November 15th, 2017

[info]miraclemods in [info]miraclecountry

open 🌸 all week

[It’s been a few days since the negative week is over – hopefully you all made it through and were able to get the things you needed. And if not, hey, things are relatively back to normal now – good konpeito enough to buy what you need and pay your rent. The days are steadily getting cooler, well into fall now.

As always, the sakura tree in the center of the park is flowering, with little quests hanging from its branches. Perhaps you’ve noticed it the last few days – the call to keep things safe, to clear away monsters, to protect people. A simple enough task, and perhaps for many easy to dismiss – things seem relatively peaceful right now. But for those who know to expect something from Miracle Country, perhaps you know that something is on the horizon…

And sure enough, over the next days, the magic will weave into place. You’ll turn around and suddenly your best friend is a child – with all those memories of only ever having been that age. All around you, people are getting younger. Or, perhaps, they’re made younger but retain their mental capacities, realizing this is another trick with magic. Or even, perhaps, the magic manipulates – creates a child who believes they have always been there, a child. It happens suddenly and, once must assume, it will end just as suddenly. Eventually.

Regardless, it’s time for some quick thinking for those who remain adults – suddenly, there are younger people to take care of, children or teenagers, or whatever it might be. It’s going to take some adjustment, certainly. Luckily you cleared away all those monsters, right?]


[ooc: The de-age event begins! Go here for questions/details.]