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July 11th, 2014

July 11th, 2014

Filtered against evil bitches!

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You know how the general idea is that all of us need to avoid looking ourselves up on the internet because it'll bring down an inevitable world of pain? Yeeeaaaaaah, I got bored. Sue me.

There are people who literally have zip files of gifs of everyone from Fae-ville. I shit you not, I clicked a thing and now I have like two hundy gifs of the crew on my laptop. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with them, so I've decided to bring 'em to the people.

The people, naturally, being all you ladies and gents getting your board browse on.

I'm throwing down the gauntlet, bitches! As of this moment, I'm challenging you all to dig up your faces or your friends faces or your friend of a friends friends faces. Step up to the plate if you've got the cojones. Last man standing wins.

One, two, three, four. I declare a gif war.


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I feel if I continue to do nothing here I may just sleep for a week. Is that a thing that's okay? I keep trying to do things but I really just don't care.

How long can a normal person sleep for?

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I'm officially bored.

Heard you had a kid. Duno if I apologize or congratulate.

No one pro-Apocalypse the Second

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Somebody elese heard that, right? Supers. Other wolves, vampires. Somebody else that scream, right? Please don't just be my imaginatio

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Scott McCall you have 3 new messages. )

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[Filtered to the Doctor]
I can't do this. I can't know you're right there and
I miss you
This is ridiculous

[Filtered to Girl Friends]
I declare it Ladies' Night. I need to go out and I need to dance and have fun and have a few drinks and look at cute guys and not give a damn about anything.

Anyone with me?

Jacen and Tahiri

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So I don't think I can like carry diseases or whatever cause I can't get sick but I have no idea really. But Henrik has the measles and I've been around the babies so you might want to keep an eye out for anything measley.

Filtered from evil/heaven

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I had a  wonderful night out with the love of my life. There was food, I even got him to dance a little.

And then today. I come into the library.

Someone. Misfiled.

A book about elemental magics should not in any way be near that one about the fire demons. That's an entirely different section!

ooh! I could give lessons! On our proper returns policy and how to file things back appropriately. I know what happened too, someone thought they'd be helpful and file a book back in place. Only used their magic and it went to the wrong place.

Its not always the simplest way to do things!

Veeeeery Drunk Doctor Text omgimsorry!!!

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>> YOU
>> Withtheface
>> Wixh s a very cute face
>> Sorry ive veen all avoidypants lagely
>> But that fsce is kinda a provken for me
>> And yore oice
>> And haaakr


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Hey. How's Henrik? Is he okay?

No evil/heaven

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[ooc: forward dated a teeny bit to tonight and the girls drinking cocktails!]

ladies anvd gentlemen i have an announcemen

rose tyler iys the bestest person ever.

i cnaont believe i have eben here nearly ntwo years and this is teh first drunk post i've made.

wsoooow two years

that's wer.di


i love yuo ydou know

and god you'vre so hot.

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it seems nearly everyone is a couple now. or am i just imagining it?
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