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April 24th, 2017

Moving Primary Activity to Dreamwidth

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There is a post at Livejournal explaining this further, but I will be closing this community to further comments by April 30. Nothing will be deleted or lost, but we're going to center Lupin_Snape activity at Dreamwidth from now on. Please post there from now on. We're going to finding and bookmarking any Insanejounal-only activity for your future use, never fear.

You can read more here:

February 14th, 2017

Romantic Recs 2017

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This post is mirrored on LJ if you'd like to see replies or make one of your own.

Happy Valentine's Day! In honor of the season of love, please leave a reply here with a rec for your favourite Remus/Severus romance - or at least one of them. ^_^

If you read something recced here, spread the love further by leaving a comment for the author, even if you've left a comment before. Authors love that.

I thought I would leave an easy rec here to start us off, although I'm not asking you to write anything nearly this formal - a link and a quick comment are all we need in reply to this post. Feel free to reply and rec for the rest of the month!

Sight Unseen by [info]scribbulus_ink
Novella length, Rated NC17
Summary: After losing his sight during the Battle of Hogwarts, Remus struggles to adjust to his new circumstances; when depression threatens to overwhelm him, he receives unexpected assistance from an unknown source.

This isn't my favorite Scribbulus_ink story, but it's probably in the top 10. I'm recommending it because it's romantic and so emotional, I get teary reading it every time. It strikes a perfect balance between drama and romance. I went to glance over the story, just to double-check myself, and ended up reading most of it yet again. I don't think you'll be able to resist, either. ^_^

love, lore

January 6th, 2017

January 9: Severus' birthday!

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Don't forget, Severus will be turning 57 on Monday, which makes him a barely middle-aged wizard. What shenanigans do you imagine he'll be up to this month?

love, lore

September 7th, 2016

Mod Post: We're branching out again

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I made an announcement and offered a little challenge here:

love, lore

July 5th, 2016

Poll: Where does Lupin_Snape go from here?

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I posted a poll to LiveJournal with questions about your thoughts on the community. You can access it here:

If you have any problems responding, comments are screened as well and anonymous comments should be welcome. Please let me know if not. Thanks!

love, lore

March 8th, 2016

Mooney pawprints are coming.....

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Remus' birthday is on the 10th. You know what to do with the rest of your month....

love, lore

January 9th, 2016

Severus' Birthday

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Happy 56th birthday to our irascible potions master! I almost missed it! As always, you have the rest of the month to goad honor Severus with your contributions of fic, art, lists, recs, etc.

love, lore

October 12th, 2015

Mod Post: Fall season

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Just in case it needs to be said, this is a terrific season for inspiration - Fall, Spring (in the Southern Hemisphere), Halloween, Samhain, Harvest, Day of the Dead/All Saints Day, Columbus Day, etc.

If you want to take on a Fall challenge for the community, feel free to post drabbles, recs, stories, art, icons, wallpapers, etc. any time this month and into next month. Did I mention recs?

You're always welcome to request prompts or ideas from the community.

You're also welcome to point out places where people can participate with Lupin/Snape content.

So, enjoy the season, and share with us if you feel inspired!

love, lore

August 19th, 2015

Mini-Fest prompts needed now

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There are no Snape/Lupin prompts at Mini-Fest. If you are inclined to make any, prompting is open until it closes sometime tomorrow morning (August 20).

There's a limit of 5 prompts per person. If you come up with extras, feel free to leave them on this post for others to use/consider.

Prompts go here:

In other news, Shadowycat left a lovely piece of art here for Severusfest:

And Cordeliadelayne wrote a swoon-worthy drabble here:

If anyone is watching, you're welcome to post your Snape/Lupin news on your own or leave it on any of my mod posts. I'll share it. ♥

love, lore

April 26th, 2015

*Mod Post*: Bunnies to Pen Deadline Extension

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Hello all! I've decided to extend the deadline for Bunnies to Pen. The hard deadline is now the 17th of May at midnight PST (2 A.M. EST), so three weeks from now.

Remember, if you finish your claimed prompt you can claim another!

Prompt list:

April 15th, 2015

April Mod Posts

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Read them here:

And here:

love, lore

March 10th, 2015

Mod Post: Remus' Birthday & Drabble Night!

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Happy birthday, Remus Lupin, you sly, old wolf! Severus will take care of your wishes, I'm sure. ~_^

Remus' Birthday is the challenge of the month! Feel free to post any old thing related to Remus' birthday through March.

