Dec. 14th, 2018


open 🌸 early evening, everywhere

[With temperatures slowly dropping and days turning into night at earlier and earlier hours, it's probably not a surprise when more signs of winter start to manifest in the coming days, not quite fully there but close. Traces of ice that aren't quite snow, chilly winds, and overcast days. Definitely a shift from the sunny opportunities of magical dates and the like.

With all that, of course, there's the need for those warmer clothes to keep the cold at bay, and likewise an increase chance of finding them among the shops and bazaar. Thicker, warmer coats to put on, mittens and hats, supplies to help with the ice, or maybe you're just looking to restock on hot-cocoa for home. Today certainly seems like one of those days for it.

It's not so bad that braving the outside is out of the question, either, of course - if you like this sort of weather, it might even make for a nice walk, with the right attire and maybe a hand to hold to keep warm. For those that might prefer staying in, huddling up instead... it's a perfect excuse too.]

[ooc: general open log + replaying the de-age event with Keith in the comments. Find him below or feel free to use this log for other shenanigans. ♥]

Nov. 23rd, 2017


action 🌸 open

[Had enough of connecting with your inner child already? Because these days, the energy from the children around is going to be shifting some things around. While there was a playground available by the old school building, it seems to be expanding, sneaking into all sorts of locations.

It won't be difficult to notice this, as one may walk outside to find their dome is now behind a giant inflatable slide. Or see that the pavillion by the park now hosts an evergrowing maze of monkey bars, nevermind the many ballpits and bounce houses across the islands. There are water guns and other similar toys by the fountain at the bazaar, more toys, childish books and coloring kits to be found in the underground common rooms, and even sweets and candy by the cafeteria... Well, you can't entirely blame Miracle Country for this one. Afterall, not only are there temporary children running around, the magic that's making them young is clearly lingering.

Perhaps someone has returned back to normal only to find their best friend or partner is now a kid. Or maybe they were still their usual age and are now joining the ranks of the kids around. Maybe nothing has changed, but you might appreciate the help with entertaining younger people when you're not used to them being around normally. In any case, the more the kids get to be themselves, the more their positive energy will be spent, and the sooner the magic can start to wear out.]


[[The deage event continues!]]

Nov. 15th, 2017


open 🌸 all week

[It’s been a few days since the negative week is over – hopefully you all made it through and were able to get the things you needed. And if not, hey, things are relatively back to normal now – good konpeito enough to buy what you need and pay your rent. The days are steadily getting cooler, well into fall now.

As always, the sakura tree in the center of the park is flowering, with little quests hanging from its branches. Perhaps you’ve noticed it the last few days – the call to keep things safe, to clear away monsters, to protect people. A simple enough task, and perhaps for many easy to dismiss – things seem relatively peaceful right now. But for those who know to expect something from Miracle Country, perhaps you know that something is on the horizon…

And sure enough, over the next days, the magic will weave into place. You’ll turn around and suddenly your best friend is a child – with all those memories of only ever having been that age. All around you, people are getting younger. Or, perhaps, they’re made younger but retain their mental capacities, realizing this is another trick with magic. Or even, perhaps, the magic manipulates – creates a child who believes they have always been there, a child. It happens suddenly and, once must assume, it will end just as suddenly. Eventually.

Regardless, it’s time for some quick thinking for those who remain adults – suddenly, there are younger people to take care of, children or teenagers, or whatever it might be. It’s going to take some adjustment, certainly. Luckily you cleared away all those monsters, right?]


[ooc: The de-age event begins! Go here for questions/details.]