First uHH... [Action][Video]
07 June 2011 at 12:12 am
[Way to go Tavros you finally managed to figure out how to work that communicator, how about you use it now and find out what's happening?]

I uhh, am a little confused, as to what's going on, but I think the confident thing to do, would b-be to ask? I am in this new place, are there, uhh, other people here? Convicts? Or uhh, p-people like me that are unsure as to what they did wrong? Because I do not really do bad things, so, I am not sure why I am here, but I guess I had to do something wrong t-to be here, so, uhh, that might be why I am here...I like all these cute animals though, they are nice...

[The rambling is probably a little hard to get through, but Tavros seems to shut up, waiting for some sort of response as he digs through the basket some more. Hey, maybe that feline close by would like a pretzel?]

[He tries to coax a cat over to him.]

[It's not really working... Probably a good thing to, Tavros is a little allergic to cats...]
07 June 2011 at 12:33 am


[ look at this cute little guy, tinkering his way to your eyeballs with his newly-acquired, newly-fangled doo-hickey. he clearly has no fucking idea what he's doing or that you can even see him and his elaborate flail routine. all this muttering that you may think is addressed to you is actually addressed to himself. and the more and more he talks, the more and more you get the feeling that he's about to implode out of nerves. ]

This is stupid this is stupid this is stupid this is stupid this is stupid this is stupid this is shit. I've never gone prison-bad, I don't suit prison, look at my face, not even really fancy ones like this, I can't keep hold of the soap at the best of times, how can A-cumin expect me to deal with this and this stupid ball and its stupid chain friend.

Man. Sis'd be so disappointed in me.
[video | action]
07 June 2011 at 08:26 am
[The video flickers on to reveal Sebastian bending over and placing something on a long table. Once he's standing it is easy to see that the table is nearly completely filled with foods of all different types, both fancy and common. His attention is focused on both the camera and some place that's out of the camera's view - he takes his attention from that for a moment, though to address the camera with a smile.]

Good morning, everyone. How are you all? You will have to forgive my interruption to your day, especially to those newcomers who are most certainly distressed at their current situation. I do hope you all will grow accustomed quickly and find comfort in knowing that this is hardly the worst place you could find yourself. Perhaps you will find some comfort in what I am about to say.

[He moves the camera a little so that the focus is more on the food than himself, though he's still visible in the corner of the shot.]

I would like to invite anyone who has yet to eat their morning meal to the Phantomhive mansion in sector five. It seems that Young Master has taken his leave from the prison and so I have made too much food to simply allow it to go to waste. This isn't only for the people who have only arrived today, of course; those who have been here for a longer period of time are most certainly welcome as well. There should be enough food here for everyone who decided to join me.

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07 June 2011 at 09:41 am
[There is a sleepy Pokemon nestled into a random corner of the clocktower. Considering this isn't where she went to sleep 'last night', Latias is naturally rather confused when she wakes up and blinks at her surroundings]

[Communicator goes on! Sleepy dragon is sleepy] I don't remember going to sleep up here last...did someone move me after I fell asleep? [Yaaaawn]

It's kind of comfortable though...maybe I should sleep up here more often.
[Action | Closed | Forward-dated to late afternoon]
07 June 2011 at 09:50 am
PM ♕ Prospitian Monarch
[With preparations for the Almark-Care reunion complete, all that is left is for PM to make the call. After Acumen's morning announcement, she would be surprised if Hiling didn't figure things out before getting here. ...assuming she even heard it. With that in mind, PM settles into the sofa and sets the filter. She blurts everything out a little too fast.]

[Private | Hiling Care]

Greetings, Hiling, could you join us for dinner? I have not seen you much this past week...

Oh, and you need to meet WV in person, as well as our special guest...! So, could you please come by?

((ooc: Sorry for the time shenanigans! With four of us plus different schedules, we wanted to make decent progress within the IC day.))
[ Action/Voice/Video | Open | Voice Broadcast ]
07 June 2011 at 10:03 am
[ Greed’s bar seems to have been awarded its first bum, if looks can be anything to go by. The man drifts by the entrance, casually looking it up and down, his hands stuffed deep inside of his hoodie. His head is covered by a knit beanie, the only evidence of his face just a tuft of stubble. ]

[ A voice breaks through the Marina main broadcasting feed, casual even if his lips are hinting at a smirk ]

So what time does Happy Hour begin on induction day? I feel like there’s a missed opportunity for the proprietor here.