Also, our beloved [info]azure_rosa is back in town, and she's holding a Drabble Night in chat tonight at 5 pm Western/8 pm EST.

If you aren't familiar with Drabble Night, it's when we get together in chat, issue a prompt, work for 10 minutes and then share the results. Artists and observers are more than welcome, too! If you aren't up for tonight, Rosa will run the same times this Friday, the 13th!

Have you spotted other Snape/Lupin work elsewhere? Feel free to either share it on the community or link it here and I'll share it on a future mod post!


love, lore

February 8th, 2015

Mod Post: Snupin100, Snape Fest, art find, etc.

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[info]snupin100 announced its 500th challenge, which is also the last challenge. The community will remain open to drawables and drabbles, which will still need to be exactly 100 words.

Snupin100 was started by [info]sapphiretragedy, and the utterly enchanting [info]cordeliadelayne took over the community at challenge #20 (omg!). Please be sure to give Cordeliadelayne your thanks for a long-term job well done!

The current challenge, The Last Supper, technically ends on Tuesday, and there's been no entries yet. Who's going to write or draw one last time for Snupin100 with me? If you need an example of drawables, check out Maporan_Gata's recent posts.

The 2015 Severus Snape Fest posted its masterlist. There are two pieces of interest, art by Shadowycat and fiction by Bonfoi. Thanks for carrying the Snape/Lupin torch outside the community, ladies!

Unearthed: Spell Caster - by demicoeur. This is a commission piece, so look, comment if you can, but don't touch. ~_^

Monthly challenge: Oh, come on, it's February. Love or not love, you choose! We have a tag for it, which I've used on this post. If you produce something along those lines this month, feel free to use the tag!

Remember, creators don't like to work in a vacuum. Encourage their work by leaving comments and recommending what you like to others, wherever you can.

I'm going to work on some community housekeeping. If you have any questions or needs, please let me know. Otherwise, have a terrific VD, no matter how you celebrate (or not celebrate) it!

love, lore

January 9th, 2015

Snupin Santa: Masterlist, Icons, final thoughts

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And now we come to the end of Snupin Santa at the end of Severus' birthday. Feel free to continue celebrating Severus for the rest of the month and we'll find our new community normal for challenges next month.

As always, there are icons for all of you to use now and in the future. There are both Snape/Lupin icons and Snape/Lupin holiday icons as well as the full-sized art donated by Shadowycat. I'd like to think that "Snupin Santa" is a term that could be used every holiday season, even if the exchange/fest is officially at rest.

Next comes copious thank-yous! My extreme adoration and appreciation go out to the following:
Shadowycat for the icon art, reminder posts, beta support, and moral support throughout Snupin Santa.
Starduchess for formatting, the master list below, and moral support, too!
McKay for starting Snupin Santa and allowing us to continue it when she stepped away.
All the creators who came out this year!
All the readers who left comments on works, especially (shout-outs!) Alisanne and Shaded_paradox, who commented on almost every piece.
Everyone who had something to do with any Snupin Santa, ever. 10 years is amazing for any community celebration, and you all leave behind a stunningly terrific legacy.
If you feel I've forgotten you in these thanks, obviously, I have, and you should poke me, because I will be properly horrified and will make sure to shout you out in a future post. But mostly, poke so you can enjoy my distraught flailing.

I thought I'd have more to say, but after 10 years, I feel nothing but proud of what this community's members have accomplished. Next year, if someone wants to run a holiday event on the community, just let me know, and maybe we can even brainstorm archival support in some form. Until then, Lupin_Snape remains at your service for any and all Remus Lupin and Severus Snape needs.

Snupin Santa 2014 Masterlist )

If you find any broken links, let me know in reply here ASAP.
Big Love to all of you. And now one last....

Ho Ho Ho
Snupin Santa

December 6th, 2014

Snupin Santa pause, comments, accounts, recs, etc.

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Santa has had a very long week, so he will be pausing posting until Sunday.

There's two long stories, a drabble and art up, giving you all plenty of time to view and comment. This is the last Snupin Santa; I want to encourage all of you to make a special effort to comment this year.

Creators, you should click the "track this" button at the top of your entry posts on LJ, IJ and DW so that you can receive emails of comments made there.

There seems to be some weirdness going on with the Snupin Santa site accounts and I could use some feedback. Has anyone experienced anything not normal in logging in and making comments? If you've tried to change your password, were you successful? I'm seeing a lot of postmaster messages showing up in the spam filter.

