looks beautiful – full of blooming flowers, the water from the river and the ponds and lakes sparkling and inviting.

You can feel that positive energy all around. Vines and flowers climb and bloom across all the buildings, not engulfing, only accenting. There are hammocks weaving between the trees all around the islands, inviting you to relax. There are flowers everywhere, each tree blooming into a burst of pink flowers. Even the grass beneath your feet feels fluffier, bursting with flowers and an inviting softness – go on and relax, roll around in the grass or nap the day away. The worst seems to have passed.

Even you’re affected by the positive energy, it seems. All day, you feel a little lighter. Whenever you experience a positive feeling towards someone else (things like love, care, amusement, pride, pleased, etc) you’ll feel inclined to touch them – hand-holding, hugging, cuddling, simple touches, anything like that. It's an uncontrollable, magic-fueled urge so you'll find yourself responding even if you wouldn't normally initiate touch.

The intensity of said feelings would determine for how long this lasts, too; if what your character felt wasn't that strong, it should be a lot easier to stop the effect and quit the physical contact. Same if they try to focus, or if they got distracted.

But why would you want to stop it? Today is a beautiful day and you’ve done something good. The world around you is responding and so are you.]


[[4TH WALL EVENT CONTINUES!! All info & the place to report good and bad actions HERE. Go here for a list of visitors!]]

Aug. 19th, 2017


open 🌸 all day

[It's been a few days since visitors have started to arrive. It's been a social few days, hasn't it? Perhaps you came here the first day, perhaps a few days later, or perhaps today is the first day you're appearing in Miracle Country and receiving your jar. Aside from the new influx of people, it's been relatively quiet and peaceful - letting you relax, get to know one another, and explore this new world. Have you been doing the good (or bad!) deeds in order to earn that konpeito?

The multiverse, after all, is relying on you. It's a heavy burden.

And housing all of you is a heavy burden for Miracle Country, as well. With so much magic and energy, the world seems to be struggling to sustain itself. The creatures that lurk in the forest are getting restless, and the magic of this world seems to be fluctuating.

It'll be clear that there's a strain once the blackouts start happening. During the day, certain things will cease to function - the trains, the underground lanterns, lights, just to name a few. It's only temporary, sometimes just a flicker of energy, sometimes for longer periods of time.

More unsettling, perhaps, is the magical barriers that hold the creatures back within the forest, mountains, and underground tunnels are starting to waver. Creatures and monsters can sneak past this magical barrier, and creep towards this new population of people. Are you prepared to fight them back, to defend your new friends? Don't fool yourself - they will attack, and some of these fiends are nastier than others. So it's best to stay on your guard.]


[[4TH WALL EVENT CONTINUES!! All info & the place to report good and bad actions HERE. Go here for a list of visitors!]]

Aug. 14th, 2017


open 🌸 all day

[The world has changed. And with these changes, the magic that runs across the whole land is still unstable - it needs help, and here is where you come into play. You have left your own world, and now find yourself in these new islands, a mysterious location under the name of Miracle Country. Peaceful looking enough, quiet and with the cozy atmosphere of an old fashioned, small town, you might find it quite unremarkable aside from the large WELCOME paper signs now hanging from many buildings and even some trees around... if it weren't for the bunnies.

The winged, silent messengers of this place will meet up with every new visitor and hand over a small, empty jar, which has a letter attached to it. The letter contains a short message explaining your visit - you are here to help this world, and your own, with the actions you take during your stay.

On the back of the note, there's another thing written down - you might've noticed the small, black Mokona-shaped brooch now attached to your clothes (or fur, perhaps?). This brooch will slowly change colors, and once it's fully white, you will go back home. That's right - your arrival is a short-lived one, and you're only here for a brief visit. Better make the best out of it.

You might want to look around for other residents for help - you'll find the ones who live here on a more permanent basis, and those who have just arrived just like you. You'll find that plenty will be busy, as the Usyagi have set out several tasks for people to complete, but perhaps you can manage a chat with someone while they take a break, or simply join in and help. You are here to aid the world, afterall.

Initially, the tasks are quite simple; there are tents to put up for those who haven't found a place to stay, or wish for a more private location: the dome houses and cabins are rather limited, but the old school building has been prepared to be used as a makeshift hotel for the time being, with several beds set up on its various classrooms. You might wish to simply grab a tent and get yourself settled in a more secluded spot, or join in with others at the school, or bug someone to allow you to be their roommate for a while.

Later in the day, there will be large tables set by the lake, as well as several grills and even one very large pot, all ready to be used for meals throughout the day. And what to prepare? You can head to Wooltar Island for crops, eggs, milk and others, or hit up the forest to hunt some game, fish by the lake or even go all the way down to the beach for it. Or pester others to get you ingredients, if that's more your style.

Later in the evening, the grills will magically be replaced by small bonfires, so even if you've been off exploring the place, you might want to come back by the lake and relax for a while, enjoy the sight of fireflies fluttering around and start getting ready for the night - if you didn't bother with any of the preparations earlier, you might want to take this opportunity. It's another good chance for collaboration, another chance to earn some good candy for your jar; unless of course you didn't take the message too seriously, or aren't keen on believing strange flying bunnies about anything.

The jar, at least, does work as it was said - you'll notice candy start to add up if you help others and collaborate. You might want to test it further - the bazaar is open during these days, so you can purchase certain things, maybe get a change of clothes, try and obtain a new weapon if yours is lost - should you wander off too deep into the forest or the sea, or even underground, you'll realize you might need it with you. The different shops and facilities across the land also take the strange magical candy in these jars. You could try and do good deeds on purpose to see its effect... or do bad ones, perhaps. The message never said you had to be good, right?]


[[OUR 4TH WALL EVENT BEGINS!! All info & the place to report good and bad actions HERE. Go here for a list of visitors!]]

Aug. 5th, 2017


open 🌸 all day

[First, all you see is light – blinding and consuming, all around you. For a moment, all you have for company are your thoughts – a fear of where you’ll go, what you’ll forget, who you’ll never see again, all those things you never got the chance to do or say or accomplish.

And then a moment later, that light starts to fade away. You blink a few times, perhaps, and suddenly you can see.

You’re in Miracle Country again. But it is not the Miracle Country you know. It looks similar – but things are changed. There’s a different feeling in the air. Things around you seem different.

When you look up, there’s an Usyagi floating down holding its customary flower. You didn’t think they’d disappear, too, did you? It gives you that same eerie look it always has and delivers you a message for where you’ll be staying from now on, now that the large housing area is gone.

You’re holding a jar in your hands. In it, there are little sugar candies, konpeito of different colors. Attached to that jar is a little note—

The worlds aren’t just one.

You have been brought here for a reason, for a purpose. All our actions, all our thoughts have consequences good and bad, and the things we do and the things we accomplish are not coincidence, but destiny. You have been brought here for a reason.

The worlds are connected and the worlds are crumbling. In order to protect the world you love, and the other worlds you’ve never seen, we need to find a balance in the world again. This will fill up as you influence the world and other people, will feed its energy into this world and all worlds, and provide a way for us to save what’s always been so fragile.

Will you help us?

It’s a lot to take in. The world you knew has changed, and now you have to protect the world you’re missing. As you explore this new Miracle Country, there are things to do, things to see. Where did everyone go? Who’s still here?

As you walk, the Usyagi appear again, with another message – there are preparations that need to be done. Preparations for what? It isn’t clear just yet.

This all confirms for you what you’ve known since coming here – the worlds are not just one. Now, you know the reason why you’re here.]