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March 17th, 2015

March 17th, 2015

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Earth is so weird

So, leprechauns? You know, I read about them when I was on the ark, but this is not exactly how I pictured them.

No evil

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Lot of great things today. A few parties, a parade, bars with green drinks. But.. where are my shoes?? My shoes. I had them last night but they're gone now. Damn! Great, either we have a thief or it's someone's idea of a joke I know I didn't misplace them, I don't do that. Looked all over the damn place. Nothing.

Hey, those going to the party Allison is hosting. Any objections to showing up in socks or sandals? Seems my boots are gone too. Anyone else missing things? Whoever did this, can you return mine to me? Not a good day for it, I had plans I will pay you. A lot.

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Damn leprechauns.

No Known Threats

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No freaking way is that a fair way to get out of a fight, Ruby. Turning into a bird, is not okay, damnit!

Freaking demon bird almost broke my

Everyone else alright? Seems something's playing tricks on us again.

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I never thought I'd hate leprechauns so much. Until one dumped green paint over my head, and now I am green from head to toe.

Now, normally, I really don't mind being covered in paint. I'm an artist, so it comes with the territory. But I do mind having paint dumped on me suddenly without any warning whatsoever.

I need a shower. Or five. SO MUCH PAINT YOU GUYS.

Note to Rose

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[OOC: Pinned to the Entrance to Greaves House]

You can't hide behind your vampire lookalike forever, Roza. I won't be fooled again. Not now I know she exists.

Join me. Together we will be unstoppable. We'll leave this town, and all of these people behind.

If not. Well, there deaths will be on your head.


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Well, that was an experience can safely say I never really expected to have. Thanks... Buffy, right? For, you, helping me. And everyone else who came, too.

cut for image, kind of spoilery for the ruby circle )

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(backdated to right after Dimitri's note)

( Filtered to Elena )
When were you planning to tell me you had a run-in with Dimitri?
( Filtered to Lissa )
How are the stakes coming?

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I shouldn't have laughed so hard when Finn tripped over his own two feet and knocked himself out.

I believe the saying goes what goes around comes around. Apparently Leprechauns stole my shoes.

Leprechauns are not exactly what I thought they'd be from pictures I've seen.


I've got a couple of glasses and a bottle with our name on it.

No Known Threats

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Oh, whoop-de-doo, I'm back in Kansas. Saying this was unexpected is the understatement of the year.

Still, better than the alternative, probably. Providing that my peeps are here. And, yes. I mean you Kenz. You better still be here.

Oh, and someone catch me up. What the hell is a beannanach doing here? Well, a weird this world version of it, anyway.

No Known Threats

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Great, why the hell do I get landed with the

I'm going to need some help over here. Seal decided to kidnap a girl in labor. Soooooo, not my area of expertise.

Oh, and anyone know a girl named Olive? It's what she says her name is.
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