Mar. 1st, 2019


open 🌸 woltar island

[Around the smaller section of the gardens and the area that changes regularly, there's a collection of rippling plants and flowers that might catch the attention of anyone looking around for something unfamiliar. The colors are light, faintly changing with the slightest breeze but not seeming bothered by whatever lingers of winter here at the tail-end of another cold few weeks. The plants go from white to various pastels, and it overall gives the gardens a look that's probably something between fantasy and alien, some large and small but pleasing to look at.

Not exactly planned for but, all things considered, it feels right. Well - there's a peaceful feeling that goes along with spending time in this area today, maybe it's the light easy scent, or being close to the plants or just a general feeling of a calm day without the unexpected nonsense but...

Regardless, it's a nice atmosphere so why not enjoy it, right? Perhaps the feeling makes it all the easier to have a relaxing time in the gardens today at the very least.]

[Tiny backdated (?) log for Shiro's bday, Keith is around, but feel free to use at your leisure.]

Feb. 17th, 2019


all day 🌸 everywhere

[It's pretty clear once Valentine's Day arrives, as Miracle Country embraces the pinks even more than the usual. Silly heart-shaped decorations over any of the buildings, even framing doors and windows outside the different houses, all sorts of flowers everywhere despite the cold, an increase in the sappiness of the chocolates available by the candy shop...

But more importantly, the Usyagi are joining the celebration. Armed with tiny little pink bows, they're being particularly sneaky today, hiding behind trees and buildings, their tiny beady eyes even more suspicious than usual. Of course, they can't get a good shot if everyone's aware of their presence! And shoo they will - special magic arrows that will help people get in the Valentine's Day mood.

Maybe you'll start to blush and fumble over words shyly while talking to a friend (isn't it easier to realize the warm feeling in your chest this way?), maybe you're more confident and start openly flirting (it's about time, right?), or feel like making a dramatic love declaration out of nowhere (the flashier the better!). Maybe you're feeling oddly jealous in ways you never did before, or feel nervous because that person's not spending time with you and feel like fixing it (set up a special date for the two of you!). Maybe you suddenly trip and end up falling right into that special someone's arms!

Or... maybe it wasn't the special someone, and it's just your friend you don't have romantic feelings for? Maybe you were just trying to buy some food? Well, what's more romantic than a little spontaneity? Who knows what you've been missing out on? Alright, maybe the Usyagi aren't being too careful when choosing when to shoot. You can't blame them for trying to help with the mood a little, and the effects of their special arrows aren't permanent anyway. No harm done, right?]