21 November 2011 at 09:35 pm
[Anyone who walks into the shelter kitchen today will be smacked in the nose by the smell of popcorn. Gino has taken over the place with the stuff and there are at least fifteen bowls at his feet, already filled to the top - and there's more popping in the microwave! Gino looks not in the least bothered by the strong smell, but feel free to ask him what he is even up to.]

Man, Halloween was something else wasn't it? Makes me wonder how everyone celebrates Christmas here. It can't be as crazy as the events Milly used to throw back in Ashford. Probably. Maybe.

Right, anyway. I've got a serious question for you Marina. So think hard about it okay? [we pause for dramatic emphasis]

Red or green?

[context what context!]
12 November 2011 at 10:17 pm
[The Doctor's been behaving himself for a change (more or less), and as the day wanes, can be found seated in the library, pouring over a stack of books. A tower of about eleven books is on his left, and two more stacks totaling twenty-four books in all are arranged to his right. The latter set of volumes constitutes the reading that he's finished in the past hour, the smaller stack being the books he still plans to complete before leaving for the night.]
video | action!
10 November 2011 at 10:56 am
[ oh my God, it's a tiny toy car coming full speed ahead towards the camera, get in the ca --

- that won't save you.

The toy car connects, lighting up in a symphony of very lovely & soothing sounds, while the device's sensors also give out a short 'biiiip.'

The car goes back... then bumps into the camera again. Back. Bump. Lights and noises. Back. Bump. Lights and noises. Back. Bu - ]

They are greeting one another.

[ Yes, there was a young man with the car's remote somewhere in the background. And yes, he is beaming with paternal pride, because lo and behold, his firstborn toy car is making friends.

This assault on the camera's dignity goes on undeterred for yet another five minutes, until one of the poor robots on duty gets in the car's way. Something about the sight of the droid seems to relieve Rai of his humour. ]

...you are not worthwhile.

[ but that moment is gone, the toy car finally steers, and it seems to be up and away, off to find new prey! ]

[ ooc: if you're aiming for action, feel free to have the Tiny Toy Car of DOOM [TM] run into your character. Or there's always Rai! XD ]
[ video | open ] - Backdated to midmorning
09 November 2011 at 09:07 pm
[ Consider yourselves lucky. Diva's good mood has carried over into the new day thanks to all those chocolates she ate. And she's treating you to something very special indeed...

She's putting on a performance from the top of the clock tower for anyone who might happen to be tuning into their network devices or just straying close enough to hear her. She did promise Sanji she'd sing for him, after all, and Diva always kept her promises. At least the ones she remembered.

As the song ends, she holds her eyes closed until the note fades before opening them, an impish smile crossing her lips. ]

Did you enjoy that? I know I did. I should really sing more often~ [ giggle, and she ends the feed. Hopefully, she didn't make anyone too mad with her little performance. ]

((ooc: Don't remember if someone's living at the clock tower, but if there is, feel free to action it up before or after! ETA: Since IJ doesn't like embedding videos, I added it above and repeated it here for you to listen to.))
09 November 2011 at 07:49 pm
[It's the first time D has made a video transmission, and so it's the first time some of the individuals who know of him will have the opportunity to see what he looks like. At least, that's what the situation seems to be at first, but it doesn't take a genius to notice after the first second or two that the tall man sitting with his back against a wall has his broadbrimmed hat tipped forward to shade his face and seems to be asleep. Who's making the transmission, then? For the first few seconds, there's no voice, and no sign of anyone but the pale-skinned dhampir.]

Ah! Finally!

[The voice is coarse, sounding utterly foreign when compared to the almost lordly figure D cuts, and it seems to be coming from off to the side. The image shifts, leaving the resting figure of D off-center as the camera is focused on a hand--a hand that happens to have a face on its palm.]

I was hoping the big guy might actually nod off long enough for me to get a word in edgewise. Hello, Marina! [Yes, there is a sentient parasite in D's hand, and yes, it is bored.]

[ooc: Hiatus still in effect, so I will probably lag, but I'm trying to at least get out enough to meet activity for all of mine.]
09 November 2011 at 07:44 am
While I realize that I'm surrounded by miscreants and other miscellaneous unsavory persons for the duration of my stay in this quaint little place, I would like to remind everyone that it's awfully rude to steal another's belongings. [Popping out for a quick spot of tea in the transdimensional stabilizer unfortunately means that one's things get taken away.]


If I find that it's you who took my things, I guarantee that a cake will not be sufficient recompense for your actions.

[Honestly, what sort of inhumane person steals from a blind old man? That being said, what's the point of being surrounded by so people if one can't make good use of them?]

But, while we wait for the useless bird to emerge from his hiding place, perhaps someone would like to assist me in locating a missing object? I suppose a reward shall have to be provided, for those of you who find yourselves unmotivated by anything less.

[And for those inmates observant and bright enough to put two and two together, they might just find the speaker fits the description of a missing person given by one (1) Anri Sonohara just a few days ago.]
08 November 2011 at 06:19 pm
[ Acumen said that there would be snow tomorrow and has advised all inmates to procure winter clothing. "All inmates" means Artoo. Hey, he doesn't like being cold any more than the next person, right? So, he's in a shop picking out a scarf and hat - green ones. He likes green. ]

08 November 2011 at 05:37 pm
[at the convenience store and clothing shop, picking up some foodstuffs and clothes for Nill and her. geez, she feels so...domestic.]

It's strange. [P A U S E, okay yeah she's going to say something else.] You'd be lucky to get a roof over your head back home, much less food, and yet... You can do that here - and you can eat as much as you want without having to worry about money or keeping a job.

