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09 April 2010 at 10:10 am
Easter, Marina? The Christian celebration dedicated to life. Hope. Sacrifice. The forgiveness of sins. Gloriously rich for a prison, isn't it? -- A prison where the continuation of life is frowned upon and forgiveness-- oh, now that's not going to happen either, is it? You don't deserve forgiveness. Life sentences with no chance of a reprieve because you have been designated as the individuals most likely to cause the universe ruin. I'd almost be tempted to say the so-called celebrations here had been designed with the utmost irony in mind.

Or perhaps you view yourselves as martyrs, sacrificing your freedom for the sake of others except-- you're powerless. Content to go from day to day, cheerfully ignoring the fact you've had your life all but taken from you.

Doctor, what aspect of humanity was it you used to sing the praises of? I think you might have to admit you were wrong. These ones are so disappointing.
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17 March 2010 at 07:33 pm
(So, guess who finds this all a touch amusing?)

Are we all having fun, Marina? Maybe it would be better to think of this as a lesson -- you see, it's considered poor manners to lie, and I'm sure Sentience, dear as he was to many of you, would be disheartened to know that something as simple and good as a little honesty was causing you so much trouble.

It's never too late to better yourselves.
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03 March 2010 at 10:31 am
(When the video clicks on, you're greeted with a grinning, rather smug looking Master. Lucky you. Also, he's apparently in a computer lab trying to be nosy about the current workings of the compound. But, before all of that--)

Marina! Good afternoon. I hope you're not ruing the loss of your esteemed captor so soon. This could be a chance for change. Sentience's way of letting us know that we can't continue with our lives relying on it to provide us with our every what-for. There's no need to sit on any ever-proverbial laurels.

As for the little robot helpers-- tsk. (He presses his lips together in a mock disapproving expression.) I'm almost ashamed of you all, forcing such creatures to do what you, as supposedly capable humans and non-humans, should be doing for yourselves -- it's no wonder they're rebelling from all but the most simple of requests. After all, I hear so much about the ingenuity of humans in particular. I hope I'm not going to be disappointed by whatever path is taken.

(A slight pause; the annoying cheerfulness doesn't waver.) They're so much less inquisitive this way, aren't they? I like it. (He gives an obnoxious little wave before turning the video function off and returning to doing something that is, in his eyes, vaguely constructive. If anyone else happens to be in the computer lab, he's not going to pay them much mind unless they make a point of bothering him.)

((ooc: what slowatus OKAY, SO. The Master would totally try and take advantage of a situation in which Sentience went AWOL, so... I'd like to catch a mod at some point just to know what sort of things he'd be able to get away with/it was preferred he didn't/general timing, but in the meantime, if anyone wants to idk plot or something, just drop me a line ♥))
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27 February 2010 at 01:17 am
Oh, look at that -- we're back to our regularly scheduled selection of fun and games bar those lucky few who bought affections. I suppose I should decide whether to work or to play....

If we're talking Earth holidays though, isn't the next one Mother's Day? The UK version, at least. Does Sentience do that? Give us phones to phone home with and let mummy know that we're all okay, really, and please don't worry and a care package would be wonderful but defeating the point of Mother's Day. Fourth Sunday in Lent. Or will Sentience be making us celebrate that instead? Make us be good little prisoners who choose to give up something other than their freedom.

What nasty little habits would you give up? The odd choccy bar here? The occasional bag of sweets there? Or would you do Sentience proud and make it an effort to try and truly better yourself?

It's funny, though -- I was under the impression holidays and all those cute little things were meant to be special and their infrequent and vaguely sparse nature just made them that much more exciting.

I'm almost surprised that no-one's bothered to complain about the fact that the lack of a linear calendar means birthdays are difficult to calculate. I'd quite like someone to make me a cake.
25 February 2010 at 09:36 am
So now that I've been here long enough. [She arrived pretty much RIGHT before the date auction yesterday, if that can be considered long.] I thought it might be important to introduce myself.

My name is Haruhi Suzumiya and I have won dates with several of you.

What I am interested in, is people who are not normal humans. Everyone here is apparently from different dimensions and home worlds, which in itself is interesting but I am wanting to know a little more about each of you.



The most interesting thing about you!

Please provide them now!
[action] Event: Valentine's Auction
19 February 2010 at 03:05 pm
[A podium and stage, decorated with pink and red, has been set up outside the shelter. Here's where the action happens...!]

