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Oct. 8th, 2016


♥♦♣♠ PALAZZO ♠♣♦♥



Here in Las Vegas, all your dreams will come true. From the bright lights, elaborate buffets, speedy marriages, and everything else in between, this is certainly an adult's playground where anything can - and most likely will - happen.



















Aug. 31st, 2016



An incongruous combination of materials, forms, motifs, etc., taken from different sources; hodgepodge.
It all started with a story. Several really, each one evolving in their own little reality in time and space. Everything seemed to be perfectly normal in each reality... And then people began to vanish. A mysterious cult known only as the Abyssimus had somehow become established in multiple realities, picking their targets wisely in order to utilize their powers for the own ends. Their goal? To recreate existence in their own twisted image. Worlds began to collapse from the sheer power they were using with survivors straggling across the multiverse.

Their existence shrouded in darkness on multiple planes, the cult forced heroes from different realities to confront each other to keep them off their trail. Many fell to the ploys of the cult, spending more time battling each other than looking for the real source of the problem. But there was still hope. A mysterious group of benefactors with untold power stepped in to give aid to those trying to save the multiverse.

...They all screwed up. Bad.

The damage was done and the would be saviors saved who they could, merging the remains of the multiverse graveyard to house everyone they could in a singular and mostly stable reality. Unfortunately, Abyssimus, which survived the destruction, quickly did the same in the hopes of causing enough chaos to allow them time to try again with what remained.

A new reality was born, one with heroes, demons, aliens, and more. Histories are similar, yet different... and in the dark corners where no one dare venture, Abyssimus still lurks.

Taken CharactersHeld CharactersApply

✫ Currently Accepting Applications. ✫
✫ The game will start at Twenty Characters. ✫

✫ layout by tessisamess@ij

Mar. 22nd, 2016


Age of Marvels

Someone or something assassinated Charles Xavier.

Nobody know who did it or why it happened. Questions mount with no answers in sight.

The Golden Age has met a violent end. Tthe Age of Marvels now begins.

Excalibur (Or Brits in general)
The Brotherhood
Guardians of the Galaxy
Hellfire Club
SWORD (Especially Brand)
[info]ageofmarvels | [info]oocofmarvels

Feb. 2nd, 2016


the galaxy - a panfandom STAR WARS rpg

a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Thirty years ago, the Empire crumbled. The Rebel Alliance defeated the Emperor and, as a result, control of the galaxy was fractured. The power vacuum left remnants of the Empire's government scrambling for control and the First Order has risen to power. The Resistance fights to once again, deliver the galaxy from the clutches of the Dark Side. In the aftermath, no one noticed that something strange was happening on Naboo.

But that's about to change...


The Galaxy is a pan-fandom RPG based in the Star Wars universe. The game began in December 2015 and is set in the aftermath of "Episode VII: The Force Awakens".

Knowledge of Star Wars isn't required. Original characters will be accepted from the Star Wars universe.

WANTED: MOAR Avengers/MCU! More Flarrow!verse! More "Harry Potter"! More "The 100"! More "Star Wars"! More "The Originals/Vampire Diaries"! More characters to side with the Bad Guys™!


Nov. 1st, 2015


Hobb's End: a multifandom survival horror rpg

Hobb's End, a rural town that cannot be found, not unless someone or something wants you to be here. Even so, no one is welcome here. Very few people wish to stay, and while nothing is stopping anybody from leaving, not one person seems to get very far.

Those who try to leave are faced with endless roads, never-ending woods or cornfields. This isn't entirely true, because after some time, be it minutes, hours or days, the individual reappears in town: or worse. Their location often changes, and the same can be said for a newcomer's arrival. Some are found wandering in the Marshlands; some wind up in a ditch; and others wake up in a bed.

Stories have been told of buildings that have an unusual effect on tenants, while other buildings seem to choose who is not welcomed inside. Hauntings or not, these can't compare to the other phenomena.

