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Dec. 18th, 2008


[GW] The Greatest Loss

The Greatest Loss

Pair: 1x2

Warning: second-person POV, suicidal thoughts, language, death. DARK.

Note: I found this on my puter. read it, scratched my head, said, "Huh," and after much debate, decided to post it. If I remember right, I was going to end this with the first part having been a nightmare, but I never got that far, and I don't feel like writing it in. Hee! If you hate the ending (and you probably will), write a new one for me. No, really. Think of it as... a round robin of sorts! Heh!

EDIT: Actually, now that I think about it, I started this for the challenge at gw_dark ages ago about... post-war badness. Like, the pilots not being able to cope with peace, I think? *ponders* Hm. Anyway...

Summary: Nightmares are just another way of getting to the heart of the matter.

Heero has a rather phallic gun to your head. )
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Oct. 5th, 2008


[GW] A Way Of Telling

A Way Of Telling

Rated: R

Pair: 3+4 (very bitter), 1+3, hint of 1+2, and 3x2 at the end.

Warning: suicide attempt, suicidal thoughts, dark humor, language

Note: I noticed that Mot and E wanted something happy after those cannibalism fics (note: this fic has nothing to do with cannibalism), and since I'm still trying to get beyond my block, I wrote this. It's... erm... happy! Very happy. Uh, yesh. Very, very happy. xD

Dedication: Therefore, because of the way I was inspired to write this, this fic is for anyone who did or plans to do the challenge at [info]gw_dark, or just anyone who's a member of the comm. *kishies*

Summary: Trowa fails to commit suicide.

He was stuck with the God of Death on suicide watch, and if that wasn't the most asinine thing he'd ever heard in his life, his name wasn't Charlie. Which it wasn't. But you get the idea. )

Sep. 16th, 2008


[GW] Got Milk?

Got Milk?

Pair: psycho!Duo, Trowa

Warning: umm... everything, but most especially DISTURBING. That bit about the spiders makes me itch. (Doh! Did I say spiders?!)

Note: For the latest prompt table about milk at gw_dark. Sequel to Sleep Tight, but this can be read as a stand-alone.

Aww, baby doesn't look so good. )
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[GW] Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight

Pair: (dark) 1+2, hints of 3+1.

Warning: Um... messed up. Very. Also, darkish. And... weird. Did I say messed up? Dialog fic. Psycho!Duo.

Note: Somehow inspired by the prompt table. Was tired, couldn't sleep. Sick. Wrote this. My first ever dialog fic, mostly because I was waaaaaaaay too out of it for pretty description and such. Heh!

Summary: Duo hates the cold. Really.

You ever see Star Wars? )
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Aug. 27th, 2008


Notice: Doh!

Sorry about all the spam! Got real behind on this comm because of personal problems (which you'll know, if you've heard me whining at my journal). Anyway, I'm finally getting back into the swing of things, so maybe the writey will get off it's lazy butt and accomplish something. I've got a lot of projects I'm working on, 5 of which is BTVS fic, 2 of which is GW fic, and 1 of which is original. So, yeah, busy. xD

teaser for BTVS - a Warren Takes Control Of The Chip fic )

teaser for GW - Stoop From Heaven (eventual 3x2) )

There! *waddles off and attempts to be productive*


[GW] Scars And Skin Grafting

Scars And Skin Grafting

Rated: T

Pair: 3x2 at the end (with 4+3 and 1+2 implied at some point or another).

Warning: um.. angst, stream-of-consciousness, slashy kissing, strong language.

Note: GW500's "Your Hand" challenge. For Ederyn, who has a huge love for Trowa, and some interesting opinions about him. Not sure if this fic actually supports those opinions, but--well, if nothing else, it looks pretty! *pretends this fic comes with deep thought and pushes you on your way*

Summary: During the war, there was Quatre. After the war, there was Duo.

Duo kisses like he wants to crawl inside my mouth and hide, and I'm holding onto so tightly his jacket rips underneath my fingers. )
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[GW] From The Ashes

From The Ashes

Pair: implied 2+3

Rated: PG-13 (or T)

Warning: ANGST! Not overly done (in fact, there's not one sob), but it's there. Contains death (old age), homelessness, awkwardness, very bleak in some ways.

Note: For [info]motley_sis, even if I'm pretty sure she'll hate this, considering how depressing it is. Doh!! I'm going through a huge block right now, though, and this is the first thing I've been able to write in over a month, so at least it's progress! (Sorry Mot--I'll try for something happier once my muses stop being so emo!) For the gw500 challenge “your hand.”

