[Video/Action - Open]
23 August 2010 at 11:22 pm
[Dressed in her school uniform, Kairi seemed to be out and about. Already walking down a street. More than likely set out for the library if anyone knew her well enough. The strap of her bag can be seen as well, cutting firmer into her shoulder than usual. As if to confirm that she might have her work really cut out for her. Despite that, she was addressing anyone who happened to see her with a curious expression.]

There really were a lot of new faces the other day. But I've heard that there were familiar ones, too! Did anyone get a chance to see any friends of theirs? Did you get the chance to have a good time together?

Also, I was thinking of going out, well, "shopping" after school. Would anyone be interested in going? [Because she could still get pretty lost around there. But for some reason, she was really in the mood to go out and just nose around. Blame Selphie's shopping sprees.]
[Action | Open]
23 August 2010 at 06:56 pm
[Cloth shopping bag in hand, Rei is on her way to the convenience store before she visits the Butterfly Pavillion to think for awhile. First thing's first - she's planning on making Dotenabe tonight, so she'll need to restock her vegetable supply. If all goes well, she might even invite Kid for dinner. She's no great hand at cooking yet, but she's determined, which has served her well in the past.

There's a lot on her mind - Kid, Shinji, all the adventures of yesterday - so she seems a little distracted as she picks up packages of tofu looking for the right firmness. In fact, she may have been staring at the same package of tofu for several minutes now. Anyone wanna snap her out of it?]

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23 August 2010 at 09:46 pm
They're really gone huh.

Can't say I'm complaining too much. Tch. Fucking asshole.

[Faith is in yo shelter, checking out her wounds. Well, what's left of her wounds from yesterday. Thankfully she's healed a little bit so most of the real ugly stuff has faded to black bruises down her arms and some cuts. It's like the fight with Angelus never happened! Lie]
17 August 2010 at 05:22 pm
[After staring at the device for so long, he finally tried it on and fiddled with it....then he found out that it was on.] Tch.

[He was moved to a new imprisonment and no sigh of his sister or anyone else he knew. He appeared emotionless, not surprised or anything.]

Magic or not, this move was unexpected.
voice/ video | action; open~
17 August 2010 at 03:33 pm
[ Sitting nestled in one of the Shelter couches, she fiddles with the device curiously after turning it over a few times in her palm. Button press here, button press there - looking up placidly in between to see who's near or around her. For a period of twenty to thirty seconds the audio comes on, catching the just the noise of the common room, rustling fabric and a girl's sigh.

She's holding the device up when the video feed starts, catching her chin and shoulder before a brief glimpse of her face. Then it falls to her lap where her hand covers the lens. ]
Am I supposed to wear this? ...It's so tacky.

17 August 2010 at 01:49 pm
[Concerned girl is concerned.]

There is a lot of sudden new people arriving today, aren't they? Well, Acumen said that he is going to fix it. Just wondering, but do you guys found anyone from your world visiting?

[Maybe the question can distract some of the madness going on here.]
16 August 2010 at 11:16 pm
[Isn't this a familiar sight?]

[There is a BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW unicorn sparkling as it GALLOPS RIGHT ON UP TO YOU. YUP.]


ooc: feel free to attack/destroy/eat the unicorn for the unicorn still has many lives left and it will just come back!
10 August 2010 at 12:33 am
[Live from the convenience store, here's the Peregrine Mendicant, blinking at the network.] Excuse me, I have a question...

[She holds up a white lobster to the camera, its claws freed from the rubber band restraints and busy snapping away at PM's hands. Not that she seems to mind much.] Does anyone have experience in caring for this kind of animal?
09 August 2010 at 10:19 pm
Dammit, it's hopeless! How could I have let this happen? This is the worst!

[Kid had a little run in with the raptors last night. Kid's hair got clipped on one side of his head during the fight, and not the other. Kid is now crying over the network because of this fact, even though the difference isn't noticeable to anyone who doesn't hold a magnifying glass up to his hair.]
[ Video ]
09 August 2010 at 08:44 pm
Everyone have fun last night with that repeat performance?~
video | action | open
07 August 2010 at 05:05 pm
[ Right, okay, so this was not how she planned her night.

Having a big mess of limbs attack you is quite frightening, indeed. Gaap is not screaming, however, not yelling or questioning why the monster is even around-- she just snaps her fingers to have the disgusting thing disappear, falling into the pitfall that appears underneath it. Another snap of her fingers and she herself falls through a pitfall, reappearing in Sector 1, on some unknown road. With a sigh she turns on the video function, not smirking as she usually would be. ]

Could you bother to tell me who's the fool that let these things loose? They're not -- [ cuts herself off as she spots a -- the lizards approaching. Snap, snap, snap, they're gone, and thrown somewhere else. ] - As I was saying, they're not exactly friendly. But I'm sure [ smirks slightly ] all of you already know that. [ a pause as she looks around, and when she doesn't see any more she lets out a breath of relief. ] ... Not that I'm complaining -- although they are quite troublesome.
Location: Sector 1, by the Kiosk
27 July 2010 at 01:38 pm
In case any of you were wondering, my class is not canceled.

