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October 12th, 2015

Mod Post: Fall season

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Just in case it needs to be said, this is a terrific season for inspiration - Fall, Spring (in the Southern Hemisphere), Halloween, Samhain, Harvest, Day of the Dead/All Saints Day, Columbus Day, etc.

If you want to take on a Fall challenge for the community, feel free to post drabbles, recs, stories, art, icons, wallpapers, etc. any time this month and into next month. Did I mention recs?

You're always welcome to request prompts or ideas from the community.

You're also welcome to point out places where people can participate with Lupin/Snape content.

So, enjoy the season, and share with us if you feel inspired!

love, lore

August 31st, 2013

Summer Challenge + a question

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Our challenge this summer is a simple one. Snape and Lupin want you to tell us:

"What We Did On Our Summer Vacation"

I'm calling this a summer challenge because we're going to keep the theme, although I will be back in July and maybe August to give additional challenge ideas.

As usual, anything goes with a Lupin_Snape challenge. You can create any medium or offer any kind of discussion or commentary, as long as it at least touches on the idea of the challenge. So, anything about summer, sun, vacations, school, summer breaks, etc. will work for this challenge.

The deadline for this challenge is flexible, as it runs all summer. Let's say August 31, even if we pick a new challenge for August. If you need any help brainstorming ideas, come into chat or make a reply here.

The tag for this challenge is prompt: summer vacation.

My question is, where are you guys hanging out lately? I know you don't all come by the journals every day anymore and it's easy for these challenge posts (and others!) to get buried too far back for you to see them. If there were places to announce posts, I'd be happy to do it. So, tell me - where would you like to see Lupin_Snape announcements made?

*HUGS COMMUNITY MEMBERS* Hope to "see" you this summer!

love, lore

March 10th, 2013

Happy Birthday, Remus + March Challenge, etc.

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First, Happy Birthday, Remus Lupin! You're 53 today, which in Wizarding years means you just might be entering middle-age. Let's assume Severus has cured your lycanthropy by now. ^_^

Remus' birthday is always on-topic all March long, but in addition, the challenge for the remainder of the month will be:

Lambs and Lions (Twilight crossovers optional)

Let's face it, before vampires sparkled, we had a wolf who wore lamb's clothing and a snake hiding a lion's heart. Or something like that; it all depends on how you interpret Remus and Severus. And that's your challenge for the month, to think outside the box and interpret Lambs and/or Lions to write a drabble or story or create art, essays, discussions or any other posts you can imagine.

Challenge ends March 31, but, as always, if you post later, your entry will always be welcome.

As a reminder, we have "zmember" tags now. If you want to go back through the community and tag your posts with "zmember: yourusername", or just start using the tag from now on, please feel free. You'll have to poke me if you weren't in Snupin Santa to make the tag "real". Tags that aren't validated by me will remain invisible until I mess with them, but if you add it, the tag is still there, if invisible. Also, once a tag is visible, any member is welcome to add zmember tags to old posts you might visit.

Finally, I will continue to make challenge prompt tags, even when there's only one entry, such as February's "Kiss, Kill, Combined". If I missed your entry, please let me know!

love, lore

May 29th, 2012

Mod Post: June challenge - Snape/Lupin and the Philosopher's Stone

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15 years ago, on June 30, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was released in England. To celebrate, let's put together stories/art/icons/knitting/etc. involving Snape and Lupin during the summer and first year of Harry's time at Hogwarts. So, the name of this challenge is simply:

HPPS 15 years of Harry Potter Magic - with an image of the very first Harry Illustration for Bloomsbury

Now, remember when I said that Postcards and Letters would be the sub-challenge for the next few months? This is why, because one way you could approach Snape/Lupin in HPPS is to show us their correspondence.

Ideas for this challenge off the top of my head, just to get you thinking:
Snape and Remus (apart or together) spy on Harry during the summer he receives his letter to Hogwarts.
Snape and/or Remus are part of the letter-delivery crew that plagues the Dursleys.
Remus wants to know how Harry's been and thinks Snape will tell him.
Snape wants to know why Remus stayed away so long.
Remus has doubts about getting to know Harry again because....
Harry's birthday falls on a full moon that year.
Remus surreptitiously watches Harry play Quidditch.
It's Remus or Snape who urges DDore to give Harry his cloak/take him away from the Mirror.
One or both observe Harry at the Mirror.
What are Snape and Lupin doing while Harry/Ron/Hermione face the Tests and find the Stone?
Remus or Snape or both know Nicolas Flamel/deliver him the news about the Stone being a target.

The tag for this challenge is - prompt: HPPS
The tag for the letters and postcards sub-challenge is - prompt: postcards/letters

You can add both tags, as well as fic or art ratings, etc., whenever they apply. And please use the tags. It will make attempting a masterlist at the end of the challenge much easier. Anyone can add an existing community tag to entries, so if you want to be helpful and add missing tags, please feel free.

The HPPS Challenge ends June 30! If you have any questions or need some encouragement, reply here or contact me in any of the numerous ways there are to get a hold of me. Remember, any creative or academic pursuit of this prompt is welcome. You don't have to be a creator to participate. Discussion posts, a link list, a single rec, or an essay or web layout or just about anything goes as long as it involves at least one of our men and touches on the challenge.