Something is in control of the town and the surrounding farmlands, let alone the townsfolk. Who or what it is doesn't matter, but rather, why does it want with the townspeople?

You're not welcome in Hobb's End.

[info]hobbs_end [info]hobb_ooc

Rules | Cast | Reservations | Application | Map + Locations

Wanted: MCU's The Guardians of the Galaxy, Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes, Final Fantasy IX, Once Upon a Time, DC Batman / Rocksteady's Arkham series, Danganronpa:Trigger Happy Havoc.

Table coded by NuttyMusings
Gif created by [info]hobb_staff

Nov. 3rd, 2014



"The cycle of the lunar cry began tens of thousands of years ago. A traditional dance of life and death between the planet and the moon. Gravity pulls like a tide, and when the moon's surface is so saturated with creatures, it bursts and falls to the planet. It's destroyed nations many times over. It changes the creatures here for the worst, and breathes life into new and terrible dangers. We do not know all of the variables for why it occurs, and it will happen again. We most certainly are not prepared."
    -Dr. Dolfo Curat, Esthar City, March 3rd 2006, on the first Anniversary of the last lunar cry.

It has been nearly ten years since the fall of the last sorceresses, and the anniversary of the last Lunar Cry approaches. The world will never forget the horrors unleashed by Ultimecia and her minions, but together they forge ahead to build a new and brighter future. Esthar has recovered from the onslaught of beasts from the moon, and has opened their borders to other nations, sharing the technological advancements they've honed over decades of isolation. Dollet has regained much of the control of the Galbadian nation as it once had, but the fragile peace is tentative at best. Timber has gained its independence, returning to full strength as a nation in its own right. The island continent of Balamb has seen a new age of development and prosperity. Balamb Garden and its heroes have moved on with their lives, celebrated across the globe for their bravery and sacrifice.

Life has become something better than normal, and not just for he fated six who saved the world. International relations are better than they have ever been. Entertainment as a commodity is no longer a foreign concept. But this peace can be nothing but short lived.

Humanity is flawed, and perhaps some cycles are doomed to repeat for a reason. Steps have been set in motion to shake the foundation of the world to its knees. The next lunar cry is coming, and it brings with it a calamity no one could begin to prepare for.

This may be the final fantasy...
Lunar Cry is a game set in the world of Final Fantasy VIII, allowing both canon characters spanning all FF games and OCs. The game is set just prior to the largest and most disastrous lunar cry the world has ever seen, and will deal with many post-apocalyptic themes.

Oct. 19th, 2014


~thecrystals: dawn of rebirth

It started with one world. Use of the crystals drew the attention of dark fiends, which led to its inhabitants increasingly seeking to conquer or destroy the planet. In response, four crystals were granted to four warriors to right the balance in the world. Though they suceeded, the world plunged into darkness again, and the gods, seeing it a failure, destroyed it and started anew. Their new creation fell to a greedy man calling forth Hell to do his bidding, and it was destroyed to prevent any other from calling the underworld to their side. Even lending their children some of their own power to prevent them from grabbing it on their own did not help when faced with a being who wanted to plunge everything into the void. That left a bad taste in their mouths, so they ended it, as well.

The creation and destruction cycle continued again and again. Over a dozen attempts later, the gods have reached a decision: They would have one final attempt to create the perfect world. Combining elements that they liked from each of their previous creations, they formed the planet and began to fill it with life. Some were souls who had made a home on other planets. Others were born onto the new world. In this attempt, the gods decided to be more directly involved in their creation with the hope that their influence would encourage their children toward the right path. Their presence, represented previously as the worlds' crystals, was now more indicative of their true nature. But, the gods are a temperamental sort...

Dawn of Rebirth is a Final Fantasy roleplay opening on October 25. Both canon and original characters are welcome from any of the games or their offshoots.

Most Wanted: High priests, summoners, Midgar royal family.

