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January 9th, 2015

Snupin Santa: Masterlist, Icons, final thoughts

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And now we come to the end of Snupin Santa at the end of Severus' birthday. Feel free to continue celebrating Severus for the rest of the month and we'll find our new community normal for challenges next month.

As always, there are icons for all of you to use now and in the future. There are both Snape/Lupin icons and Snape/Lupin holiday icons as well as the full-sized art donated by Shadowycat. I'd like to think that "Snupin Santa" is a term that could be used every holiday season, even if the exchange/fest is officially at rest.

Next comes copious thank-yous! My extreme adoration and appreciation go out to the following:
Shadowycat for the icon art, reminder posts, beta support, and moral support throughout Snupin Santa.
Starduchess for formatting, the master list below, and moral support, too!
McKay for starting Snupin Santa and allowing us to continue it when she stepped away.
All the creators who came out this year!
All the readers who left comments on works, especially (shout-outs!) Alisanne and Shaded_paradox, who commented on almost every piece.
Everyone who had something to do with any Snupin Santa, ever. 10 years is amazing for any community celebration, and you all leave behind a stunningly terrific legacy.
If you feel I've forgotten you in these thanks, obviously, I have, and you should poke me, because I will be properly horrified and will make sure to shout you out in a future post. But mostly, poke so you can enjoy my distraught flailing.

I thought I'd have more to say, but after 10 years, I feel nothing but proud of what this community's members have accomplished. Next year, if someone wants to run a holiday event on the community, just let me know, and maybe we can even brainstorm archival support in some form. Until then, Lupin_Snape remains at your service for any and all Remus Lupin and Severus Snape needs.

Snupin Santa 2014 Masterlist )

If you find any broken links, let me know in reply here ASAP.
Big Love to all of you. And now one last....

Ho Ho Ho
Snupin Santa

December 18th, 2013

Multimedia: Snupin Icons, by p_for_polkdots

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Title: Snupin Icons

From: p_for_polkdots

Summary: Snupin icons and banners with non-movie images.

Rated: Gingersnaps (PG13)

Prompt: DDO#82 - Icon set - Other images, ideas, quotes, that make you think of Snape/Lupin

Note from Snupin Santa
Santa hopes you will all use some of these great new icons from Polka in making comments on the remaining fest pieces. It looks like we might just get past Christmas and into the last week of the month! Please reward the hard-working creative elves who are helping to make your season bright by commenting and even reccing your favourite pieces.

Remember, you can comment on the Snupin Santa site, or you can leave a comment on these announcement posts. Anonymous comments are welcome on the announcement posts as well.

Creative elves, remember to use the thumbtack symbol to track comments on these announcement posts. It's toward the top of the page with the other comment symbols.

Snupin Santa

December 12th, 2012

Art: A Stocking Full of Snupin, for Smallbrownfrog

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A Stocking Full of Snupin, for Smallbrownfrog

From: Myene01

Summary: Thirteen to Twenty-nine icons, depending on how you count.

Rated: Gingerbread & Cocoa (PG)

Characters: Chocolate, wolfs, and small brown frogs

Warning: Small Brown Frog voyeurism

Notes: Art from shadowycat, karasu_hime, aleoninc, general domain, unknown artists, and bit of original photomanip.

I had a great time making these icons! I used the following prompts:
1) icons that don't use the movie actors. They could be drawn/painted. Or they could use photo images connected to the pair (for example a vial of potion, a dungeon wall, a wolf, worn or patched cloth, a moon). Or they could be pure text. It would be nice if at least two icons showed SS and RL separately. If they are drawn I prefer an ugly or almost ugly canon Snape.
7) Art: a comic showing how a small brown frog somehow hops through both their lives (cute or silly is fine for this, so is serious). Please don't kill the frog! (A million possibilities: frog as unnoticed spectator, frog as Teddy's familiar that gets into Snape's luggage, frog that SS wants for a potion, frog that sings outdoors at night & wakes up our two so they separately get out of bed in their pjs to hunt it down and meet....etc...etc).

I've been working on your number 6 prompt, but by the deadline I didn't feel it was up to snuff. Hopefully I'll get it done after the holidays!

This art is intended for the recipient only; please do not take or use it for icons, wallpaper, or any other form of graphics.

December 5th, 2012

Art: Snupin Icons and Wallpaper, for Myene01

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Snupin Icons and Wallpaper, for Myene01

From: Dani_meows

Summary: 20 Icons and a wallpaper, some based on Myene01's fic, Baby, Maybe?

Rated: Gingerbread & Cocoa (PG)

Warning: Mpreg

This art is intended for the recipient only; please do not take or use it for icons, wallpaper, or any other form of graphics.

April 8th, 2011


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Hi there, I made a few icons for livejournal/insanejournal.

As I still can't draw, I used online avatar makers, Gimp and Unfreez (for the animated icons). I hope you'll enjoy the icons.

If you want to use them please make sure you credit the website. I don't care if you credit me for the icons or not, a comment would be great, though.