Hope we see lots of new and interesting posts this month to celebrate the very beginnings of our fandom! Don't forget to encourage the posters with your comments, too. *hugs community*

love, lore

April 16th, 2012

Mod Post: Challenges April-August?, where else you can spread Snape/Lupin love....

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Arrgh! I won't go into personal explanations, but it's been a busy two months. Your overall challenge for April - June is:

Postcards and Letters

There's going to be sub-challenges to this in May and June - Dark side and 15th anniversary of first book. However, in a few days, I hope to organize an actual postcard exchange. So, feel free to get started on anything related to postcards and letters for this month, but be thinking ahead on what and how much you want to produce through June!

Also, I'd like a show of hands interested in a second round of a Remix exchange to run in July and August.

There's a fic search here that could use more help.

The Crack Broom is having a special Free-Flying month. I am guessing they might skip the normal June Free Flying month because of this change, so get a Snape/Lupin rec in for stories or art while you can. The community has created a new "collaboration" tag, if that inspires anyone.

Finally, while the Snupin LDWS has the minimum number of participants for this round, there's still room left on the participant roster. Sign up fast if you're interested, and I do encourage you to give it a try if you're on the fence. It's a good writing challenge and the feedback was always helpful and encouraging.

I encourage you all to cross-post to more than one community when posting so you can reach the widest audience possible. Lupin_Snape exists on LJ, IJ and DW (and JF and DJ, but I doubt people are looking there too often). Links are on the sidebar.

More when I get more time to breathe!
love, lore

January 28th, 2012

Challenge: A month of Love/Not Love

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For February, we're going to try for one-person, one-day weekday posting on the themes of "love" or "not love", your choice. You can post anything on your day - it doesn't have to be a story or drawing - so I'm encouraging lurkers to come out for one single day for this challenge.

The purpose of this challenge is not only to generate a month of posts, but to help us all come together again as community members after a year of special projects. We only need 21 people to sign-up. So, pick a date (or a range of dates in case there's overlap in requests), reply to the original post, and let's celebrate our favourite men with some love...or not love.

Wednesday - February 1 - [info]knowmefirst
Thursday - February 2 - [info]islandsmoke
Friday - February 3 - [info]rip_von_christ/Omni_sama
Monday - February 6 - [info]marauderswolf
Tuesday - February 7 - [info]karasu_hime
Wednesday - February 8 - [info]midlagedfangirl
Thursday - February 9 - [info]nepenth
Friday - February 10 - [info]nimrod_9
Monday - February 13 - [info]snapealina
Tuesday - February 14 - [info]celandineb
Wednesday - February 15 - [info]fabledtruant
Thursday - February 16 - [info]stasia
Friday - February 17 - [info]stoicstella
Monday - February 20 - [info]rkold
Tuesday - February 21 - [info]azure_rosa
Wednesday - February 22 - [info]laventadorn
Thursday - February 23 - [info]malnpudl
Friday - February 24 - [info]geri_chan
Sunday - February 26 - [info]akatnamedeaster/Someoldcat - Whoo! Weekend!
Monday - February 27 - [info]shadowycat
Tuesday - February 28 - [info]bonfoi
Wednesday - February 29 - [info]phantaz_magoria

WHOO! All spots taken! That's 21 days of Snape and Lupin in February! If you missed out on this round of sign-ups, feel free to reply here with any weekend date (Saturday or Sunday) in February and I'll add you to the list.

There are prompt/post inspiration posts on LiveJournal and InsaneJournal if you need help coming up with a post. If you have any questions, fee free to ask! Otherwise, leave your reply at the link below (I'm consolidating sign-ups to one place - anonymous comments are fine, but leave a way for me to confirm with you) and I'll update this post once a day at least as sign-ups come in. Be sure to skim the comments to see if the date you want is taken. It will be first-come, first served sign-ups.

Sign-up here:

love, lore

January 27th, 2012

Prompt post for February Challenge!

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We're holding a weekday challenge in February on the theme of Love/Not Love, which was one of the first challenges I issued when I took on modding here. So, we're harkening back to it now! I'm hoping that 21 of you will volunteer to post on the theme or Love or Not Love for one weekday in February. Any kind of post will do - discussion, drabbles, drawables, photos, rec lists, etc. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and please don't be afraid to de-lurk for one day for this challenge.

Ahead of sign-ups, please feel free to use this post to reply with prompt or post ideas for the volunteers to use, if they wish. Thanks, everyone!

There's a post on Livejournal for you to look at or enter in as well.

love, lore

April 22nd, 2011

Mod Post: Catch-up, BLU news, MINI-BLU challenge, etc.!

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Good gawd, these DoS attacks all over are killing fandom. Or at least my ability to get to it!

BLU2 Update: We've had a writer drop out, so priority #1 is to find a new writer. Anyone feeling up for it? I'm extending the post start date into June, so you would still have over a month to write. I need to get my communication on with the writers and artists I haven't heard from yet....

In case of Fandom Emergency: You should know that there is a Lupin_Snape on Dreamwidth. If both IJ and LJ are making you crazy, you are always welcome to post on DW and add linking posts on the other Lupin_Snapes when the sites are back up. I'll try to add all the links to all the journals. If anyone knows how to make a syndication feed of the DW Lupin_Snape on IJ and/or LJ, and vice versa on DW for the other two, please, could you do that and let us know? Thanks!

