Jan. 19th, 2019


all day 🌸 everywhere

[It's been a calm beginning of the new year, perhaps too calm, for those accustomed to the world's shenanigans. Today it might seem like Miracle Country's up to its usual ridiculousness, since the snow has piled up and up overnight and created many odd snow sculptures along the way.

Snow Mokona here and there, a snow nine-tailed fox, a snow winged lion, even a snow banana are a few of the odd shapes that can be found all over the place during the day. A few snow forts and an abundance of premade snowballs seem to call for a dumb fight on this weekend, and you might be tempted to go out and be silly for a while...

Until you notice the mistletoe, that is. Showing up fashionably late, our usual festive friends are to be found at all sorts of odd places throughout the islands, trapping people under them until they kiss, or hug, or punch each other, or maybe sing a song? These mistletoe seem to be particularly nitpicky and will come up with creative ways to challenge its prisoners.

Ah, well. At least you can always kick down one of the snow Usyagi after an unpleasant encounter, if you feel like it!]


Dec. 19th, 2017


open 🌸 all week

[It’s officially winter time – the days are longer, the nights are cold, and there are winter directions all around Miracle Country. There’s a light dusting of snow all over the islands, often the afternoons marked with little snow flurries.

And it seems that the world is getting into the spirit, too. Yes, with the winter directions – lights, snowflakes, ribbons – there is also something perhaps a little more mischievous.

All throughout the islands, there is magical mistletoe appearing. It will come at random and anyone unfortunate enough to pass under them will find themselves captured there. They won’t be able to get free until someone comes along to rescue them.

And how can you rescue your friends from being captured? It depends. Once two people are caught under the mistletoe together, they’ll be prompted through magic what it is they need to do. It can be anything, from romance to violence.

The mistletoe are indestructible and they won’t disappear until the task is completed. So you stubborn people out there, be prepared for a long, long wait. Especially since the mistletoe is content to stay around – and it will be randomly popping up for the next week or so, so better be cautious!]