[1] = MeMaker
[2] = eLouai (
[3] = Madame Malkins Candymaker (
[4] = Lunaii Dollmaker (

51 Icons for you )I'll probably post more icons in the next months.

March 26th, 2011


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I made a few icons. I can't draw (even my stick figures look weird), so I used some photos and quite a few online avatar makers. (I had way too much fun using those.) I hope you'll enjoy the icons.

There are folder icons for Windows and for Mac, just choose which icons you want and follow the download link.
Icons )
For those of you who would like to have one or the other avatar as lj/ij-icons, don't worry I made some for next month's entry.

December 19th, 2010

Christmas Snupin Icons

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Odd, I was almost certain I cross-posted these from Live Journal last December. But I can't find the post. So I'll post these now :)

[info]_lore put out a call for some Snupin Holiday Icons back in 2009. So here is one image but with multiple variations. They are from a wonderful cozy piece by [info]aleoninc and colored beautifully by [info]isildurs_babe. I hope you two like the way the icons turned out ^_^

Please be sure to absolutely positively credit [info]aleoninc for the art and [info]isildurs_babe for the coloring. Please credit [info]whitestar for the icon.

Please don't alter any of these icons thanks! Now on to Snupin ^_^

Have yourself a Merry Little Snupin Christmas )

December 1st, 2010

Art: Challenge: lupin_snape anniversary MONTH 2

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Part two of the year-long icon project is posted.

Mildly NWS? There is a hint of werewolf nudity. =/

November 28th, 2010

Begging for a Wintery Snupin Icon

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Hello, all you [info]lupin_snape artists. Are there any wintery icons? I don't I've ever seen any that weren't gifts to specific folks.

Pointers would be appreciated. Thank you!

Edit: [info]whitestar kindly steered me to this post and icons made from [info]karasu_hime's art.

September 12th, 2010

Mod Post: Icon volunteering project, Calendar art, Fantasy Fest news, BLU2 news

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For Fantasy Fest 2010 news, see below.

We have no challenge this month, but we do have a volunteer activity:

If you would like a Snape/Lupin icon or banner or other graphic element, and you have some details in mind (words, images, etc.), leave a reply here with details and/or links. People who know how to make icons/digital art are welcome to keep an eye on this post and fulfill the requests.

I'll try to post reminders, but I am one harried mod this month. If anyone wants to start discussions or put up some candid captions or something else, please feel free!


September Calendar art by [info]pennswoods

Thumbnail for September 2010 calendar art by Pennswoods - Snape and Lupin sitting at set table in great hall
1050 wide
768 wide

If you would like to leave [info]pennswoods comments on her wonderful art, please reply to this post or visit her journal!


[info]whitestar/[info]whitestar_alpha (IJ/LJ) made this year's Fantasy Fest participants banners and icons. She is a lovely, enthusiastic participant here and I hope you'll not only use her gifts, but let he know what you think of them as well. You can respond here if you like or visit Whitestar's journals.

I'm putting these up and trusting you all to be on the honor system when choosing to use these. If you haven't posted your piece at all yet, please wait to take a banner or icon. If you've at least put up a chapter and intend to finish, go ahead.

The Masterlist for Fantasy Fest will not go up until October sometime, so if you're still working on yours, you're in the grey zone. Fantasy Fest is officially over for this year, which means participants are now welcome to repost their work or archive it (like at Moonshadow).


Some links from around the journals - remember, you can always share a Snape/Lupin link with the community, whether it's your work or not.
Ficlet by Celendineb
Drabble by Celendineb
Beanstalk NSFW art by Didodikali
Thin Excuses 1850 NC17 words by R_Grayjoy
On the Desk NSFW art by Zephre


Heads-Up (meaning this is all tentative): We are planning an Art Big Bang for the early Winter/Spring. I am resisting calling it Snupin BLU 2: Art Boogaloo.

Artists: We will be looking for your original, finished Snape/Lupin pieces. A limit has not been set yet, but we will likely allow 1-3 pieces. A single piece can include a comic or image sequence. Deadline likely to be mid-February, but this heads-up is for anyone who wishes to start now.

Writers: There will likely be at least a 5000 word minimum, one writer per piece, first come, first served claiming. Writing period will be mid-February - March 31 (I hope!). The word count is high because this is a Big Bang - the idea is to encourage quality work.

Art and stories will be archived at the Snupin Big Bang site. Remember, if you make an account at the site, you will have some control over your work there and be able to respond to comments. Work would be postable/archivable elsewhere 1 month after going live. You are likely going to have to join one of our ninja locked snupin communities to work on this Big Bang.

I'm making this early announcement so that artists can begin work whenever they have time this fall and writers can make room in their schedules this spring. I don't have any other details, but if you have questions, please ask them because you may bring up an issue we'll have to figure out. An official announcement will probably come sometime in November, after most exchange deadlines.

Annnnnd that's all I have for now! If you have any comments or questions, please let me know. Otherwise, expect McKay to run our October Fest, which I believe she will begin late this month. I'm still around, still available; I'm just utterly pressed for time and the ability to concentrate so please don't be alarmed if it takes a few days for me to get back to you. I hope this post will be spammed with comments and requests for icons, though! ♥ all of you!

love, lore

April 16th, 2010

Snupin Showers 16 - last Part: Icons

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One Manip and Icons made from "Half-Blood-Prince"-pictures.