Linking: As you may have noticed, the Snupin_Prophet is dormant again. This means that your fellow fans are relying on you to let them know when you spot Snape/Lupin content outside of the Lupin_Snape communities. Your posts don't have to be pretty, but they would be helpful and welcome. I try to add material that I find to my memories on all 3 journal platforms if anyone is looking for fresh material. You don't have to wait for me to share a link, either, you're welcome to post it yourself. That said, if you just can't post on your own, I will happily take links over email and share them as I can. Today's quick and dirty link is the Daily Deviant masterlist for March, which had several Snape/Lupin pieces:

Challenge schedule through August:
April - May: Mini BLU (to be explained)
May: Encourage all to check out The Lusty Month of May Challenge
June: Year-Long Challenge Catch-up, BLU begins posting
July: BLU finishes posting
July-August: Hurt-Comfort Fest (a prompt fest like Fantasy Fest)
August: Sign-ups for Snupin Santa will open omg!

Mini-BLU Challenge! - Imma gonna make this as simple as I can:

Artists - Post a drawable to the Lupin_Snape communities and I will snag it and post it on the Big Bang (BLU) web site.

Writers - Reply to the art posts with drabbles or ficlets and I will use my mad copy and pasting skillz to add your work to the art. If you write something longish, you can post it separately on the community, but you must link back to the art, and you must tag your work! (community project: mini-blu). I'll take text files at the mod mail if you want to save me C&P time, but it's not required.

Potential Problemz - I'm not going to know exactly how to arrange stories and art together until I see what kind of turn-out a piece gets. Also, authors are unlikely to get a by-line on the BLU site. So, members, please be vigilant about leaving comments on the art and story posts for this mini-bang.

The Point - This is to let the artists who didn't have time to produce full works of art and our members who don't feel confident with writing longer works in on the fun! Don't get caught up in creating something at the same level as the other BLU pieces. This mini-challenge will have its own tag on the site and no one should be expecting more than some yummy bites to tide us over until BLU2 goes live.

Sound fun? (I hope so...) Deadline is June 10 for both drawables and drabbles!

I know it's Easter Weekend, so expect some modly references back here next week. Be safe, eat candy and pet fuzzy things, even if they're just your families. ~_^

love, lore

February 5th, 2011

Mod Post: February Challenge, spreading the BB Art Focus word

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Kisses post on LiveJournal: More prompts and fills here!

Challenge: February Kisses

Warm or cold, romantic or violent, telling or dismissive - who doesn't want a kiss in February? In this month's challenge, you can ask for a kiss, give one, or both. Anyone should be able to play, even if you don't feel you have a creative side. Read on....

Steps to participate:
  • Reply here with a kiss-related prompt and put "Request" in the subject line. It doesn't have to be nice, it doesn't have to be long. In fact, it's a short month, I'm encouraging prompters to keep it on the simple side. Your involvement in the challenge can end here, but I hope it won't. ^_^

  • Look at the prompts and pick one that appeals to you.

  • Create or find something that somehow fulfills the prompt. It can be drabbles, art, stick figures, photo stories, images from the internet (not hotlinked), haiku, a quote, icons, or whatever your mind can come up with in response to the prompt you choose. Any rating and any "tone" (angst or romance, etc.) accepted.

  • No need to claim, prompts can be used by anyone, multiple times.

  • Either post a reply to the prompt or post to the community, crediting the prompter, with the tag "prompt: february kisses". Your post may also count toward the Year-Long Challenge.

Multiple prompts may be made, but try to keep your number of prompts on the reasonable side. There's no limit to how many prompts any one person can fill for the month. Challenge ends February 28, although late entries are always accepted.

If you need prompt inspiration, a basic format would be: a place, an object, a setting, optional additional character/s. But a prompt can also be a bit of lyric, a picture or something else entirely. The basic format is just for people who need some direction to get started.

I hope Severus and Remus will have many good and bad kisses this month! Many thanks to P-for-Polkadots for letting me steal and adapt her challenge for the month. If you'd like to play with this challenge in wider pool of characters, see P's original Kisses challenge post, also running this month, here.

I have a confession to make. Your mod is a terrible promoter. I need to spread the word about the Snupin Big Bang: Bigger, Longer and Uncut 2, Art Focus to the wider fandom. Some of you have already made posts in your journals or other communities, and I appreciate that so very much. But I know I have some work to do, too.

If you have any ideas or suggestions of where you'd like to see the BB advertised, please let me know. I know that I find it annoying when a challenge shows up everywhere on my flist, so I'd love your suggestions of where to begin and where the BB notice might be welcome. I'll work on spreading the word on Sunday...because fandomers hate the Super Bowl, right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. ~_^ Don't be surprised if I wait until Monday! Anyway, thank you for any kicks in the pants that you can give me! ♥ all!

love, lore

December 31st, 2010

Last Call for Dec: Year-Long Challenge + January challenge, SS wrap, Art BB

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Today's your last day to get in a post for the Year-Long Challenge: A Decade of Snape/Lupin.