[ There's two reasons for being her: One, he needs a stiff drink, and besides this bar there is another club where there's something wholly unhuman serving the liquor. Two, a bar is a decent social scene. Perhaps he can get some answers as to what is going on and, this early, it's less likely that people are drunk quite yet. Maybe. God, is this place for real? He's been in some very strange situations before, but this definitely takes the cake. If he was ready to be thrown into prison before, this has shaken his views a little. ]

And yeah, that was an invitation for anyone else wanting to get an early start. Or for anyone wanting to come actually tend the bar. Much appreciated.

(( OOC: If your character recognizes Nick, please refrain from telling him Maya is still here. Edgeworth is ok because I don't think he'd be so discouraged from drinking if he found his former rival was out there. He got up a little later than Maya's broadcast - maybe you did as well? PS, he could be at the club if you'd rather be there. ))
07 June 2011 at 12:14 pm
Ken Murata
[ after waking up in a koi pond, and then simply lying in it for long enough to guess what happened -- which didn't take very long, really; he doesn't remember said pond, but he recognizes the sky of the domed prison well enough -- Murata has begun to suspect Acumen doesn't like him.

oh well... he climbs out of the pond and drips on the grass for a moment before turning on his communicator. ]

[ voice ]

The koi pond is a very nice addition to things, I must say. Though I think the fish might be a little angry with me!

I think I should probably take a bath...

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01 Introduction [Video]
07 June 2011 at 12:36 pm
[The video comes up on a beautifully composed woman. She's not panicked, incensed or desperate. She's wearing a slate blue, silk gown and her dark hair is all around her shoulders. When she speaks it is articulate and cool]

I'd like to speak to the Warden, please. Barring that, the highest member of any functioning government will do.

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[ Voice | Closed ]
07 June 2011 at 01:14 pm
Neil Dylandy / Lockon Stratos (I)
[ Encrypted / Private to the CB Meisters ]
I'm going to be quick. Hiling assaulted Lacus. Did anyone else know about this before I did? [ Here's looking at you, Tieria. ]

And now he's back. [ Despite that initial annoyance, Neil sounds not like himself. He sounds... drained. Stretched. ] Someone... tell me... What am I supposed to do? [ Where is his direction? What are his options? ]

[ Private to Ribbons ]
Acumen always has impeccable timing, Ribbons Almark. [ He's calm. Too calm. ] I hope that request you made was for something that can hold your brat loose cannon of a sister back, because she's getting out of control.
07 June 2011 at 03:20 pm
Oh my... [There is a plant girl in the park, kneeling in a patch of flowers and gently running her hands over them] The plants here have grown different...I cannot imagine that such a time has passed to let them grow so much. It feels like none has passed at all...yet the trees are welcoming me again.

[She carefully gets to her feet and brushes her dress off] I suppose I must have been lost then. Would someone be willing to tell me what day it is?

[And in the meanwhile, she's going to go say hello to Ammy's tree. It is blooming beautifully, and it is as peaceful as ever]
[video/open | action/closed]
07 June 2011 at 05:38 pm
Ryoji Mochizuki
[video / filtered from Euphemia]

[Ryoji's face is somewhat taut, somewhat anxious, somewhat humoured by the situation. Oh, and what a situation it is.]

Can someone do me a favour? I had a bit of a mishap with my clothing, [sheepishly, but not particularly embarrassed, just honest.]


[Later in the day! Ryoji is just chilling outside the ice rink, waiting for Euphemia.

Get it? Chilling? He's wearing pants, though.
[voice // public]
07 June 2011 at 05:47 pm
Hoshigaki Kisame
[The post starts in silence, with little but the roar of the sea and cries of the gulls to fill it; after a moment, Kisame lets out a noise somewhere between an exasperated sigh and a monster yawn.]

