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May 2nd, 2012

Filtered against evil & Moriarty

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Happy now? Welcome to knowing my secret. Secret's out. You can stop being jerks now Thanks, Rory, John, and the rest of the medical staff. Sorry I couldn't have been a more human normal patient for you.

You okay, there, mate?

Remember me, now?

April 30th, 2012

Filtered against evil + along with bread boy

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Aer yuo fukcing kdinng me? Waht hapend to onyl teh sick adn dctor tyeps in heer?

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Please answer, please be alive How are you feeling...?

Why haven't they stopped it? Why isn't this over yet? What's taking so long??!

April 27th, 2012

Filtered against evil/Moriarty/Katherine

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Statement: We believe we have determined the nature of our illness. It appears to be a virus from one of the many alternate versions of our world. It is referred to as the T/O Virus, or the Techno-Organic Virus. It converts living biological material into a form of technological life-form. We appear to have contracted a strain referred to as the Apocalypse strain, which we feel is tremendously ironic.

Request: We would appreciate it if those with the time and ability could secure their wireless networks. Portions of our brain have already been converted into the aforementioned technological life-form, and we have discovered we are now able to interface directly with machines. We have not yet determined how to prevent auto-connection when encountering a network, and the myriad of new voices in our minds is...disconcerting.

Assurance: We have not analyzed any of the data that we currently have unintended and accidental access to. We have also prevented the techno-organic virus currently ravaging our systems from invading your networks. However it would be best if those of you with the time/ability could secure your networks as soon as possible.

[Filtered to the complex doctors]
Request: Forgive us for the abrupt nature of our entrance. Rikki required immediate medical aid and we are not yet machine enough to be devoid of emotions such as panic for our friends.

Query: Do you require any information from us to aid in diagnosis of her condition?

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[Filtered to Lexi]
Need me to get you anything?

[Filtered to Jimmy]
Hi. You okay? Please say ye You're my only non MF frie

April 26th, 2012

fffffffffffffffff jmy

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[ooc: she tried to filter to jimmy...oops]
jimmmy i cnahnged myh mind
dont let them hurjt me
dont hel them turhn me into an experinnament
so much blood my lujngs are bujrning i ncat vreahte
cants stp sweatings to get ird of the taillllllll eitehr im sorry htaht ill be haeavy but ypourgonn a have to carry ne ppr else drag me

April 25th, 2012

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dear wingman please make me stop coughing up blood
aslso fix my scales dont know what this is but its gross
love rikki
ps i think im hyperevntilating what even is this

Filtered against evil, Moriarty, and Katherine

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...is everyone sick? Because I feel all right, so far... Is there anything I can do to help? Are there enough hands down in the medical bay? I don't have any training, but if you're short-handed, I could try...

You have another girl living with y
Are you all right? Or are you sick, too?

filtered against fucking drama that includes moriarty and the devil

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jimmy what is up with this what kind of detergent do you use these sheets are itchy as hell and im breaking out

somethings wrong with ron and everybodys bitching because theyre sick
good to know the plague is still alive and well in north america brilliant

April 24th, 2012

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I really appreciate you finding me that place. There's too many people and I already burned somebody by accident trying to though...I'm moving out. A friend is letting me crash with him for a little while until I can save up to rent a place on my own. I love that you wanted to help but I feel shitty taking handouts like that, you know? I'll let you know when I've gotten my own place; we should hang out again soon.

I'm packed, last chance to change your mind before I take up half of your personal space, mate.

[Anna & Ron]
I'm moving again. I'll keep you posted.

Full moon is coming up again...what's the plan?

April 21st, 2012

Filtered against evil, moriarity, Kathertine etc

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I have been totally out of the loop. It's my fault. I'm the biggest loser when it comes to computer stuff, but this Moriarity guy? Why isn't he locked up already if he's as bad as you all say? I'm totally missing something here. Fill a girl in!

April 14th, 2012

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[Texts attempted to Storm]
> Something weird happened I'm in Kansas. Need help, please?
> Storm are you there?
> You could send Bobby or Piotr?
> Storm why aren't you answering?
> I'm keeping my phone on in case you get these later.

[Texts attempted to Piotr]
> I need help, something weird is happening.
> Are you there?
> Piotr?

[Texts attempted to Bobby]
> Bobby I need your help.
> Are you there?
[/End Texts]

Do the names Ororo Munroe, Bobby Drake, or Piotr Rasputin mean anything to anyone? I'm trying to get home. I'm not sure how I wound up in KansasAnd the funniest thing is I'm a little fuzzy on how I got here. And has there been interference or some kind of issue with the cell towers around here?

I can always go to Deefield

April 11th, 2012

filtered against evil, moriarty, and emma

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Right then, regarding Moriarty's latest "game" and clues we have gathered, we may possibly require some assistance. My partner Sherlock is not the best at cooperating with others. That's why he has me. So far the clues we have devised with your help that the address "Alpbachallee 3 Meiringen, BE 3860 Switzerland" is a hotel. That hotel named Das Sherlock Holmes Hotel. They are missing an occupant named Richarrd Brook. Him and his family are missing. Jimmy, we need your clue. You said you had a clue. We need everything we can get so we can find that poor bloke and possibly get a step closer to locating Moriarty himself. Anyone else who feels they can help with tracking please step forward now. Though I know Sherlock wants to find him the important part is

Filtered to those who were idiotic enough to play Moriarty's game and John

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A life is on the line and as I was not at the computer when this 'game' started, I need to know what clues you were given. Word for word.

April 10th, 2012

Filtered against Lucifer and Moriarty

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Fi? You're all right. Can we make that a thing? Please?

In other news, new apartment is awesome Katherine wins again!.

So...let's see. Aussie day: check. New place: check. Doing something disgustingly girly with Anna before the week is over: yoga? check. Next up: lemme see your wings, dude, I'm itching for a day trip the hell outta here You know who you are.

[Ron & Anna]
I moved out of the complex. Don't be strangers, k?

...you want the good news or the bad news?

April 8th, 2012

filtered against moriarty and evil includes Ms.Swan

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It really is unwise to engage in Moriarty's game, unless you have some strange wish to explode. In which case I suggest you seek help. Nothing Moriarty has to offer is for the good of humanity.

Filtered from Lucifer flavoured evil

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Happy Easter!

Lets play a game shall we? Every little sin you reveal to me will earn you a clue to the wonderful prize I have lined up for you lovely people today! And don't lie to me. I'll know, I always know.

Tick Tock my dears!

April 7th, 2012

Filtered from Evil/Katherine/Moriarty

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So, I've sucked the past few weeks and for that I'm sorry.

Long story, ridiculousness and drama. But its done, I'm back and we need to work out a plan here, I know Jaime Lannister had an idea for a building where we could build and its been bought, so we need people to get to work on kitting it out for us. Because what people have been saying is right. We need to get something set up. We're not an army but this is a fight. Give me ideas guys?


I've been the worst friend ever. How's your jackass crush? Mine's...I don't even know. He's Tony.

[Tony Stark]

How are you?

I haven't heard from Mini Pete in forever, wondering if he went home, but are you feeling better after your time as a ...what even were you, Howler monkey?

There's something else too...I can't find Danny. Like, anywhere. I can't find him Tony.

Being here has sucked ass lately. JSYK

April 3rd, 2012

Filtered against evil (and the usual additional evils)

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Here's my question: Why a penguin?

Filtered against evil, Katherine, Molokov, & Moriarty

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So, uh...that was weird.... I'm on the "let's not do that again" train, please and thanks!
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