Any students who do not report to math class will be marked absent, and points will be taken off of your grade.
[ Voice || Action ]
27 July 2010 at 09:37 am
Isn' t this just lovely... I'm starting to wonder if anyone learns anything around here. How many times has our warden, past and present, been tampered with now? Perhaps those creators had best work on one that won't get tweaked by one of those that are meant to be kept in check.

Seems like Acumen isn't actually better than Sentience at all. Ironically enough I find myself missing the days were it actually was Sentience in charge. Silly me.~

Should any of you actually feel the need to procreate, please do so far from me. I think I'll be holing myself up at home or at the arcade. Haven't decided which, but I would appreciate it all the same. Thank you!

[This actually means that yes, Joshua will be sneaking to the arcade despite the night time going around and sleeping on a pool table. Because he can and he likes being an inconvenience from time to time. Feel free to catch him on the way there or finding him inside. He'll leave to find something to eat eventually, but for now he's not in the best of moods.

Then after a minute:]

Does this mean school's canceled for today?
[Action (literally!) | Open!]
27 July 2010 at 04:53 am
[Having heard that the new warden was encouraging the best kind of human interaction (aside from sharing a bottle of red from an especially good year), Cross is going to make the most of it. He's out bright and -- okay, maybe dark and early, but it's the right atmosphere, anyway -- looking for a lucky lady.]

[He settles himself on a bench in the park, for now, keeping an eye out for any sweet young things that happen by. After a smoke, he'll strike out again.]

((OOC: Cross is on the prowl~ Feel free to run into him wherever at any point of the day, since he'll be wandering until he finds a bedmate or three -- or just be doing something else; he's happy to interrupt. Post is most certainly wide open, but be aware that if the character is female and attractive and anywhere close to the age of consent, she will be hit on. Hard. &hearts

ETA warning: The thread with Ashura gets quite steamy~))
9th Connection :: [Action/Voice | Open] Bacon tacos of DOOM
27 July 2010 at 03:08 pm
[Early Morning | Action]

[Bless Innovade technology, it was quite possible to set one's own body to wake up at regular times. However, the inner body clocks conflicted with what their eyes could see. Ribbons for one, was quite certain it was morning, but the skies remained dark -- perhaps Miss Lacus' celestial display was malfunctioning?

The next thing that registered in his senses was the smell -- of meat, spices, cheese and most of all, the meaty salty aroma of BACON.

Ribbons slowly crept from his room to go downstairs, where the scent of the food suddenly became stronger. What could possibly -- ?!

He drags a curtain aside, only to find the driveway and the doorstep with


[... and then there was the "morning announcement". If a face meeting palm could be heard all over the prison, then the time is now.]

[Morning | Voice]

[A few moments later, Ribbons placed an open call, clearing his throat.]

Good morning, fellow inmates.

Is... ah... anyone in the mood for tacos? I most specially would like to invite those with voracious appetites.

[He doesn't sound as confident as he did the day before, but... he's trying, in the midst of visualizing what will happen if the whole lot is not consumed/cleaned very soon...]

(( OOC: Ribbons and Hiling are pretty much stuck in their house/lot as it were so feel free to drop by~ |Db ))
25 July 2010 at 01:17 pm
... Here's a question.

What do you do when you can't sleep?

[Given that it's very late, he's not likely to get answers from people who don't have the same problem, but oh well.]
[ voice ]
22 July 2010 at 09:58 pm
Hi everybody... not to put a damper on anyone's afternoon but... I just had a question.

[ Pause. Deep breath. ]

Um... where's the blood gone?

((ooc: I'll be going to bed soon, but threadjacking is a-ok with me.))
[ Video ]
21 July 2010 at 08:58 pm
It's been relatively quiet...

Is this school the reason? If it is... How boring. Better off without it.
video | open
21 July 2010 at 01:22 pm
[ Hello! Have a happy Gaap, Marina. Probably not a good thing. ] Hm~hm~hmm. I've been hearing some interesting things lately, and I was wondering, [ giggles ] who here is human and who here isn't? Why, some of you look to be [ sounding somewhat bitter now ] so innocent, and yet you're not. Who should I be wary of? Who should I stay away from? [ she totally didn't filter this from anyone because she doesn't care. also doesn't know who to filter it from. ]

[ her face twists into a bitter smirk, sounding almost angry - a complete change in tone from her light, happy attitude before. ] ...You know, this place is damn snazzy for a prison. [ pauses. snarling; ] What kind of punishment is this? There's even a school...
[Voice / Action]
21 July 2010 at 02:16 pm
Latios, this isn't funny anymore!

[A certain red-and-white dragon is zooming around everywhere. She is doing so at very fast speed. Apologies for anything light that might be blown about by her passing]

Where are you hiding?

[She will find you big brother :l And then you will be scolded! But first, finding]

((Latios is gone, so she won't actually be finding him. Someone help a poor dragon?))