Summary: Duo gets a call to identify the remains of someone he loves.

A homeless man dies in a subway car. )
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[BTVS/ATS] Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Rated: PG-13

Pair: Spike/Xander

Warning: um... nightmares, some cuddling, little angst. Some sniffles. Oh and use of the f-word.

Note: For the “blue” challenge at NS. Takes place sometime around “Hush.”

Summary: Xander wakes up while Spike is having a nightmare, and he decides to do something about it.

It was the tiny sounds of distress that woke him. )

Jun. 22nd, 2008


[BTVS/ATS] The Sky's Gonna Open

The Sky's Gonna Open

Rated: R for language and death

Pair: Spike, Lindsey, Lorne. (slight Spike/Lindsey)

Warning: (canon) character death, angst, adult language, the usual. Oh, and, uh, angst.

Notes: Inspired by the LA Song sung by Christian Kane, which the lovely [info]trepkos mailed to me with her soundtrack CD's. Don't worry hun, I still owe you Spike/Riley, but CK has such a gorgeous voice, I HAD to write a Lindsey story. I swear, I listened to that song once, and suddenly, I'm a die hard Lindsey fan. Like, overnight. xD

Lyrics included at the end.

Summary: Spike plays the Illyria to Lindsey's Wesley. Even an evil lawyer shouldn't have to die alone.

He didn't feel a thing. )

Jun. 10th, 2008


[GW] Cigarette Porn

Cigarette Porn

Rated: R

Pair: 2x? (but since this is for Link, we can safely assume it's Heero, I guess)

Warning: slash, cigarette smoking, wet Duos, some gritty-ness, umm... language. Un-beta'd. That's about it.

Note: A thank you for Link Worshiper for hosting me on her site! Wooooooooot! We both agree that Duo and cigarettes are made of sex, so here's my homage to that wonderful, sexalicious image. Enjoy, Link! xD

Summary: Duo smokes. It's the ultimate act of voyeurism, really.

Blue ghosts curl from the end of an orange-tipped cigarette as Duo lets it hang between two fingers, staring on forlornly out the mouth of the rain-driven alley. )
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Jun. 7th, 2008


[BTVS/ATS] The Fist

I'm currently writing a fic-in-progress called The Fist, on livejournal. I won't be posting this fic here until it's completed and edited, but the link is here, if you're interested.

It's BTVS/ATS, centered on Oz, Illyria, and Spike who have captured by the Initiative post NFA. Pairings include thus far: Spike/Illyria, Spike/Oz (possibly), Spike/Angel (very probably).

Summary: 3 years post NFA. Oz is captured by the Initiative again, which is headed by a new Doctor Evil that makes Maggie Walsh look like Mary Poppins. He wakes to discover an insane, feral Spike in the cell across from him, who has been assumed dead for the last five years. And then there's Illyria. Would you believe they chipped a God-King? Yeah. Oz doesn't either...


[GW] How High

How High

Rated: PG-13ish

Pairing: Auda pov, mentions of Rashid and Quatre.

Warning: Second-person POV. Some negative thoughts on Quatre (no bashing, but Auda is oddly jaded), general tense darkness, some violence, some language. Un-beta'd.

Note: I've always wondered about the fact that 80 terrorists (hey, they sorta are) could follow Quatre so blindly without a second thought. This is my reasoning with that... thus, please take the warnings seriously? It's dark, in a round-about way. For gw500's two character challenge, “Rashid and Auda.” (And, yeah, this is what happens when I go insane from sleep deprivation. Doh! Sorry.)

Summary: Auda contemplates Quatre, samurais, and test tube babies.

When you crawled from your test tube on June 7th, 10,041 BC, Rashid likes to say you were laughing like a lunatic. )


[BTVS/ATS] Escape


Pairing: Spike/Angel, mention of Connor

Warning: Five years post NFA. Implied Armageddon. Everybody's dead. Sort of experimental. (Also, some blood, lots of angst, crazy!Angel.) Un-beta'd.

Note: For [info]caelieth's gorgeous OTP munip “escape” found here at Darker Spike. The beginning probably isn't what you're expecting, sweetums, but the scene in the munip is found at the end. ^^

Summary: Post-NFA. Angel counts his demons. He forgets to count Spike, until it's too late.

Five years, four months, three days, two hours, one minute, sixteen--no, seventeen--no, no, eighteen seconds since the world died. )


[BTVS/ATS] Janitor Talk

Janitor Talk
by cozzybob

Pair: Spike/Dru, joking mention of Spike/Xander.

