Oct. 24th, 2018


open 🌸 daytime at the park

[The return to 'normal' in the days following the fog is, as always when something happens, kind of jarring as expected. Just a fact that can't quite be helped. The weather today is crisp, a some of the usual chill in the air, but not unpleasant with the sun back out in an ironic contrast of atmosphere, a break in the steady shift into the much colder later weeks of Fall. What else is there to do but to settle into it?

At least that's the idea today -- with several pumpkins of varying shapes and sizes taking up a wide open area and a simple task at hand. Carving! Two nerds in particular in the middle of it all together, who may have gone a little overachieving on the number of pumpkins they ended up taking on from the Usyagi. Whatever, it’s for decorations, or so the quest note claims. Keith figures it's fine if others end up joining in anyway and doesn't seem too worried about it. Shiro doesn’t seem too worried, either… that is, when he’s paying attention to things around him and not the pumpkin he’s trying to carve.

There are some pumpkins pre-hollowed out already, for those who are squeamish about all the pulp. Lots of different types of pumpkins, there’s no way these two will get through them all, probably. So why not help out and also get some konpeito for your troubles?]

[ooc: Tiny pumpkin log! Backdated slightly to yesterday for Keith's birthday, see the comments for individual threads with them and open for all else :>]

Oct. 17th, 2018


open 🌸 all day

[When the night sweeps in, it seems a simple enough evening. Another evening just like any other. The moon hangs heavy in the sky and there’s perhaps, if anything, an unnatural stillness in the air. Perhaps it’s easy to dismiss that as the eeriness that permeates this island, that unsettling whisper that always prickles at the back of the neck, that one little thread that keeps you from fully relaxing.

Still, it isn’t necessarily a cause for alarm when night falls. It isn’t necessarily a cause for alarm when the fog rolls in, banking down all around. But it stays. It lingers. It grows thick and oppressive, almost suffocating in its unrelenting presence. It seems to follow you. It seems to close in around you. There could be a person walking right beside you and you’d never know—

And perhaps that’s the thing that’s most unsettling. Out of the corner of your eye, occasionally, there is the flicker of movement. As if someone is walking beside you, chasing you, reaching for you, trying to speak and unable. That distinctive, unnerving feeling that you are not alone.

You see a face, turn and— nothing. A trick of your mind, lost out in the fog? Or something else?

But that’s what it is. Eventually, they materialize fully: ghosts. Incorporeal faces of those you once knew, long gone from you now. They almost seem exactly as you remember them, except that your hand passes right through when you reach out. They cannot speak to you, no matter how hard they might try. They shift and flicker and disappear with the fog, as if fully entwined with it, unable to break free.

You’re surrounded by them. The question remains: do they mean you harm or are they longing for you as you do for them?]


[ooc: Ghosts of the past event begins; go here for details/questions.]

Oct. 5th, 2018


open 🌸 all day

[Autumn keeps making its way in, and so do the colder temperatures. Skipping obligations and routines to instead spend the day inside is getting more and more tempting, and this weekend it'll be even more so. Why? Because two nerds got together and set up their earnings from the recent baking contest and have set up a movie night. Or a couple of movie days, more like.

In each of the two lounging areas near the cafeteria, down in the tunnels, there’re TVs and a varied collection of movies all set out for people to choose from. Each room has been designated for a theme, so certain sacred child residents don't have to be worrying about spooky films, and the rest can enjoy those if they want. That's about as considerate as they're getting, because if you don't really feel like sitting through a movie marathon, well, enjoy the very loud noises coming from underground, and half the residents missing, probably. The wonders of everything being connected!

Of course, there's also plenty of snacks and drinks because what is a movie day without tons of junk food? Granted, there isn't as much regular junk food as they would've liked, but they made a grand effort - maybe even recruited you for help in providing enough food, if you work at the bakery or café. There's even leftovers from the aforementioned baking contests, although thankfully nothing that shouldn't be looks green.]