[Everyone who wants to RP out their auction should make a comment here, describing what they're wearing and how they're feeling/acting in the comment. Don't say anything. You may optionally add context relative to the timing of the bidding, like mention that he's impatient for character X to go up, or is weirded out because character Y just bought someone else and she was supposed to buy him, or is anxious because she's the first one up there, etc.

[Then Minako responds with patter commentary, attempting to sell your character based on what she knows/has been told. She will put [Bidding] in the subject line. Respond to Minako's comments to bid. Just like in a real auction, the bid that is the highest or the fastest will be the one accepted!

[Please go up in increments of no more than 300 sentis at a time, and remember that 1500 sentis is a reasonable price for a date. Indicate in bold in brackets if you have OOC plans, like, "[He was confident he would win]" or "[She was starting to worry she didn't have enough cash]" or "[The thought of losing didn't even cross his mind]". It is common courtesy not to interfere with established plans; if you want to do something else, talk to the mun whose intentions interfere with yours.

[But try not to choreograph things too extensively. You have the right to decide what you want to happen to your character, but it's fun to let these things be spontaneous, and you don't have the right to tell other people their characters aren't allowed to do something IC just because it interferes with your extensively scripted plans.

[Minako will declare the winner of each auction, largely at her discretion, and then the bidding will be over.

[People may also start their own threads off the original comment with the biddee with subject lines like [Before the Bidding] or [After the Bidding] to interact with the person up for auction. Try not to do post-bidding threads until after the bidding is concluded -- for obvious reasons!]
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17 February 2010 at 10:34 pm
[There's the sound of objects clattering to the floor followed by Mikaela panting heavily in the background. Having just been pulled out of an epic battle between man and machine she's a little more than flustered. And now that she realizes that there's something on her face she's slowly transitioning into panic.]

Wh-What!? [Now there's hurried footsteps as she rises to her feet and starts running, fiddling with the device to start randomly switching between video and voice. Anyone paying attention will see her with her hair up, dirt, motor oil, and blood all over her face, and the occasional shot of burned through and ripped clothing.]

No! You--Bee!? Sam!? SAM!! BEE!! [Half paying attention to the message on her communicator she presses her back against a nearby building and sits before prying the thing off and nearly yelling into it. It's not a transformed Decepticon from the looks of it, but she'll never know unless she antagonizes it first. Voice clearly pissed and hoarse,]

Hey, HEY! You Decepticons are behind this, aren't you!? You won't get away with this! [Pause...then she gives off a little, cocky laugh.]

What makes you think kidnapping me will do you any good?
[VOLUNTEER IC; fear the tl;dr - voice/video]
17 February 2010 at 06:33 pm
[a rustle, a snap then-] HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!~ [the sparkles may not be your imagination and Minako beams into the camera]

Hey everyone!~ As all you cuties might very well know, and if you don't well now you do, today is the date auction! Sentience has given me and C.C. the authority to run this fantastical event and - of course - what's a fantastical event without some fantastical people to be there?

IN OTHER WORDS - [whips out a rather formidable LIST and waves it just long enough for you to glimpse at some of the names already written.] It's sign up time! Everyone who would like to be biddee please respond to this message, and your name will be added to the list.

Remember, for those who sign up there are some requirements. 1! You must come in costume or dress or something just very pretty. 2! Biddees are allowed to become bidders if they so choose to. 3! THE DATE MUST BE DONE.

[and here she gives a rather devious smile]
Those on the list that are...less than enthused will get a friendly nudge from our very own captain of the defense force, Gino Weinberg~ And of course, anyone who would like to...volunteer others are welcome to do so! The event will be announced by Sentience later today!

Hope to see everyone there!~

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17 February 2010 at 06:34 pm
[Akane looks pretty angry, but what else is new? She's shifts the video back a bit so that a CLEAR VIEW of her scowl can be seen as she stares back at you.]

I just rescued a girl from SLEEPING on a park bench because no one ever told her that she could live anywhere unoccupied for free. [Her jaw clenches.] She could have been hurt. Isn't there some kind of guide we can give out to people when they arrive here? One that will tell them about the places here or the types of people or the living situation or about the ball and chain, should they arrive with one? Or... or... shouldn't there be?

[She looks back at something and a view of her bed can be seen where someone (Kobato) with long, light brown hair is sleeping. When she looks back at the screen, she no longer looks upset, but perhaps a bit tired.] I appreciate everything Sentience has done to accommodate all of us, but this is still a dangerous place. We need to make sure we are helping the newcomers when they arrive.

