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25 February 2011 at 06:10 am
Good morning everyone.

To those who I haven't met, my name is Shinn Asuka, and I've been an inmate in this hellhole place for two days.

...From today onwards, I'll be working with the DF in an effort to keep this place safe from whatever danger it may face.

[And then a small salute.]

I am looking forward to work with you all.

[Shinn would be more than likely be found in the DF HQ, currently familiarizing himself with the new work environment and looking kind of awkward while he checks the important rooms one by one.

Bother him?]
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15 February 2011 at 10:00 pm
[ Subaru is in Sector 6, having found a nice spot to train in. It's not impossible without a partner or simulated enemies, but she's giving it her best! Dressed in shorts, a tank top, and wearing footpads and padded gloves, Subaru is practicing all manner of combat maneuvers. Swift punches, high kicks, low sweeps, and the occasional wall-jump.

...it's not like she's showing off -- she just likes to improvise!

As time goes on, she starts to move faster, to test the limits of her body. It's something to do to clear her head while she tries to come up with ways to test her magic that don't involve attempting to blow a hole in the dome (not that she hasn't considered it...)

Eventually, though, she needs to break for a drink of water. ] Whew.
14 February 2011 at 09:01 pm
[ it's been a very, very long night, but Suzaku is still in the Defense Force Headquarters the next morning. earlier than usual, in fact, since he skipped his morning swim. and breakfast.

he'll be pacing HQ, looking more than a little bit run-down, all morning. ]

((ooc: Joining the DF today? Hoping to start a task force? Just looking to offer condolences because of how sucky yesterday was? :D Suzaku was off the communicators after last night's disaster, but he's here and physically available now~.))
14 February 2011 at 10:52 pm
[It's early morning, and Ryu is already in the park, enjoying watching the dome light up.]

I've got a question… but I think I need an older person to answer it. Who's awake now?

[He's tired of feeling… not whole. He doesn't know how to try to be just himself… he's always just been incomplete.]

[[ooc; Action is open for the park, too! :3 ]]
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09 February 2011 at 03:32 pm
There... There are so many new individuals.

[She's a little awestruck, wide-eyed and enchanted. New people...! New people means people who are confused. New people means people who might need help...!

And so she's flitting excitedly around the areas she believes to be most frequented. SHE CAN FEEL IT! Her healing senses are tingling. At every corner there's a person who needs her help she's sure of it! Staring into the screen she's nothing if not enthusiastic.]


[...OH! That came out wrong. A small flush, before she shakes her head, hair swaying this way and that beneath her large hat. Lifting her hands up she makes determined fists.]

That isn't what I mean...! What I meant to say is...

Welcome to Marina~ ♥

[She gives a sparkling smile, seemingly unaware that she herself has been gone for a little while now.]

I know the baskets help a lot, but if you're confused or need any help at all, please let me help you! I can give you a tour, or... or explain things, or heal your heart, or or or do all kinds of things. Let Kobato Hanato do all the work!

[And because Ioryogi thought people might take issue with this before, she decides to clear things up right from the beginning!]

Oh. And don't you worry. I am not a suspicious person.
In which Shinn kicks things (VIDEO)
08 February 2011 at 11:08 am
If this is a joke, its not really funny. People don't just kidnap someone on the middle of the night and dump them in a prison without going through any of the court procedure required!

[Yeah this guy is being pissed off here.]

Whatever, look, Acumen or whoever your name is, I'm going to find a way out of here, even if it costs me my life!

[Cue feed being cut, the young man seems clearly to angry that its broadcast over the public band rather than a private one.]
The 101st Day
07 February 2011 at 10:48 pm
Good morning, inmates. It is the 101st day of the third generation and today more inmates will be integrated into the prison. It is a rather large group, but I will attempt to minimize the disruption, as always.

I am certain that most of you are already aware of the behavioral changes experienced by some during the ball last night, and the cause due to the public admission immediately afterwards. However, when a large portion of the population is affected and privacy is not a concern, I try to provide inmates with information regardless of whether it is a serious incident or not. The altering of inmate personalities was indeed nothing but a harmless joke orchestrated by the Engineers to add to the celebration, just as they have said. There will be no lasting mental effects, and any physical injuries taken will heal. I would advise putting it out of your mind.

Inmate Mako Nakarai, the materials for the memorial you requested is ready. You may see a remote unit at the entrance to Sector 0 when you wish to begin. Inmate Eridan Ampora, the remodeling work has been completed and you are free to begin construction.

...As a reminder to all inmates, sexual intercourse is still forbidden until my review of the prohibition is concluded. Inmates Neil Dylandy and Lacus Clyne, please consider yourselves especially reminded.