Remember, you can mix and match your entries. If you're looking for quickie ideas, you can consult a suggestion list here. Don't forget to use the community tag for your entry - project: a decade of ssrl.

January's challenge is relatively simple: Reposting & Commenting
Time for some rest and catch-up! If you have a piece that has only appeared in another community or your journal, you are welcome to repost it to the community in January.

Members, as always, this would be a good month to leave comments on the pieces you view. Nothing makes a creator's day like a spare "read and liked" from someone new.

--->In that same vein, it is customary to thank the mods of [info]snupin_santa before or at the reveal. I didn't write the particpant list this year, but I wanted to remind everyone of this tradition.

--->I'll be opening the Art Big Bang sometime after the Snupin Santa reveals. Again, artists will be turning in art and writers will be creating stories for the art pieces. I haven't nailed down exactly how this is going to work. If you've participated in an Art BB or want to weigh in with your thoughts, you can reply here or contact me in any number of ways that you know. ^_^

Have a safe, joyous New Year, everyone! ♥ ♥ ♥

July 11th, 2010

Lupin_Snape Fantasy Fest - Claiming Rules & Prompt Lists!

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Be sure to check your claims after I have confirmed them, to make sure I marked off the right prompts for you.

Please read the following claim rules carefully and follow them. It will help me organize the claims lists and keep my sanity. I am taking claims on both IJ and LJ this time around, rather than herd you all to one journal or the other. This means, though, that if you do not follow both claim posts, you might make a claim on a prompt that's already been taken.

So, PLEASE check both prompt posts before claiming. I really hate saying "no" and a claim is not official until I confirm it. LiveJournal Claims Post || InsaneJournal Claims Post

==>This year, there is a drabble/drawable period that begins now and lasts through July 31. No fantasy drabbles my be claimed after July 31. Story and art claims may be posted beginning now (hee!) and ending August 31. In other words, the drabblers are going to keep the community entertained while the story/art people work. However, if a story or art is finished before the end of July, please feel free to post and go back for more claims!<==

Rules for Claiming a Request, including word counts, posting issues and timelines - Read before making a claim )

And now the prompts!

Drabble/Drawable prompts )

Art prompts )

Story prompts )

Deadlines: July 31 for drabble/drawables, August 31 for stories and art

In case it's not clear, the masterlist will reveal who made which prompt. However, once a post has been made, if you wish to reveal yourself as the prompter in your comments, I have no problem with that.

During these next two months, other posts from members are welcome, but everyone is encouraged to participate if interested. There will be no other challenge prompts for July or August, however, we will be offering discussion questions and fun while waiting for the first wave of submissions to hit. If you have any discussions you'd like to see take place, post here or send email.

Finally, thanks to everyone who spread the word about prompts and to [info]karsau_hime for helping me compile the prompt lists (back to the poll if we do this again). You guys are the greatest! *HUGS*

love, lore

May 1st, 2010

Mod Post: May challenge - Lusty Month of May tie-in

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First, I want to thank all the participants of April Showers. What a great, creative month of Snape/Lupin you gave us! We might just want to do this again next year, so take a bow! ♥

Our May challenge is a tie-in with a fellow community, [info]pervy_werewolf, which is all about writing Remus in smutty situations. Pervy's May challenge is always the Lusty Month of May, and, with mod permission, we're going to tie into it this month.

Your challenge is to simply visit the Lusty Month rules and make one post there with Lupin/Snape as the pairing, using one of the three different posting tiers offered for LMoM.

Here are the rules for the month, and here's a link to a description of the different tiers. ONE post is all you need to participate for the Lupin_Snape May challenge. And remember, PG13 is the lowest rating allowed for the challenge, but if you're uncomfortable with outright smut, some romance and/or heavy petting or the allusion to some will do as well.

When you post at Pervy, please come back here and give us a link to your post so we know it's for the challenge. If you are under the age of 18, you're welcome to bring your post here and only go with a PG13 or less romance level.

Finally, if you're willing to take on the whole Lusty Month, you've only got a little while left, but it's still doable! Good luck!

Members, lots of good Snape/Lupin content over there already. The writers and artists need encouragement, so be sure to comment if you read!

love, lore

March 24th, 2010

Challenge sign-up: Snupin Showers

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A long time ago, the Lupin_Snape community on LJ not only was created in April, but its first popular challenge also took place in that month: April Showers. This April, I'd like to see us celebrate by having new content every day of the month. And we'll call this challenge....

~*~*~*~ Snupin Showers! ~*~*~*~

Here's what we're looking for - One person in charge of posting Lupin/Snape content on one assigned day in April. I'm hoping we can get 30 different people to take part in this challenge, so be sure to spread the word far and wide or consider what you can do yourself.

Content you can offer: Discussion topics (retreads fine!), essays, icons, recs, photos, photomanips, sketches, drabbles, ficlets, stories, full-blown art, link lists, craft projects, comparisons (what else reminds you of Snape/Lupin?), and then any other Snupiny post of which you can possibly imagine.

Rules of a sort: One post on the day is fine; more is also fine if you're that inspired. Post sometime in the 24 hours on your day, no worries if you're in an odd timezone. Others may post at any time during the month; you don't have to hold back just because it's not your day. I'll send reminders each week to the people signed up for that week.