I have been plonking away at deleting spam accounts. I generally can recognize a spam account from certain indicators, but one thing I would never do is delete an account with reviews, stories or favorites. So, basically, if you had an account and I've accidentally deleted it, please make a new account. You won't have lost anything because I saw 0 interactions across the board, but still, please forgive me if this happens to you. I'm not sure why we're getting spam accounts that are empty, but they're making it hard to find the creators on the pull-down list when I'm entering new material.

If you make any Snupin Santa recs in your journal or here, or if you spot Snupin Santa recs on your friends pages, please let Santa know with a link. It would be swell to make the Daily Snitch newsletter at least once this year. ^_^

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Ho Ho Ho

November 30th, 2014

Snupin Santa: Where we're at

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Are you getting excited? Our first post should go up at Midnight, EST!

So, if I post all the art the first week, instead of spreading it out, we'll be able to post for 11 days, although I'm hoping we can spread the art out (or receive more!). If everyone who has contacted me about submissions later this month turns something in, we can post 10 more days, although there might be a gap in the middle weeks.

So, for now, no postings on the weekends or the day before or after Christmas. I'll rethink that if we receive more material. Basically, it's not too late to contribute to the final Snupin Santa if you find time to create this month!

Have a Ho Ho Ho Happy December!

November 18th, 2014

Snupin Santa deadlines extended, other info

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Santa wanted me to let you all know that he's feeling much less stress as the elves kick the holiday season into high-gear, so he's extended the art deadlines and asked that you write him if you have something in the works that just can't be ready by November 29.

He also wanted me to remind you that multiple submissions and sequels to existing works (as well as icons, knitted items, personal Snupin essays, etc.) are welcome.

If you need help with beta or formatting, the community is responding to posts, even if you can't see the replies - Santa can, and it makes him feel all jolly to know that everyone is pitching in to make this last year a good one.

The sidebars have been updated with a link to the Snupin Santa Master Submission Post, so if you have any questions, that's the post to use for them.

love, lore

October 27th, 2014

Final Snupin Santa Multimedia Fest Organization Post

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"Final." *sigh*
So, Santa has had a rough year, and the elves are all out on assignment. Please read this post carefully and understand that Santa would like to enjoy his last holiday season with the community, which means very little wiggle room for submissions this year in several aspects.

Snupin Santa has always been a multimedia fest, which means if you'd like to knit or write an essay about what Snape/Lupin have meant to you, etc., it's welcome. Multiple submissions also welcome!

Deadline & Submission Acceptance Notes:
• All Stories, Art, Drabble/Drawables and Other must arrive in Santa's inbox, ready to post - November 29 unless Santa and you talk about it.
• All Art that you would like Santa to upload to the archive must arrive in Santa's inbox by November 29 unless Santa and you talk about it.
• "Ready to post" means you've tested it in a LJ or other journal post and there is a blank line between each paragraph, all bold and italics are closed, and images are properly linked to appear in the post.
• There's no anonymity this year, so Santa shouldn't have to upload art or pictures for you unless you meet the early deadline.
• There's no beta this year, either. If Santa thinks your work hasn't been beta'ed or checked for formatting, your work will be returned to you for you to correct. This can happen after December 1, so please be proactive and use a beta and check out how your post will look on a journal before sending it in.
• Santa reserves the right to correct any major spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in written work without consulting the creator. Again, Santa won't beta, but if he spots a typo, he will fix it.
• Santa doesn't want to entirely discourage latecomers if work is completed during the fest posting, however, Santa will not guarantee that anything received after November 29 will be posted.

There's more under here. Santa expects you to read these notes if you're submitting, so don't skip them. ^_^ )

If Santa thinks of anything else, or if someone asks a good question for everyone, he will add it here. Consider this the master post that you should refer back to when submitting. If anyone thinks they can take on any part of the work this holiday season, feel free to contact Santa to become an elf. Soon. *g*

Here's to a very happy Snape/Lupin Holiday!
Ho Ho Ho

October 3rd, 2013

Snupin Santa Multimedia Holiday Fest Claiming is OPEN! on LJ

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Santa is going to try not to over-write here, but Santa usually fails. First note: We will continue to add new prompts to this list through November 1. Use the LJ prompt post to add new prompts. We're going to close the other two for our sanity. So, if you're looking to create for the fest and don't see something you like, poke your friends to add more prompts! That said....