Warning: none, really. some humor, maybe some language. mostly Spike babbles.

Note: Found on my hard drive, figured I'd post it after the awesome welcome in NS.

Summary: Ghost!Spike has a talk with a Wolfram and Hart janitor about Drusilla.

She meant well,‭ ‬Dru did,‭ ‬but there's a certain place paved with good intentions,‭ ‬and Spike had no good intention of following Angel there,‭ ‬love's bitch be damned.‭ )

May. 16th, 2008


[original] 100moods table

Originally, I posted this in my personal journal, but the table is too big for the layout, so it's better off here. This is a the 100moods table for original fiction. All the actual ofic for this table will be posted friend's only at [info]cozzybob under the original tag. Nothing's there yet, though, so you can ignore this.

100moods table )

Also, as a side note, I'm aware my tags are off in the comm right now. Waaaaaaaaah! *slaps self*

May. 12th, 2008


[BTVS/ATS] Do These Wings Make My Arse Look Big?

Title: Do These Wings Make My Arse Look Big?
Author: cozzybob
Rated: NC-17
Pair: Spike/Angel
Warning: um. wings. maybe fluff. oh and sex. sorta crack. weird.

Note: For FMK's 48 hour open challenge. My very first FMK post, I also used the open challenge at slashthedrabble to steal their old “wings” prompt for inspiration. But this isn't really a drabble, so. xD Yeah, my kink is winged!Spike. Who doesn't love winged!Spike? (This was written in the middle of the night. I haven't looked it over once. I'm going to regret this in the morning. xD)

Summary: Spike spontaneously grows wings in the middle of the night. He calls Angel for help... and Angel... err... helps. Sort of.

He woke screaming in the middle of the night, black-feathered monstrosities piercing up from his shoulder blades with a sick crunch of bone and the wet, bloody beating of wings. )

Apr. 29th, 2008


[GW] Origins 5: Birthday

Origins 5: Birthday

Pair: Solo, Duo, Zechs, Noin, others

Warning: death of a child, violence, massive angst, very crappy birthdays. Un-beta'd.

Note: For Shini02 and her request, as well as gw500's “general.” I noticed Shini's birthday passed a while back, so I guess this is her birthday chapter. Woot! ^^ (Sorry it took me so long to get this chapter out, I've been having some trouble in RL, you know how it is. Dohzers! I really, really appreciate all the comments that have been put into this story, it keeps me going more than you know.)

Another note: I realize the timing is a bit off for Zechs, but I couldn't resist. We'll pretend he's older than he actually is, yes? You can hurt me if you really, really want to.

Previous parts here.

On Solo's ninth birthday, Rose was killed in a drive-by shooting. )


[GW] I Quit (In 12 Parts)

I Quit (In 12 Parts)
by cozzybob

Rating: R

Pair: 1x2

Warning: little dark, intense, swearing, some torture, angst-ness, minor limes (with a happy ending!).

Note: This was originally going to be for fic_to_quit way back when, but that never really happened, so. Hee! I told Su dahlink that I'd write her a Howard piece for her birthday, but I found this sitting on my puter, and I figure she deserves--*gasp*--1x2 from me since I lurve her and we never see each other anymore. ^^ Enjoy, [info]ralphiere! I love you soooo much!

Summary: Heero has been captured, and Duo's determined to get him back by whatever means necessary.

Today you're a Sweeper, and your name is Jack... )
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Apr. 17th, 2008


[GW] Origins 4: Skills

Origins 4: Skills

Pair: Solo, Duo

Warnings: kids with guns, um... the usual.

Note: Timeline-wise, this one goes shortly after the last one (they're now staying with Juan), but you don't need to read any of the others to understand this. As usual, for [info]shini02 and the GW500 “kid” prompt. Yesh, you get two in one day! xD

Summary: Duo masters weaponry.

Origins 1, 2, 3

Duo sat at a chipped table, his tiny legs swinging... )
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[GW] Origins 3: First Blood

Origins 3: First Blood

Pairs: Solo, Duo
Warning: mentions of child prostitution (not Solo or Duo), drug running, violence, swearing, murder/death.
Note: Part 3 in the Origins series. This can be read as a stand alone, but reading the first two won't hurt (hint). Still dedicated to [info]shini02 for her Solo prompt, and this time, the dedication extends to anyone following the series as a whole. The comments inspire the writing which inspires getting through some RL situations at the moment, and that's always good, so thanks. ^^
Summary: At the age of four, Duo makes his first kill.

Origins 1, 2,

Solo had never heard his voice so cold. )
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