[She sighs and then turns the feed off.]
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16 February 2010 at 12:46 pm
Valentine's day and a date auction. (Derisive, mocking tone is a-go.) Cute. I'm tempted to say that the point of prison has been entirely and unceremoniously missed and, as much as spending time locked away is at the bottom of my 'list of things to do', so is playing children's games.

If you wanted to liven things up, all you had to do was ask. I'm sure I could help with making a slice of nice, wholesome family fun that everyone can enjoy which doesn't rely on silly little cultural events and marketing gimmicks.
12 February 2010 at 08:54 am
[You may hear the sounds of someone tapping on the communicator.]

[The screen is black for a moment and you can hear fabric rustling on the other end.]

Ugh! How does this thing even work?

[Hey, now there's a little light to the picture but mostly the color blue...but it's slowly panning out. Slowly...Slowly...until. Yes. There is a girl. And a face. A very large face filling the screen of your video.]

Is this someone's idea of a joke?

Jail? REALLY? I'm not even sixteen yet! You seriously think I'd believe I've done something deserving of jail? Are you stupid?

These charges are absolutely hilarious though! Who came up with these?

Extortion? Blackmail? When have I ever? What would I need to extort anyway?

Ignoring the laws of nature? How can I ignore them? Sure, it would be cool to make some changes to how things work but ignoring them isn't going to do anything!

Altering timelines? Do I really even need to address this? Really? Ah! If only! I'd totally go back to last week when I got that stomach ache from eating too much of Miruku's cookies and not eat them. I couldn't move for like two hours that night!

Destruction and Recreation of Earth. [Dissolves into giggles] You would think I'd remember that.

Okay! Really. Joke's over. You can come out now, it was fun for like the first five minutes. I have some very important things to get done today.
11 February 2010 at 09:40 pm
[she sounds so amused] Well, shit. Nothing like a good Valentines if you have alcohol and a bed buddy.

Too bad more than half the people here are tight asses underage. Though there's really nothing that's stopping them.

And I'm pretty sure none of us have bed buddies.

[ooc: strike outs can be heard by those people with incredibly good hearing. Faith doesn't keep it on the down low]
11 February 2010 at 05:14 pm
[Naoya snorts at the list of crimes that scroll in front of his eyes. And laughing. A lot.]

This list is incomplete. Very much so. Then again, they'd probably run out of data if they listed them all... even if half of them are Loki's fault.

And what kind of crime is 'looking unreasonably fashionable', anyway? ... Though I suppose I can't disagree with that one.

[He shakes his head.]

Still... of course, He would seek to imprison me. And yet... this doesn't seem to be a place of His making. It's not His style, really... and there's a distinct lack of angels.

I suppose all I can do right now is wait. Unless someone here knows more about this place... this is broadcasting to a network, I can tell that much.
09 February 2010 at 04:11 pm
[Takami does not reveal his name, but just believes that it is necessary to ask this simple question. He disguises his voice by speaking at a lower pitch than he usually does, although he is sure that he is fallible, it doesn't hurt to gather some information.]

Is killing justifiable? Please justify your claim regarding said matter.

If anyone is curious as to why I am asking, I am merely gathering data. If you do not wish to have your thoughts viewed by anyone else, I am capable of making conversations private. The technology here is slightly more enhanced than mine back home, but it is manageable.
08 February 2010 at 01:40 pm
[The Doctor is being Mister Sulkypants because he is locked in a room. That's right, the bots finally rounded him up. He is pacing back and forth a bit as he talks, one hand threaded into the back of his hair. Of course, it's only a bit of pacing and it's rather circular, thanks to the chain around his ankle.]

I would have appreciated some warning, you know? Just...a bit of a "Hullo, Doctor, I'm Sentience, and you're being imprisoned: you might want to put a few things into your pockets to pass the time when I lock you into a room with nothing to do for around seven hours." [He sighs] I mean, I can sleep, and I did for a few hours but I'd rather be doing something. I could fix your broken electronic appliances? Or, go on, give me yarn and needles and I'll learn to knit socks. Can't be that hard, not with seven hours to learn every single night?

[He drags the ball a bit in order to sit down on a cot, elbows on knees and head in hands. When he looks up again, his hair is sticking out everywhere.]