Claiming of prompts is open! Here's the rules:

1 claim per prompt in the Story and Art sections unless all prompts are taken.

Multiple claims allowed on most DDO (Drabble/Drawable/Other) prompts - Why? Most can be claimed as both drawable or drabble, but also because most can generate very different responses. A very few are more specific and Santa will strike those out as closed as they are claimed.

1 claim at a time per creator, though - You only get to sign up for one prompt at a time. If you turn your work in early, you can make another single claim, and can repeat this until the deadlines.

• Stories & Art - December 1
• Drabbles/Drawables/Other - November 20
• Beta deadline: November 20 - yes, Santa and the Elves will beta for you if you get your work in early enough.
Santa doesn't want to discourage latecomers if work is completed during the fest posting, however, Santa will not guarantee that any December 2 and later submission will be posted for the fest. If Santa or an elf finds time to upload the work, great. But if you turn in something really complicated to upload after December 1, ow. Naughty list! ~_^

Category Standards:
• Stories should be at least 1500 words.
• Drabbles should be under 500 words.
• Art should be "finished" according to the artist's style.
• Drawables shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.
• Multimedia should be presented as ready for use or formal viewing.

A Note to Creators about prompts:
Because this is not an exchange, creators should feel free to interpret/adapt prompts in whatever manner you decide. Unless they are critical to the spirit of the prompt, requests for specific characters (other than Snape and Lupin), specific kinks, situations, time periods, type of ending, etc., are up to the discretion of the creators. Prompters were told this in the prompt post, so they have been forewarned. If a prompt inspires a creation wholly away from the original prompt, let Santa know and we won't tie your creation to a prompt.

Anonymous claims can be made as long as you include a username of some sort and an email address. We won't accept anonymous claims without a way to identify you.

Submission info follows the PROMPT LIST )

Santa and the Elves will upload all works to the Snupin Santa Holiday Fest Archive.
Posting will begin on December 1 and continue daily until we run out of submissions.
Posting notices will be made on the LJ/IJ/DW Lupin_Snape communities, directing people to the archive.
Reveals happen as we post, including matching prompter name, if any, to the work.
Santa reserves the right to correct any major spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in written work without consulting the creator. If you don't use the Elves for betas, we strongly suggest you have your work beta'ed by someone(s).

Submission Information )

And that's it!

Claiming is open at the LJ post here! (Comments are disabled on IJ and DW.) You may leave anon comments on LJ if you do not have an account there, but please leave your IJ or DW username and a regularly-checked email address.

Check back to this list if you're not immediately inspired - there might be more prompts! Also, spread the word to your friends that we're up and running, please.

If I forgot anything or you have further questions, please don't hesitate to ask - others might be wondering the same thing.

Here's to a very happy Snape/Lupin Holiday!
Ho Ho Ho

February 7th, 2013

Two Drabble Night Announcements and a Reminder

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Hello all! I'm going to host two drabble nights this weekend, one this Friday at four Pacific (seven Eastern) and an additional session Saturday morning at nine Pacific (twelve noon Eastern). As always everyone is welcome to join in whether they are new faces or old friends. Don't be shy about coming to both if you want and your schedule allows, I always enjoy hosting for as many people as possible. Also note that we have no objections to an audience so if you just want to pop in and see what we get up to that is perfectly fine too! :D If you need help getting into chat or you have questions about Drabble night just comment below, I'll answer as soon as I get your questions!

Remember the February "kiss, kill or combined" Challenge runs for the whole month if you want to try your hand at something different!

February 6th, 2013

Mod Post: February Challenge!

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Hello Snupineers! Now that everyone has had a chance to catch their breath after Snupin_Santa your mods were thinking it was time for our first challenge of the year. While we could launch another generic Valentine's themed challenge we decided to try something slightly different this year. Instead we are launching a "kiss, kill or combined" challenge. The "kill" does not have to be literal, a verbal, physical or magical fight is also acceptable for the category. So put your thinking caps on and see what you can come up with! :D

January 11th, 2013

announcing zmember tags!

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Hello, all Snupin shippers! Two quick announcements.

First off, all names have been added to the individual Snupin Santa 2012 posts. I am slowly going back over the previous years and filling that information in there as well, but it will take me some time.

Second, we now have zmember tags!!!!!!!! Anyone who is a contributor to the comm, be it drabbles, art, meta essays, crafts, vids, podfics, or whatever, may have one. Just comment here if you don't see your name already. (Mostly I just have participants from SnuSa 2011 and 2012.) If you had a zauthor tag before, it has been converted.