Sep. 24th, 2014




The sleepy, rural town of Kingwood, California may seem like any other small town, but things are not what they appear. For in this little town in Northern California, the people that live their day to day lives, year after year, are not what they seem.

Imbued with the memories of our most beloved characters out of storybooks, the citizens of Kingwood are living, breathing reincarnations of these legends. No one knows why they exist.

In fact, aside from dreams and memories that sometimes spark up, no one is even aware that anything is different about them or their town. However, they are different and it is the town's magic that sparks the character deep within. And with more and more people moving to Kingwood, the lines between real and make believe continue to become more and more...

F A D E D .


JUNCTIONED, an all-Final Fantasy game set in FF8


Exactly ten years have passed since the last Sorceress War. Not only have Squall Leonhart and his team gone on to become public figures in their respective fields of expertise, but the world itself has flourished. Esthar, the once reclusive technological marvel, lowers its cloaking devices in a show of faith to the rest of the world; the absence of Deling City's once tyrannical stronghold over the Galbadian continent allows the passion for transportation and telecommunication to make their triumphant return. A formerly sparse world map sees the reconstruction of towns desiccated by the strains of military occupation, and new settlements seem to pop up overnight.

People, however, are never far from conflict. Vinzer Deling was by no means the only man hungry for power, and the last decade has given rise to countless others poised for global domination. Religious zealots known as Hyne's Descendants decry the use of magic and Guardian Forces by those unworthy, and are rumored to have found ways of tampering with natural draw points to poison its users. Finally a group of concerned citizens, calling themselves Cultivators, advocate for the reformation or complete dismantling of Balamb, Galbadia and Trabia. In the absence of a Sorceress threat they are convinced Garden is but a breeding ground for trained mercenaries at the beck and call of the highest bidder.

Of course, those closely affiliated with the Gardens know that its services are needed now more than ever. A changing world leads to civil unrest, and there are fires big and small to be put out. Their mission statement may have begun with the protection of innocents against Sorceresses, but it certainly hasn't ended there. Our story carries on and the state of the future is still yet to be determined.

[info]junctioned is a Final Fantasy VIII game set ten years after the fall of Ultimecia. It centers around Balamb Garden's staff and student body, with opportunities for further characterization elsewhere. We allow canon FFVIII characters, characters from other Final Fantasy games that can be edited to fit the setting, and original characters.

We've also got a couple of open slots for FF8 characters like Selphie, Irvine and Raijin! Check our wanted board for sought after lines and characters.

Sep. 9th, 2014


[info]interregnum, a panfandom gpsl

interregnum (n.) a period of discontinuity or "gap" in a government, organization, or social order

rules & faqsplayers resourceholds & taken
they started arriving from many different universes without any apparent reason. the world around them appears to have once been highly developed, but everything had been overrun as nature reclaimed the planet. some started working to reclaim these spaces or moved to build new settlements. others went off exploring. others still began searching for answers.

though no one has the full picture, it appears as if this world was abandoned in anticipation of some catastrophe. it's unclear if it has happened or may happen yet but life in the meantime life must go on. things and people are still too far flung for a new world order but society surely but slowly is starting to rebuild this world into a new home.

first adds will be sept. 14th

Aug. 24th, 2014


Cosmic Trip

Timebreakers; an alien race that destabilized the omniverse through sheer curiosity; no one told them that exploring alternate realities through the Panoptichron would create spatio-temporal disturbances. These disturbances caused worlds to veer into horrific timelines and once the Timebreakers saw what they had caused they began the task of righting their wrongs by pulling unsuspecting life-forms from various worlds in hope that they could save the next spiraling timeline.

Earth-199999; a complex yet fairly new world with terrestrial life-forms that are on the verge of entering an era of enlightenment or war – this is a world currently unchecked by Timebrokers. This will be your new home, for better or worse.