Sound good? I'll be maintaining the sign-up list below the cut. First come, first served!

Sign-up for April! )

Remember, we need people to go early as well as late. Also, please only sign up once, either on LJ or IJ. Finally, if we don't get all 30 days covered, I'll open up the sign-ups for second days, but I'm hoping we won't have to do that. So, here's to hoping we'll be drenched by Snupin Showers this April!

love, lore

August 1st, 2009

August on Lupin/Snape

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As previously mentioned, [info]lore is taking the month off, so I'll be sitting in this month. If you have any questions or problems, you can direct them to scribbulusink @ throughout August, and then lore will be back at the helm in September.

The desktop calendar for August is by [info]glockgal! You can find the desktop calendar for this month and the remainder of 2009 here.

Current Events:

The Retro Fest has been extended through the end of August, so if you see a prompt you want or got stalled out on the prompt you chose, you've still got time to participate.

If you're interested in participating in the Rec Event this month, there are still open days, and we can always double up on dates if there's enough interest. More info and the sign-up calendar are here on IJ and here on LJ.

Up-Coming Events:

On August 17, sign-ups for Snupin Santa 2009 will open! A post with the rules and sign-up template will be posted later this weekend so you can be thinking about what kind of prompts you want to request when the sign-ups go live.

Elsewhere on the Net:

HP Revival is a new community for posting your older works. It's multi-pairing, so Snape/Lupin and Snape/Lupin/other would be okay to post there, and it's a good format not only for bringing your older works to light again, but to bring RL/SS to a new and different audience.

If you enjoy reccing or would just like to share your RL/SS love with a wider audience, consider signing up to rec at Crack Broom! All it requires is a minimum of 4 recs during your assigned month. More details are available on the community profile.

July 30th, 2009

August Rec Event!

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August is going to be a a little more low key on [info]lupin_snape while our Lovely Mod is taking a break and the rest of us take a respite between the end of BLU and Chocolate & Asphodel and the start up of Snupin Santa.

Instead of a new creating challenge, we're going to do something a little different: a rec challenge! If you're interested in participating, then check behind the cut and pick one day in August to claim as your reccing day. I'd prefer to spread things out as much as possible, but if more than one person signs up to rec on the same day, that's fine.

What can you rec? Anything related to Snape/Lupin! A story, art, a vid - whatever you like as long as it was created by someone who isn't you. There isn't any template you have to follow (although if you want a little guidance, you can check out the template they use at Crack Broom), and you can be as brief or as lengthy as you like.

To sign up, just pick a day and leave me a comment in response to this post letting me know which day you want! I'll add your name to the list, and when your day comes around, all you have to do is post your rec (or a link to the rec in your journal) here in the community. Cross-posting to LJ and IJ is appreciated, but not required; I'll do a weekly link round-up to all recs on both communities.

August Calendar )

ETA-1: You may rec more than one story/art/whatever, either by reccing more than one thing in a single post or by posting more than one rec over the course of your assigned day.

ETA-2: Please do try to pay attention to what's been recced before you (if applicable) and avoid repeating recs. This is meant to be an opportunity to share wide and varied RL/SS love, so the more variety, the better!

ETA-3: LURKERS! This is an excellent, low-stress, minimal commitment opportunity for you to get involved! If you've read or seen something recently that made you squee, this is a great time to share it with the rest of us!

May 18th, 2009

June Retro-Fest

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Question: Does this mean we have to be stringently canon compliant?

Answer: No. Although the prompts should stop at HBP, that does NOT mean stories/art have to stop there. Writers/artists will be able to create their own vision of events post-HBP (or post-OotP or post-whichever canon point they choose). The point is, you are NOT limited to writing within established canon if you want to go before or after the events of the book.

The bottom line is, we're ignoring DH and going back to a "simpler" starting point in canon, but how canon is "ended" will be entirely up to the writer/artist. Remember what you thought about canon BEFORE book [insert # here] came out? You can take up canon from there and continue it your own way.

For example, we don't know about the Dark Mark in PoA or that Snape is a spy, a half-blood, and knows Occlumency, so he could be a pure-blood, not a Death Eater, or a half-troll. You could speculate on what Lupin was doing during CoS, using only what we know about him from PoA.

Just because we're using canon as a startng point doesn't mean you can't create alternate realities, because that's the heart of what this fest is about: create different realities (and/or endings) for Snape and Lupin than they got in canon. The only things you can't do are cross-overs and alternate universes that take them out of the HP universe entirely.

Q: Does this mean we can't have kinks?

A: No, kinky smut is fine as long as you aren't under 18 or writing/drawing for someone under 18.

The Guidelines )

The Prompt Post will be open until May 31, so please leave your prompts there!

May 16th, 2009

Mid-month Mod Post/June Event reveal

Add to Memories Tell a Friend

The Desktop Calendar for May is by twilightsocery, downloadable here.


The Dark Fic Fest is on-going through the end of May, and there's still plenty of time to sign up to write/draw the darker side of RL/SS here.

The thematic list search for May is Severus/Remus/Harry, and you can make suggestions for stories that fit the theme throughout May here or on LJ/DW.