Somebody has to be doing something interesting right now, even if it is a bit early, right? Aw, come on, you lot, don't disappoint me!

[He looks hopeful a moment and then looks a bit sulky again and rummages in his pocket to take out a string, tie it into a loop, and start to do some sort of complex Cat's Cradle.]

[ooc: Obviously, should have been posted earlier. Baaaackdate.]
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06 February 2010 at 01:57 pm
[ It would seem that the Master is outside the library -- it's not clear whether he's just come out of it or is just about to go inside but apparently, he is one to pay attention to the fact that one shouldn't talk inside a library. Manners: he does have them, he just doesn't always make use of them. Feel free to pester him in person.

Regardless, he glances up at the entrance to the building for a brief moment, before turning his attention back to the headset; he speaks clearly and calmly, his tone level. ]

And yet more join us. It's almost as if Sentience doesn't want us to get lonely. It really is cute, isn't it? Thoughtful, even. Or maybe quaint would be the better word. (There's a slight pause and he seems to brighten for the briefest of moments, as if remembering something.)

--Oh! But it's children's day. Next thing we know, Sentience will be arranging a prison wide game of hide and seek. I wonder what we'd find, what secrets are hidden here. (He smiles for a moment.) Because, you see, I get the feeling that there are a large number of skeletons being hidden (his tone switches to something bordering on sympathetic and compassionate) and skeletons like those are going to be woefully detrimental to the rehabilitation Sentience hopes and believes we're all capable of.

Maybe story-time would be better than hide-and-seek -- what do you think? Oh, and sleep tight. I'm sure all bed bugs have been taken care of.
[Video|Action if you want]
03 February 2010 at 08:03 pm
[The Doctor has already thought for a while and read the Greeting over several times by the time he makes his post. Thus, he’s looking unaffected, and cheerful, leaning against a wall in the Shelter.]


It’s not too bad here, bit like a cruise, really, even if it would be submarine rather than surmarine. [He pauses to grin for a moment at his own "joke".] Anyway, I’ve been in quite a few prisons before—weeeell, maybe not quite a few, or at least, even if it has been, it was always due to a misunderstanding at the time...weeeell, generally due to a misunderstanding, but it...what was I saying? Oh, right, I’ve been in prisons before and this has to be the nicest one. Top marks!

Or, nearly. [Camera points down at his foot, and the chain and ball attached to it.] I could've probably done without this thing. But it is a prison, so I don't know why I'd expect anything different.

[He shakes his foot attached to the chain.] I'd ask for a tour but I don't want to be shambling after someone so that'll have to wait.

[Thinking for a moment, he laughs.] Oh, yes, and I'm the Doctor. And before you ask, yes, it's just "the Doctor".

[One last grin at the screen and then he shuts the video off.]
03 February 2010 at 10:04 am
[Yes, Zero looks very irritated today. Yes, this IS beginning to become a pattern with him. He isn't normally so quick to anger these days. In fact many would say he'd just gotten even colder and less emotional during the past year. So him being so volatile wasn't something he liked to express. It showed weakness. He refused to show any weakness.]

I understand that we were provided with clothing for this celebration today, but...

[He holds up some things that are obviously not traditional Japanese clothing. In fact, they aren't something he would wear anyway. They are dresses in various pastel shades.]

This obviously isn't it. Who put these in my closet?

[OOC:Road...naturally. After the whole cross dressing debacle the other day.]
[voice | open]
29 January 2010 at 11:03 am
Hello Marina Asylum inhabitants!

This is Anissina von Khrennikov. [Are you suitably impressed?] I wonder if you could explain for me some of your favorite advancements and technologies from your world. You may consider me interested so don't waste it! And if you have thoughts about things we need here, I'm listening.
[video | open]
27 January 2010 at 06:50 pm
[The screen cuts on, showing a man's face, and the top of what appears to be a green spacesuit with metal bits on the shoulders. He speaks after a moment, facing away from the camera.] I think that did it, Haro.

[A moment later, the camera pans up and back, showing his amused face, framed by brown hair, and one eye covered by a rather large black eyepatch.] This must be some kind of experimental prison. Underwater, with cameras for all the inmates? Creepy, even for Veda. [Which is what he blames this on. It sounded too... omnipotent to not be the AI's fault. Who else would really know all of his atrocities in such intimate detail?]

Unknown! Unknown!

[Lockon sighed a little.] I was afraid you'd say that.