War Is Coming Communications.

January 7th, 2014

War Is Coming Communications.


January 7th, 2014

No evil

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I am proud of myself for not watching the show tonight, but I caught a little of 'Wolf Watch'. Kate. It's so weird seeing her hosting like that. It's weird seeing her at all, I know, but as a talk show host? Even weirder.

Buffy and Jesse

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A few of us were going to go to the park to make snow angels and snowmen. I was hoping that you might like to join us?

[Backdated a bit to just after Iliana's post]


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Silly me thinking things would actually get better once everyone was safe again… I can't imagine what those people went through.


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Can you watch Dean for me? Just for an hour or so.

Filtered from any remaining loyalists/former hellbound/Jo and Jules

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I know its stupid and I know he's dealing with a lot, I know he suffered a whole different level of...

I just don't know how to help him.

And apparently two of my supposed best friends think taking him away from his wife and kid on his first night out of the pit is the way to go.

Normally, right now, there'd be witchcraft and feeding people their own entrails.  I'm being classy.

Anyone elses people acting off? I mean I guess its the Cage, we don't even understand the damn thing

[Jo and Jules]

Have fun or whatever.


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Ruby is aware of the blood. She does not know of your involvement. If you are confronted, it is safe to continue to know nothing about it.


It is
I am not certai

Have you tried ice cream yet?


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He's questioning my loyalties.
Sam I mean...
He's asking what side I'm on. There aren't even sides here and...
I don't know why he'd think that
Is it me? 
You said I was reminding you of...of him. Is that why?

Locksley house (plus Jane and Lydia)

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What do you all think about getting away from here sometime soon. Even just for a day.


Have you seen her yet?

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So, Moose. How's stuff?


Things any better?


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Nothing can make it better, but I'm here. I'm not leaving you. You know that right? You're not alone in this. You're home now. I've missed you.

Sorry I couldn't save y
You said
Anything you need, I'm here. Don't forget it.

Rather don't feel much like being alone at the moment and Sherlock's out. Someone took my guns, but I'm about 99% certain you've got one of mine. Range a bit? Need a distraction.

Might take you up on your offer instead. Flat next door still empty? Duno how much longer I can tolerate living on Sherlock's Damn Arc.

[Added Sherlock filter]
Went to the range for a while if you get back and I'm not in.

Text to Peter Vincent

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I'm very aware this is the worst timing ever. And nothing compared to what people are dealing with. But I need to not think about home for a while. 

Do you have any objection to me coming round, getting drunk and not really sharing very much while I do it?

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Since I figure my darling family will drama about this at some point, yes, I turned my emotions off. I mean really, be honest Cage Buddies, if you lot had the option to do it, you would have too. And since I have no intention of being locked up like an animal until I conform into what they want me to be, I'm not in Lawrence any more.

And before anyone gets all self righteous at me, I'm not even killing anyone. Mostly It would just be more effort than I can be bothered with. So, we all clear? I don't give a shit and you can all burn for all I care. Just leave me alone.

Filtered from any remaining loyalists

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I've been thinking. I know things aren't okay yet. They will be, but for that to happen we need to stop being so scattered. Now a lot of us have money, power, ways to protect ourselves. But we don't all.

We could build, as we'd planned. Some central locations, communities, places people can live until they get on their feet, rent free like the complex was. Protected as much as we can.

I think we need it. And I think we have the means.

[ Casa Storybrooke]

Is it wrong to feel so happy? I mean with everything going on, so many people still hurting and everything and for once, we're fine.

Harry Lockhart

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Is there anything that I can do for you right now?

House filter

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[ooc: Live with Amy? You're in this filter.]

Was someone smoking in my room at one point while I was in Hell gone? Please tell me I'm not imagining smells.

The chicken curry was really good. Are you just getting into cooking or have you always liked it?

Let's do something. I don't even care if it's Trivial Pursuit, I just need to get my mind off of things.

How are you?

Filtered to Isabel

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I have a question for you that you may or may not be able to answer.


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I caved. I downloaded that episode of our show. It gets bad for all of us. I didn't want to tell anyone else. I don't think I could handle getting sent home if that's what we have to look forward to.

Mikaelsons (sans Henrik/Bekah)/Crowley/Lexi

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Has anyone else actually spoken to Rebekah? Because I have and I know she was in hell and things were bloody terrible, but the way she's talking, it just...it isn't right. Even that considered. Her answers are flat and disinterested and she's so entirely devoid of everything.

I think she turned it off. I think whatever she went through in there was bad enough she flipped the switch.

She's not in Lawrence, yesterday she said she was a few towns over. I can't say for sure she hasn't left since then or dipped out to another state by now. Time to start a search party, I think.

I figured you out. You turned it off, didn't you?
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