Welcome to Cosmic Trip. This mature rated game is a pan-fan Marvel Exiles game set in an MCU world. Thread, log, narrative and social media options available. Plot and character development driven.

Jun. 20th, 2014


[info]thegladiators, an arena panfandom game

rules & faqs
gladiator (n.) an armed combatant who entertains audiences in violent confrontations with other gladiators, wild animals, and condemned criminals

it began with twenty four fighters kidnapped for a televised arena game. the show became a runaway hit. more fighters were gathered. the arenas became grander and more diverse. the living facilities were expanded with increasing luxuries and challenges to occupy the fighters in their downtime. it has become a world of its own.

the aliens who captured the fighters and run the arenas have only acknowledged one motive for their actions: entertainment. obviously there are those who don't believe this or simply don't care and still refuse to play by the rules. struggle and resist or accept your fate, either way, the next arena will come.

let the games begin

May. 2nd, 2014


Lost at Hogwarts

What happens when...

After a Hogwarts student made an ill-fated attempt at creating a portal to leave Hogwarts at will, people from all different fandoms will begin to arrive at Hogwarts with absolutely no idea how it happened or how to get back. These are people of all ages and backgrounds who have to learn to live in an entirely new world and function. Some are magical and some are not. Some are a different sort of magical. What will happen when these people all end up together?

Lost at Hogwarts is a character-driven panfandom roleplay game set in the Harry Potter universe. Characters will live at Hogwarts, regardless of age and be able to visit and work in Hogsmeade. They will even be able to visit London and Diagon Alley on occasion. Characters will be sorted into houses to live in and will be able to earn house points.

...a spell goes wrong?
Premise // Holds
Mod Journal // IC Journal // OOC Journal

Mar. 15th, 2014


Lost Treasure

Carrigan Crittendon is getting more than fed up with the ghosts that haunt Whipstaff Manor. After being left the haunted manor in her father's will, Carrigan was angered... until she discovered that there was a treasure there. After that, she was determined to get rid of the ghosts, and she tried literally everything, from an exorcist to a ghostbuster. Her latest attempt, a ghost psychiatrist, seems to be working a little better (he and his daughter haven't run screaming from the mansion yet), but not fast enough. Finally, Carrigan decided she was going to have to get to that treasure whether the ghosts were out or not and enlisted a witch to cast a spell that would bring people to Whipstaff to help search--the ghosts couldn't run everyone away at once! Suddenly, people were appearing from many different fandoms and worlds, and all seem to be trapped in Friendship until the treasure is found.

Mar. 8th, 2014


Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Game - Camp Demigod


The second big war has passed. Gaea is defeated, Death’s doors are closed, Romans and Greeks have reached a truce, and the world seems to be at peace once again. Life has returned to a sense of normalcy; the demigods are being sent on the occasional quest, monsters are still sniffing out the unprotected, and life has reached a point of less urgency. This is the time to build friendships, enjoy the fact that people are still alive, and get back to doing what the camp does best... teach demigods how to be heroes and give them the tools that they need to survive.

At least, everybody thought that things were back to normal. That was until familiar fallen heroes started to return to the world of the living. Something was happening with the rebirth process. Those heroes who had died valiantly and chose to be reborn into a new life, rather than getting their second chance, are being spat back up the same as they were before. The big question at the moment is why? And if that weren't enough, after the destruction of Camp Jupiter in the war, Camp Half-Blood has opened its doors to the Romans as well. Will the Romans and Greeks be able to avoid another Civil War? Will the dead be able to adjust to having their lives back? Will those who made mistakes in the past be able to atone?

Only time will tell at Camp Demigod.


Camp Demigod is a small Percy Jackson & the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus game set in the PJO universe, post-series, working under the assumption of a mostly happy ending. All canon characters (dead ones included!) are available for play. Monthly quests help keep the game active and an overarching plot of the dead returning to the land of the living gives the game a solid direction.

Come play with us today!

GAME OPENS 3/12/14

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