If you aren't following Lusty Month of May 2009, you might want to check out [info]pervy_werewolf or the link round-up on the [info]snupin_prophet newsletter (here) because there are several RL/SS stories and art being posted this year. Check them out and give the artists/authors a little love to keep them going through the month!

And finally, the Bigger, Longer, and Uncut project is still taking artists, so if you're interested, email lupinsnape @

Don't forget! The deadline for Chocolate & Asphodel vol 2 is July 1. If you missed out on the Bigger, Longer, and Uncut project, you can get involved with this project. Stories between 3000-20,000 words and art are both needed. Submission guidelines and more info can be found here.

But the big thing is...

For the purposes of this fest, we're doing the Time Warp! All prompts must be based on pre-DH canon. In other words, we're going back in time and throwing out everything we learned in DH (including that pesky death thing). You can go back in time/canon as far as you want, but you may only go up through the end of HBP.

More details behind the cut )

May 1st, 2009

May Challenge Sign-Ups: The Dark Side of Snape/Lupin

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Welcome to the Third Annual Dark Side of Snape/Lupin Challenge!

The full rules and sign-up procedures: )

Thanks to the [info]lupin_snape mods for letting me play in their sandbox with this fest again this year! For your reference if you are new to the comm or this challenge, have a look through past years' masterlists: Dark Side 2007 | Dark Side 2008

I'm sure I've forgotten something, so ask away if anything is unclear. :) Let's go Dark Side!

April 5th, 2009

Mod Post: April Challenge, project reminders, state of the communities and more!

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Don't forget to change your Desktops!

And in the spirit of the season, this month's challenge is simple titled: Fools

Write, draw, drabble, create anything involving Lupin/Snape and any version of the word "fool" you can think of. There is no minimum or maximum word count or effort involved. The deadline for posting your effort is APRIL 30.

We seem to be in a bit of a community slump, so for this challenge, I gathered up some quotes and images to help inspire your efforts. If nothing below helps, you're always welcome to reply here seeking the kind of prompts that will inspire you.

Inspirational quotes and images under here - no claiming necessary )

Ongoing projects you can easily jump into:
Snupin: Bigger, Longer and Uncut - Our version of a Big Bang. Deadline to sign up for writers and artists is April 30, which is also the first-draft deadline.

Chocolate and Asphodel 2: A community project that gathers up creative pursuits for later presentation in a single format. Deadline is July 1.

State of the Lupin_Snape Communities )

Remember, whether you prefer to operate on LiveJournal or InsaneJournal, the challenges and mod posts are made to both communities. And even if you are devoted to one journal system or the other, you can always follow the sister [info]lupin_snape on your journal through a syndication feed. If you are on InsaneJournal, you can add the LJ feed here. If you are on LiveJournal, you can add the IJ feed here.

Finally, the April Theme Search only has one response so far, and that's from posts on both journals. As McKay said, we don't do the searching for you, and anyone can submit a story to the theme list, so if you have a favourite story you want to see on the lists, which people search when they're in the mood for certain kinds of stories, you'll have to add it to the search post. This month's theme search is Werewolf!Snape. Any stories, including AUs and ARs, in which Snape is a werewolf either instead of, because of, or in conjunction with Remus are eligible.

And that's it for now! Thank you, one and all, for still being here and enjoying the community and pairing. You guys are the ones who make this place special. ♥

love, lore

November 7th, 2008

Mod Post: Desktop Artists, Volunteer Challenge, Other

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Snupin 2009 Desktop Calendar artists: Please friend the community if you haven't already. There's a post from a fellow artist asking questions there. You also need to have it friended to see update posts from me. Thanks!

Our November challenge is unique, because this time, we're reaching out to the lurkers and those anxiously awaiting the start of [info]snupin_santa.


Here's the dealio: Below, I am going to list several Volunteer opportunities for the two Lupin_Snape communities, related web sites and our sister community, Pervy_Werewolf. If you can think of other things that need to be done, don't hesitate to ask me to add something to the list.

Basically, we're asking you all to help do some late-year community cleaning and catch-up while the rest of the writers and artists desperately work on their exchange pieces. [info]lupin_snape has always been our community, and this is a way for some of you to get involved in its management on a short-term basis.

Read more... )

Check back here for other opportunities throughout the month! I'll try to organize some form of thanks for those who take on these jobs. In fact, if you'd like to volunteer to "thank" someone with art, fic, drabbles, icons, etc., leave a reply here!

Other Notes:

[info]michaelchance is running his Snape/Lupin Christmas Card Exchange again this year. I believe this is just for cards, no drabbles or art required.

The Thematic List search this month is Crossover Stories. Let me take a moment to say that posting to the Thematic List searches is another form of volunteering for the community. You don't have to be the author to list fic that you know fits the search. You also don't have to gather up lots of links to help with the list. One or 10, it doesn't matter. McKay does not go looking for fics, she maintains the lists for us - work enough for her. Our part of the bargain is to bring links to her. Remember, the Thematic Lists are for us, and if we don't offer up links, the list will end up anemic.

You might not be aware of it, but [info]dianamoon created an Oekaki Board for our use. Her post about it is locked, because the board is for [info]lupin_snape members only, but I have linked the board to the IJ sidebar. An Oekaki board allows anyone to create art and post it instantly to the board. Check out Di's post for more information.