1.    2.    3.    4.
Read more... )

Just give credit...

April 6th, 2010

Mod Post: April calendar and Snupin Showers icons

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The Snupin Showers folks have been doing a great job so far (don't forget to tag!). Gut check for the onlookers - are you commenting?

Speaking of April Showers....

April 2010 Calendar image of Snape and Lupin huddled under a magic umbrella in the rain, countryside in the background
1024 x 768
800 x 600

Our April calendar art comes from the very talented [info]zephre. I have to admit, it's my machine that somehow brightened the colours on the 800 x 600 piece, not Zephre. I hope she won't mind! As always, please leave her comments here if you'd like to tell her how fabulous the April art is.

Snupin Showers Icons! )

I'll be honest, there's a RL situation that's keeping me away this month so far. I hope a few of you are taking on the challenge of commenting to all the daily posters. I will be, just on the late side.

I believe we're having a writing exchange here soon....a Remix? Yes, that's what it was. If you're interested, you might want to gather up links to your creative pursuits and post them on your journals, or else update your web sites or other ways of archiving your work. You're going to need your works to participate. More later this month (gawd willin' and the creek don't rise)!

February 5th, 2010

Icons (Snupin, Snape)

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So, having not long posted this set of pictures, someone requested icons. And I'm a nice person, so here you go. (Includes Snupin!Holmes)

( Our favourite boys reduced to 100x100s )

November 24th, 2009

Snupin Icons

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I found a wonderful piece of art by [info]karasu_hime that was used for the calendar's December image. I thought it would make a wonderful icon. Please be sure to credit [info]karasu_hime for the amazing art :)

These are the only icons I've made so far of this piece. If any of you have an idea for some simple text that a lot of you would like to see added to one of the icons, let me know and I can create it. Please do not change any of the icons in any way.

1) 2) 3)

4) 5) 6)


* Credit [info]karasu_hime for the art.
* Credit [info]whitestar for the icon.
* Please comment (comments are love ^_^)
* Save to your own hard drive
* Do not alter
* Most of all, enjoy! :)

December 9th, 2008

Call for holiday art for iconing

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There's been a few people looking for Snape/Lupin holiday icons, and when I went poking around my hard drive, I realised that most of the Snupin holiday art/icons have been gifted to someone (which is a no-no to use unless it's your gift or the giftee offers it to everyone), or exist only for participants of [info]snupin_santa.

While I have a couple "open" sets of icons here, if any artists would like to create some iconable fan art for the holiday season, it would be most welcome! Simple art with plain backgrounds work best for iconing, but I'm sure community members would love to work with anything artists might offer. Existing art that's available for iconing (not a gift, not for previous Snupin Santas) can be linked in reply to this post, and I'll add the links to the bottom of this message.

While I might eventually icon the offered art, anyone is welcome to make icons for themselves or the community from any art that might be offered in the spirit of the season. If you only make one or a few icons for everyone, I'll be happy to link them here as well! I hope a few of you will be inspired to create some holiday art for this purpose. Our wonderful community members, and especially those reading and leaving feedback on Snupin Santa pieces, deserve some SS/RL holiday icons, too! *HUGS ALL*

love, lore

And Here We Go!

The Wonderful [info]bluecage has donated the following; please credit bluecage in the comments field when you upload it. *HUGS BLUE*:

And, Ha! The Queen of Organization, [info]scribbulus_ink has unearthed a host of holiday icons. She listed so many that I'm just going to link to her reply here. Follow the links on the posts she lists and you will even find a few more. Thank you so much, McKay!

I will link this post with art by our beloved [info]aleoninc that she created the last time I begged for holiday art for iconing. Thank you Ale, wherever you are this holiday season!

[info]tripperfunster has offered her art for iconing here. Thank you so much, Tripper!

And here's one more from [info]beaded_thistle:

April 29th, 2008

Family Fest Icons

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So... the plot bunnies went away for the family fest, and I can't draw, but I wanted to contribute. When [info]lore posted her icons I decided to attempt some graphics. I managed to get two icons done based on her bases and [info]ghot's art. Feel free to use them, but make sure you credit [info]ghot for her art.

Could be considered NWS in some circles. )

Family Fest: Icons

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I've actually been working on some of these forever, and thought it might be a good idea to finish them up and add some new ones for Family Fest!

Before the fun stuff, though, I wanted to remind everyone that we have a generous donation offer on the table, so if you can get wrapped up by the end of the day in your time zone tomorrow (April 30), please try to do so! Also, at Midnight tonight, I'll be opening up a one-day drabble challenge to wrap up the fest. However, so as not to artificially inflate the donation results, I'll be asking that all drabbles appear in reply to my post. It should be crazy fun!

The icons under the cut are mostly from art by [info]ghot and might be considered NOT WORK SAFE by some standards. Please click with caution if you are not on a private machine.

And now, the icons! Some possibly NWS- )

love, lore
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