Also, in line with that, I changed the ztheme tags to just plain theme. I also added a couple (time travel and vampires). There is also a new "arts: crafts" tag. Feel free to use if any apply.

May the ship sail on!

January 9th, 2013

Snupin Santa 2012 Master List!

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Presenting the master list of gifts from the Snupin Santa 2012 Multimedia Gift Exchange! Gifts are listed in alphabetical order by title.

Snupin Santa 2012 Master List )

And now, the riveting notes section!

We had a total of 42 gifts given by 36 participants. If I told you how that happened, I'd have to kill you. ~_^

The archive passed 4 million words this year! Holy Cow! I kept looking at the count thinking we'd never make it, but as of today, the archive has 4,021,595 words! We've collectively written almost 4 times the entire Harry Potter series. WHOO!

>>>If you haven't commented on your gift yet, now's the time because I know who you are. Dun Dun DUNNNNN!

Here is your crack team of Elves, without whom, Snupin Santa wouldn't have run this year: [info]scribbulus_ink, [info]azure_rosa, [info]carolinelamb, [info]garonne, [info]islandsmoke, [info]karasu_hime, [info]nimrod_9, [info]phantaz_magoria, [info]snapealina, [info]shadowycat, [info]starduchess, [info]unbroken_halo
I wouldn't have made it through the Fall/Holidays, especially, without the help of the final three up there - Shadowy, Starduchess and Halo. Shadowy and Star practically ran HP_Halloween (a significant October time-sink) for me and Halo the same for Snupin Santa itself. But everyone on the Elf list helped significantly by proofreading, tagging, rec collecting, list-making, mail-wrangling and hand-holding (of me!), and we couldn't have come this far without each and every one of them. Thank you so, so much, ladies. There aren't enough words in the English language to sing your praises!

That said...Snupin Santa as an exchange has come to an end and will take the form of a Fantasy Fest next year. 36 participants isn't quite enough to do effective matching anymore, and many of you supported the idea at the start of the season. We should also remember and give thanks to McKay, the exchange founder, for all her years of service in the name of giving the gift of Snape/Lupin for the holidays.

I have a bit more about gift re-assignment to participant names on the archive, but I'll save it for a few days and let you bask in the post-holiday reveal glow. For now, there are Participant+++ Icons to enjoy, (our faithful commenters might want to look at these as well), and icons for all Snupin Santa participants, past and present.

Thanks once more to the Elf Army, the participants and pinch hitters, and our readers, reccers, and commenters! Thanks also to Severus Snape for having a birthday and existing so that we can continue to pair his crochety self off with that wonderfully smexy (or angsty!) werewolf for years to come.

Ho Ho Ho!
Snupin Santa

Happy Birthday, Severus!

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Today, Severus is 53. Still young by wizarding standards!

Imagine his life at 53 and share your thoughts with us by commenting here or drawing, drabbling, iconing or other creative pursuits.

Snupin Santa reveals tonight!

Love, lore

January 2nd, 2013

Snupin Santa Round-up, Week 4

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This is the wrap-up post for the final week of Snupin Santa! We hope you are still enjoying the fest and leaving lots of love for our dear authors and artists. Remember: comments can be left at any of the three journals as well as the website!

If you see something you love, please rec it and let us know here, just choose your platform: LJ, IJ, or DW

Art for "The Strange and Curious Dreams of Herrn Ulrich Vilsak" for Carolinelamb, NC-17.
Upon Deeper Inspection & Remus Lupin and the Traitorous Snake for Wolfiefics, G.
Morning at Home for Phantaz_magoria, PG.
On a Winter's Night for Ellid, G.
The Kiss for the Community, PG.

Upon a Crimson Tide We Sail for Carolinelamb, NC-17.
High Heels and Holidays for Karasu_hime, NC-17.
The Uninvited Guest for Shadowycat, NC-17.
Chasing the Dragon for Stasia, PG-13.
The Werewolf Schoolteacher, the Potions-Master-Turned-Baker, and a Pasticceria Altogether for Rivertempest, PG-13.
Through Time for Bonfoi, PG-13.
Twelve Steps to a Happy Holiday! for Unbroken_halo, PG-13.
Such Is This Life for the Community, R.

And that's a wrap! Thanks to all of our wonderful authors and artists!

Masterlist and reveals will go up on Severus' birthday, January 9th. )

love, lore and the elves
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