Also, if you want a preview of the 2009 desktop calendar project mentioned above, look no further than [info]dianamoon's November desktop calendar. Pretty exciting, right? Di is a Snupin Peach; let her know it!

[info]busaikko made a link list for audio fics and Snupin-related podcasts. If you have anything to add to it, let her know! I should add it to the side bar, too, huh?

Trouble leaving feedback at Moonshadow? That's because the archivist had to create a dummy account for us to log into so that spammers would go away. This members-only post contains the log-in information. I might link it to the sidebar, I'm not sure yet. I suggest you put the post in your memories.

Now might be a good time to remind you all that we do occasionally make posts that are for members-only. You should check for them on occasion.

I don't think words will ever describe how much I treasure all of you, and how grateful I am for things like [info]talesoflore (although I tried in an audio file I posted there). I am slowly working through the community, but I hope that at this point, no one is holding back comments for my sake. Please do go and squee all over the fine people who created such wonderful, Snupiny presents!

Also, remember, The Sultan and the Storyteller by [info]scribbulus_ink and [info]arionrhod is being updated DAILY throughout the month. In the quiet before Snupin Santa, there's a completed story out there for you to enjoy each day. Whoo Hoo!

Speaking of [info]snupin_santa, remember that the deadline for returning participants is this Monday, November 10. Don't procrastinate in asking for an extension if you need one. Not hearing from you is the quickest way for you to lose your place in the exchange!

*floomps* I think that's everything I can think of for now! Did I miss anything? Let me know! ♥!

love, lore

P.S. I know it's a LOT to read, but I would appreciate you all reading the notes section carefully. I swear I don't get a kick out of typing all that out; it's really for your information.

October 16th, 2008

Mod Post:: Filk challenge winding down, Autumn challenge!

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I'm going to let McKay call an official end to the Filk Challenge whenever she would like this month. Remember, she said she would collect all the entries into a for us. It's not too late to post something that she could use - until she says it is, of course. *grin*

Also, there's a "prompt: filk" tag now, so if you're so inclined, please feel free to go back and tag your posts for the challenge! Anytime a challenge doesn't have a prompt, just poke a mod to remind them to make one. Tagging your posts, in general, gives potions masters their snarky tongues and werewolves shorter moons (wings are for Muggles!), so please remember to tag!

Mid-month challenge: Tis the season....

Fall is an amazing season in the northern Hemisphere. There's trees changing colours and harvest and Halloween, All Saint's Day, Samhain (covering all the traditions here), etc. Your challenge, until November 2, is to create something based on the Fall season. If you're Down Under, you'll have to use your memories of March or maybe visit [info]autumn_bliss for some inspiration.

If you need something more specific to inspire you, feel free to make a comment here, and the first member that gets to you can offer you whatever kind of prompts you ask for. Members, I'll ask you to please only offer one prompt to one person so that others can jump in, too.

Deadline, again, is November 2, and any kind of creative or academic pursuit based on the Fall season is welcome. This can include drabbles, art, stories, thematic lists, essays, photomanips or stories, craft projects, etc.

Whether you're Snupining or *gasp* having a real life, I hope you all have fun during this amazing season of hearth and haunting. ♥

love, lore

September 23rd, 2008

Mod Post: Desktop Calendar for 2009 & other upcoming projects

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Calling all artists!

As you all should know, we have a physical Snupin calendar that runs until June, 2009. Rather than try to put together another year-spanning calendar for July 2009 - June 2010, I thought it might be fun to bridge the gap with desktop calendars.

If you don't know what a desktop calendar is, I found some examples on Deviantart here, here, here, here, and here.

I'm looking for at least 12 artists to create desktop calendar images for Snape/Lupin for 2009. To participate, all you have to do is reply to this post, saying you want in. When we have a final group, we'll retreat to a sister community that you'll be asked to join. We used a separate community on LiveJournal to organize the two-year calendar and I think it might work again for this project. The artists were able to share drafts and get advice from each other, which they seemed to enjoy. If the idea of joining a closed community for this project deters you in any way, please sign up anyway and let me know how you'd like to communicate.

If you just want to create an image for the project, but don't feel confident in creating a full-blown desktop image, I'm sure there will be other artists who would be willing to make a desktop from your image. So, don't let the format keep you from signing up as well! Feel free to spread the news about this project in your own journals. If we have more than 12 sign up, we'll just have extra months for people to choose from.

Deadline for sign-ups is Monday, September 29!

Save the Date Notice!

There's been some interest in having a Snape/Lupin version of a Big Bang, which is a project where novel-length stories are written around a theme, and artists are assigned to illustrate the novels based on drafts in various stages. The Authors and Artists are not known to one another to give them a bit of surprise during their work on the project. The stories and art eventually will be integrated onto a final web site and debuted for all!

We haven't nailed down all the details yet, but we will probably put out the call for authors and artists in January for an eventual April/May(??) web site debut. Those interested in participating in this project might want to "save the date" in their fandom calendars or skip the usual January-March exchanges.

Zine II, Snupin Boogaloo!

Because not every writer is interested in producing novel-length fiction, I will probably organize another round of the Special Project alongside the novel-length project. So, again, make sure to leave some room in your schedule this January-April/May(??) for contributing and/or volunteering to help out!

