October 2nd, 2017

[info]miraclemods in [info]miraclecountry

open 🌸 all weekend

[Don't you hate it when stores put up decorations way ahead of time? Well, Miracle Country never misses a chance to be hated a little more, so during the weekend you've probably noticed the bazaar has been more lively than ever. Booths with a variety of decorations for halloween have popped up, others carrying thematic candy, and more importantly, there are costumes. Silly accesories or full outfits for people to wear once the end of the month arrives...

Or before that, as the Usyagi seem very determined to make people try these out at the very least. So even if you're not inclined to take the chance and purchase one, you might end up with a new look. Not only that, as these aren't simply costumes. Those fluffy wolf ears might have you howling out loud for a little while. A fairy costume might give you temporary powers to wave your wand at things and make them float a few inches. Someone with a vampire cape might feel like biting other people, and so on. It's simply a matter of luck, then, whether these are fun, silly experiences, or terrifying ones.

Well, at least that way you'll know which outfit not to get.]