I've never seen a prison with a beach or brochures before.... This is a really nice place you've all got, here. Very welcoming. The basket is a nice touch, though I can't say much for the choice of accessories we're welcomed with..... No accounting for taste, I guess. Ugh.

[A grinding, scraping noise punctuates his comment--likely the sound of a ball-and-chain being dragged through sand or mud. A ridiculously heavy one to hear it, if the weight can be properly conveyed through sound alone. A moment of contemplative silence, and he chuckles.]

Is this really all there is to it? Living in isolation with full amenities until we die of natural causes or whatever? Or do the torture and interrogation come in later? Not that I'm complaining or anything, haha, I just mean this seems more like....well, more like deportation than imprisonment, I guess. Or something. I don't know. I was expecting something a lot more painful and uncomfortable than this, I'll admit. Prison usually isn't a very pretty or pleasant place. I do like the scenery so far though, I'll admit.

......So, uh, listen. My name is Hoshigaki Kisame. If anyone who knows my name is in here, please contact me. And if.... if anybody knows if Uchiha Itachi is around here, that'd also be really helpful, I'd appreciate it a lo--ghhk!

[There's the sound of splashing water, and Kisame splutters indignantly, the high chattering laugh of a dolphin easily heard in the background.]

Why don't you come back here and say that to my face, jerk? Hey--!

[A much louder splash follows; Kisame splutters and coughs again, and a series of splashes and the heavy rasping groan of his weight dragging along behind him follows before he cuts the post short; it seems he's going in after his mischievous new friend, though not without his share of difficulty. At least from the sound of his laughter, it seems more like he's had his pride ruffled than actually been upset by the interruption.]
[ video ]
07 June 2011 at 06:27 pm
Dr. Gregory House, MD
[ He's silent for a moment. This new memory -- no, it couldn't be a memory, but -- well, it came out of nowhere. Except that wasn't true, either. It came from somewhere in his brain, which meant either it was a real memory or a hallucination. A bad reaction from the stimulation, maybe made worse because of the vicodin? ]

Stop the carousel, Chase. Ate too much cotton candy and now it's time for little Timmy to get off and vomit.

[ And nothing happens. He's still hallucinating. Mmkay. ]

Hey. Moron. It's not working, as in, time to stop.

[ Inspecting the weird digital S&M mask he came equipped with now, as he continues to ramble in not so much a nervous way, but in order to walk himself through this bizarre occurrence of sci-fi and crime drama. ]

Yeah, yeah, I get it. Under the ocean minus the reggae and sexy redhead mermaid. Sounds like the opposite of fun. [ another brief pause, as he grunts and fails at trying to get up ] And where the hell is my cane?
07 June 2011 at 06:36 pm
Kon Shinonome
[lots of rustling and shaking noises, since Kon's taken off his headset to examine it. He looks pretty out of place - the man in the long robes with the wooden geta sandals] ...Huh. Looks like those goggles... [sticks it back on his head and looks around]

This is my second time, so I really shouldn't be surprised. [sighs, rubs his head] So - question.

If I try to take a shower, will these robots follow me in?
07 June 2011 at 09:08 pm
Aoyagi Ritsuka
[The feed opens on a clean, lonely cot in the abandoned clinic, the once white sheets now a faded gray, but still stark in comparison to the dark figure huddled in the middle of the cot. His name is Ritsuka, though he doesn't know if he should even be calling himself that anymore. His face is far too young to wear this expression: his brow knotted with worry, exhaustion hollowing his dark purple eyes. He sits with his knees drawn up to his chest, his bandaged hands hugging his shins along with a sleek black tail. Two cat ears lie almost flat against his black hair, all the more bizarre for his additional set of very human ears. The contents of the welcome basket are strewn about him, jelly beans dotting the sheets with little buttons of color, and the pamphlet lying in a wrinkly mess at his feet.

He glances at the communicator and turns his face away once more, his cheeks flushing with color as he frowns very hard at his knees. It's taken him a while to get enough courage to turn on the communicator, and he will not ruin it all by crying now.

He breathes deeply through his nose and speaks in a voice trembling with forced calm.]

If anyone's there, can you tell me where I can find a place to stay?