Modly things to do:
Get mood theme on here!
Put up Fantasy Fest masterlists.
Make Snupin calling card.
Organize LJ links.
Update the info pages!
Funtime (hangs head in shame).
Edit IJ tags to match LJ tags

That's all I have for now! Don't forget to have some fun with the Filk Challenge through October 15 and contribute to the Snupin Library through the end of the month! I hope there's some lurkers out there who will come out of hiding to suggest some fics for the library or create some Filk for us - now is definitely a great time to delurk and participate in the community!

Remember, if you have any questions or thoughts on anything here, please feel free to comment here or drop me a line via the community email. I can sort the sign-ups from the questions. *g* I'm going to be scarce for the next two weeks, so have fun everyone and keep on Snupining! *HUGS* You're the best community a person could ever hope for!

love, lore

September 15th, 2008

New Community Challenge!

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Recently, I was overdosing on Weird Al and the Boogie Knights, and I got an idea for a [info]lupin_snape challenge; when I ran it by [info]lore, she gave me permission to issue it as a mid-month challenge to take the community into October. So I present...

The Snupin Filk Challenge!

What is filk? Not as naughty as it sounds. ;) Filk song writers take songs and rewrite the lyrics, usually for humorous effect and usually to reflect a specific fandom. Filking and filk-singing are popular activities in off-line fandom, especially at conventions. If you've never been to a con and heard filkers perform, you've still heard a mainstream version of filking if you've ever heard any of Weird Al Yankovic's parodies. They aren't necessarily fandom-related, but they're still a form of filk.

The Snupin Filk Challenge is to write a filk song (or songs) about Snape and Lupin; this can be slash, pre-slash, or gen, but it does need to focus on them in some way. You can base it on canon, fanon, or a fanfiction story or fan art.

If you're a writer and/or artist who doesn't mind your stories/art being used as the basis of a filk song, please leave a comment in response to this post. Having your work used is OPT IN, not opt out.

If someone doesn't leave a comment here giving permission, and you'd like to use their work, you need to contact them privately and ask or choose another subject for your filk.

If you do use a story or art as a basis for your filk song, please remember this is not meant to be mocking or hurtful, and this isn't an excuse to flame someone via song.

The challenge will run from September 15-October 15. After the challenge is over, I'll compile all the filk songs into a pdf document and offer it as a free downloadable "Snape/Lupin Songbook". If you don't want your filk songs in the songbook but you still want to participate in the challenge, just put a note at the top of your post indicating you don't want to be included.

You may post as many filk songs as you like! There is no limit to the number of entries you can make.

If you still aren't clear on what filk songs are, I've uploaded some examples:

Lycanthrope in Love, by the Boogie Knights, based on "Teenager in Love" by Dion and the Belmonts. I thought this one was appropriate. *G*
Jousting, by the Boogie Knights, based on "Come Dancing" by The Kinks
Hunchback, by the Boogie Knights, based on "Love Shack", by the B-52s
Yoda, by Weird Al Yankovic, based on "Lola" by The Kinks
Bedrock Anthem, by Weird Al Yankovic, based on "Under the Bridge" and "Give It Away" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

ETA: This is cross-posted here on Insanejournal and here on Livejournal, so you might need to check both places for authors/artists giving their OK.

September 4th, 2008

Guest Mod Post - Mini-Fest: It's Getting Hot in Here

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Well most of the USA is in a bit of a heat wave and I got to chatting with fellow snupiners over the weekend about how looking at some snupin shower scenes would be just about loverly. There tends to be a bunch of bath art & fic but little fic and very little art of them in the loverly shower. So with almighty [info]lore's permission, here's your mini-challenge should you choose to accept it:

Snape & Lupin in the Shower

It could be as innocent as them washing each other's back, to as naughty as them washing each other's....loofahs. ^_~ This challenge goes to all artists, writers, iconers, list compilers. Know there's been some juicy shower scenes in previous snupin fic? Make a list and post it, just incase some of us may have missed it. I think we could all use a bit of drippy, wet, nekkid Snape & Lupin. ^_^ That and I'd rather be melted by your works than the blasted sun. XD

Please have fics/art/icons/lists done by next Saturday, September 13th.

July 11th, 2008

Lupin/Snape Fantasy Fest - Claiming Rules & Prompt Lists!

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When you come back to this post, check the end for any added edits. Also, don't forget to read over the Fest Rules if you haven't already.

Please read the following claim rules carefully and follow them. It will help me organize the claims lists (and there are 4!! of them now) and keep my sanity. I will be out for about 4 hours after I post this, so if you have questions, answers will have to wait until then. Also, I will fix the spacing glitches then.

Rules for Claiming a Request - Read before making a claim )

And now the prompts!

Art prompts, short )

Art prompts, long )

Fiction prompts, short )

Fiction prompts, long )

During these next two months, other posts from members are welcome, but everyone is encouraged to participate if interested. There will be no other challenge prompts for July or August, however, we will be offering discussion questions and fun while waiting for the first wave of submissions to hit. If you have any discussions you'd like to see take place, post here or send email.

Finally, thanks to everyone who pimped the prompt poll! You guys are the greatest! *HUGS*

love, lore
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