July 31st, 2008

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Pool Facility at Roger's Place - Bredina, Roger, Spencer

Who: Bredina Dunstan, Roger Davies, Spencer Capper
When: After work, right before dinner
Where: Roger's building, outdoor pool
What: Roger gets annoyed at Bredina and Spencer's bickering and outs their feelings for each other

After a hard day at work, for Bredina and Spencer at least, there was nothing like heading over to the outdoor pool at Roger's place and diving in. Being the bratty, splashy, and noisy kids that they were, Bredina and Roger successfully drove all the other building tenants out of the pool, leaving it to themselves and for Spencer, who had yet to show up.

Adjusting her bikini bottoms, Bredina dunked her head underwater at the same time as Roger and gave him a quizzical look as he made frightening faces to her through the turquoise depths.

"You're such a weirdo," she gasped as she resurfaced, and Roger shook his head like a dog, his hair spraying water everywhere.

"You're such a mean girl," Roger slapped his hand across the water, sending an arc of water towards his friend. Of course, a splash fight ensued, which the two often liked to do before Spencer arrived since he was either incredibly enthusiastic about them, or incredibly disapproving.