October 24th, 2018

[info]finds in [info]miraclecountry

open 🌸 daytime at the park

[The return to 'normal' in the days following the fog is, as always when something happens, kind of jarring as expected. Just a fact that can't quite be helped. The weather today is crisp, a some of the usual chill in the air, but not unpleasant with the sun back out in an ironic contrast of atmosphere, a break in the steady shift into the much colder later weeks of Fall. What else is there to do but to settle into it?

At least that's the idea today -- with several pumpkins of varying shapes and sizes taking up a wide open area and a simple task at hand. Carving! Two nerds in particular in the middle of it all together, who may have gone a little overachieving on the number of pumpkins they ended up taking on from the Usyagi. Whatever, it’s for decorations, or so the quest note claims. Keith figures it's fine if others end up joining in anyway and doesn't seem too worried about it. Shiro doesn’t seem too worried, either… that is, when he’s paying attention to things around him and not the pumpkin he’s trying to carve.

There are some pumpkins pre-hollowed out already, for those who are squeamish about all the pulp. Lots of different types of pumpkins, there’s no way these two will get through them all, probably. So why not help out and also get some konpeito for your troubles?]

[ooc: Tiny pumpkin log! Backdated slightly to yesterday for Keith's birthday, see the comments for individual threads with them and open for all else :>]