Apr. 7th, 2019


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It’s been a few days since the quiet atmosphere of Miracle Country was left shattered. First, there was the rain of mysterious sand, slowly mounting into a storm. The longer that storm bellowed, the more the ground seemed to rumble. And the more the ground rumbled, the more dangerous everything became.

Soon, it was clear it was an earthquake, shaking the island to the ground in the midst of a sandstorm. The underground areas are no longer safe and, finally, at the peak of its seismic waves, the earthquake levels everything— housing, trees, buildings, everything all around.

You must face the inevitable: the earthquake happened. Now, it’s a matter of how to survive.

Enough days have passed now, the storm sweeping away into the distant horizon, and Miracle Country looks to be only a desert full of ruins. The sakura tree, at least, still stands strong, but nothing much more.

And then the acid rain starts falling. Burning on contact, it’s impossible to stay out in the open for long without burns spreading over your entire body. But there’s so little shelter available.

It might be foolish to venture out... but there might be new people arriving. Surely you won't leave them out there all by themselves.

What will you do?

The Ocean
It might be a simple enough assumption— it’s a desert now, so go to the ocean in order to find food. It’ll be a disappointment, then, to reach the shoreline only to discover that the ocean, too, is acidic, poisoned enough that even trying to touch the water can cause unspeakable pain.

What’s worse, once you’re close enough, you might not realize that the monsters loom out of the water, poisoned by their own environment and frenzied. Perhaps you might be able to fell one of the monsters and use its meat for food and supplies. Or, perhaps, it’ll just be another poisoned thing among the wasteland.

The Forests
It’s true that the forests have seen better days. So many of the trees have been ripped away by the storm and earthquake, and debris scatters everywhere, making it difficult terrain to hunt. However, there are enough trees to offer rudimentary shelter from the acid rain.

The downside, of course, is that there are also animals and monsters here. Animals to hunt, certainly. But also monsters that are hunting you. And they’re so hungry.

The Shrine
Deep in the forests, if you’re lucky enough to find it now with all the devastation and ruin, there was once a shrine, the old bones of an ancient dragon, and the little dragons that live there, guarding a place of peace and calm.

If you actually manage to find your way here, you’ll find that, miraculously, there’s some clean water. Where does it come from? Trying to find a source proves impossible, but perhaps you can figure out a way to carry some of this water back to everyone else.

The Underground
The earthquake has left the area utterly devastated. It isn’t safe to be down in the tunnels, but perhaps desperation drives you here. Where else are you going to find shelter, after all?

This is where the injured have gathered. There’s little first aid to be found, houses swept away with the storm and, with it, most basic supplies. But perhaps those with healing abilities make time to be here, and perhaps the injured are doing their best to grin and bear it.

The Desert
Perhaps you’re foolish enough to brave the open expanse of the desert. Perhaps you’re hoping that there can be something gained from the ruins, some sort of supplies— food, blankets, medicine. Anything. Anything at all.

Be careful. The rain is falling more and more consistently. What good are you if you get hurt? What do you have to show for your efforts?