I never thought a life in prison could be...comfortable. [which doesn't mean she likes it, technically but][eyes trail over a pack of unsweetened chocolate. that reminds her :x] I could do without the tricks people play here though.

[private to Nill]

[switches to video just for her] I'm in the store right now. Do you want me to bring anything specific home?
[Action] | [Open]
08 November 2011 at 08:26 pm

Stop this AT ONCE!

[Anyone in the vicinity of Sector 6 may come across a very grumpy, dishevelled Davros. If they don't, they'd probably still be able to hear his outraged voice carrying for miles... Dragging his ball and chain behind him, attached to his Travel Machine, he looks to be on the edge of exploding with anger amongst the other new inmates being shovelled along towards their daily exercise.]

You will desist! I refuse to be treated in such a HRMNurkHIC!

[The tasers soon cause Davros to quiet down. At least until they reach their destination and are taken to perform their individually specified exercise routines around the athletic complex.]

You want me to do WHAT? Do you have any idea how demeaning that...

[The buzzing of tasers starting up soon causes Davros to remember his manners, who proceeds to lift his single arm up and down in a slow manner while wiggling his fingers one by one.]

This is humiliating...

[ooc: Anybody wanting to join in as new, restricted inmates either on the journey to Sector 6 or at the athletic complex itself please mention in your post which is your preference! Also, anyone who just wants to come along and laugh at/pity the silly mass murderer, feel free!]
08 November 2011 at 10:15 am
[ Yes, this guy's finally making a post after harassing you all. A very pretty woman appears on the screen, rather frantic-looking; but she's not quiet for long until- ]


Haruhi, Haruhi, are you here? Answer me if you are! I love you! I promise I didn't neglect you as a child - I hope you don't think that!

Missing person alert! I am looking for a girl named Haruhi Fujioka. She has short dark hair in the cutest pixie cut and big magic brown eyes and probably is dressed like a tomboy. She's about 5'2", Japanese, from Bunkyou-ku, Tokyo! She's fifteen years old and was born on February 4th; she's an Aquarius, her bloodtype is O, and her favorite foods are sushi and strawberries!

If you've seen her here, please let me know! My name is Ranka Fujioka and it is your civil duty to reconnect a child with her parent! Repent for your criminal ways and help me find my daughter!

[ He is about to turn off the communicator, when another idea strikes him... His tone is very ominous and much more- manly. ]

And in case there is some repulsive, over-grown cockroach here by the name of Tamaki Suou-- No doubt you're here for some sex crime, molesting poor innocent girls who don't know any better... If I find out you did anything to my daughter, you won't live to regret it.
[video | action open]
08 November 2011 at 05:21 am
Ooookay, joke's up, I'll bite. Jail? Seriously?--freaking hilarious, sure, and kind of. Elaborate for a "learned your lesson yet?" prank, should this turn out to be one. But hey. I can roll with it. The basket was a nice touch!

Even I have to cry I'm stumped on this one, though. Can't we call it a release on good behavior? I'll be a good girl from now on, won't do it again, promise? No fair trial aside [he-hem], these crimes are stretching just a little, and adding insult to injury... Who goes to prison for disobeying orders?

Right. Me, apparently.


[Shoulders slumping, Steph crouches down a little, showing herself still in her Batgirl suit, as she... pokes one of the bots of the sector she's been running around in, before it turns on her face and zips away.]

... I know, right? Tough crowd.

[Sigh. Anyone who wants to run into a purple vigilante on their sector of choice this morning is free to do so, she'll be doing the Batman and creepin' around until then. Or at least, until waffles are had.]
08 November 2011 at 02:15 am
[At first there is simply silence, broken by the occasional rhythmic tapping of metal on metal, Davros staring into the camera.]

There appears to have been... a misunderstanding.

[His voice has an electronic, ringing tone to it, currently calm and calculated.]

I have overlooked my list of crimes, and I object to such judgemental and base accusations!

[Davros' face paints a clear picture of barely controlled outrage, and it takes him a few seconds to bring himself to a level where he can continue, his voice, however, is still noticeably agitated.]

I do not accept this mockery of a system. On whose authority do you determine the right to imprison and restrict our movements? This AI, this... Acumen?

[He spits out the name like a bad taste, his voice now beginning to increase in pitch, taking on an almost sarcastic tone]

I am not yet ready to be carefully deposited into the nearest care home like some decrepit relic! There is important work to be done! On which note, how exactly am I to continue my activities within this facility? I can hardly perform the suggested exercise or manual labour, and my research is of the utmost importance! To have it interrupted is unacceptable!

[The camera moves to clearer show his lower body, encased in his life support. A ball and chain is haphazardly attached to it]

How many more indignities do you expect me to stand? Is it not enough that I am reduced to the state of an invalid, I must be restricted further as part of some perverse joke?
[video/action | open]
08 November 2011 at 02:15 am
[Amy is looking directly at the communicator, face marked by a strange combination of concern and irritation.]

“Rory, River..."

[There is a slight pause, uncertain if it’s right to try to contact him given all the hassle he just went through to get a lower profile.]

“… Doctor – if anyone can hear this, please tell me what the hell is going on. This isn’t funny. Parental negligence!?"

[Amy is visibly seething.]

“This Acumen needs to get its facts straight. I won’t lie and say I’m innocent of all charges, but don’t you ever dare suggest that I willingly allowed that to happen. And how does it know all this stuff to begin with? Please don’t let this be another one of your damn personifications or whatever again, Doctor.”